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FixTheGrammar t1_ja3abu4 wrote

> would you like it if anyone could just track you all day?

If I’m on the clock and working for these people? Um, yes? And the workers aren’t being tracked. The personal possessions in their care are.


wtf--dude t1_ja3hbu4 wrote

Working for these people is quite the stretch. You will be tracked a whole day because a small part of your day is about their cargo.

I guess I am glad we have better privacy laws in EU.


FixTheGrammar t1_ja3yc3d wrote

They’re only “being tracked” if they’re in possession of their customers’ personal belongings. Their stuff is being tracked, not the workers themselves. You get that, right?


wtf--dude t1_ja6trby wrote

They are both being tracked, you get that right?


Suekru t1_ja5b82k wrote

You aren’t being tracked, the luggage/package is. You just happen to be near it.

They don’t know anything about you so I would hardly say you are being tracked.


FldNtrlst t1_ja40zbf wrote

Only a small part? So are they only transporting someone's cargo for just a portion of the day?