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tabascodinosaur t1_ja0f7qs wrote

But I shouldn't be forced to install this app and keep it running just because some company I don't do business with designed a product in a way that puts the public at risk.


Likely_Satire t1_ja0h0s5 wrote

If you don't think you should have to download a free app, I don't think you'll be inclined to purchase this device either.
Also; tracking people like this isn't new technology. There are many other brands out there like Tile with less safety precautions which would be better for stalking.
I get people are getting stalked regardless; but it has to be at a WAYYY less rate than more covert trackers.


tabascodinosaur t1_ja0xkrj wrote

Just because the app is free doesn't mean I should be forced to use it to protect myself.

I'm not purchasing the device, I'm concerned about people tracking folks without their consent.

Tile doesn't phone home via devices with no intervention of the users. Tile is opt-in to send data. My phone won't taddle on me to the Tile servers without my consent. Apple isn't allowing users to choose whether their phone is participating in the tracking network or not.

Other trackers aren't nearly as disposable, available, or covert. A device with a GPS antenna and a modem will run out of battery in a few days. An Airtag can last months.


Likely_Satire t1_ja19e9q wrote

A quick google search found me a list of comparable luggage trackers (
If you scroll down on that link, the 'LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker' seems to fit the exact description I'm going for.
It's small/black, has a high power magnet built in (makes it easy to stick under cars), 4G LTE SIM card capabilities (allows for data to be transmitted once every 3 seconds), and has a battery that can last 1 week - 6 months in low power mode... All for $30 which is the same cost as an Apple Airtag.
Your point is that you shouldn't have to defend yourself because apple made an easily exploitable tag... Which is valid; but my point is very much true that stalkers who care about getting away with tracking you probably wouldn't use a tracker that alerts people It's there if you have a certain phone or get an app. They'll use one like I described or one more capable/expensive and track you with that. This technology isn't as new as you think it is 🤷‍♂️


dclxvi616 t1_ja2911d wrote

> Apple isn't allowing users to choose whether their phone is participating in the tracking network or not.

Eh? Disable "offline finding" in 'Find My' settings and your iOS, iPadOS, or macOS device won't participate in the tracking network.