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tabascodinosaur t1_ja0fcqw wrote

So the Apple business model is to force people who don't already have their products to buy them or be at risk of stalking by Apple's own products?


AgnosticStopSign t1_ja0iecx wrote

Apple cant police people. The tags are intended to track personal items. If someone you are/were being intimate with sees you as such, thats very much a you-and-them problem.


tabascodinosaur t1_ja0x42k wrote

They're enabling it with their tech and the design of the distributed tracking system, where other people's devices can be used to track others without the consent of the parties involved.

You don't need to be intimate, people are having their cars tagged to be stolen later, for instance, by having a airtag thrown into the wheel well. People are being stalked by exes, and their own devices are sending their location back without any way to disable it. This is a bad design.


AgnosticStopSign t1_ja0z5bh wrote

You keep blaming criminal use for the reason it shouldnt exist as it does.

Following your logic, luxury cars from lets say, bugatti, should be banned because people can abuse their high speed as getaway vehicles, even though theyre intended to be investment vehicles