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JacqueMorrison t1_j9zokwe wrote

I like where this is going, but in case of the G22 - why deploy it with an android version, that is almost 2 years old ?


cubenz t1_j9zpl3r wrote

And only three years of security updates.

Doesn't scream Longer Lasting device to me


Dennarb t1_j9zsmnj wrote

Really for something like this to make an impact it is going to need comparable OS features to most well known android phones


D1stRU3T0R t1_ja05his wrote

It got released in 2021 October, its not that old tbh...


Geek55 t1_ja25k3i wrote

Guys its ok its only a little over a year out if date!


earthman34 t1_ja0k3zg wrote

So, a swappable battery is now considered "repairable"? We're rapidly devolving.


E_K_Finnman t1_ja2b9of wrote

The removal of swappable batteries was the one thing I missed most about old smartphones, I'm glad to have it back

According to the article you can screw out and replace the charging port and screen too


earthman34 t1_ja51c62 wrote

I suppose that's possibly handy, the problem is these "repairable" phones are usually specced pretty low, making them unattractive to enthusiasts who would actually be likely to do any repairs. Replacing the battery isn't something normally done within the 3-year or so life of a phone, anyway. I'd frankly be much more interested in a phone that's easy to install alternative software on.


D1stRU3T0R t1_ja056fw wrote

It has a unisoc cpu guys, don't even touch the phone. It can't be fixed if it never works.


UserInside t1_ja2ljy9 wrote

That's what I was wondering. Only 3y of update support, and that "unknown" SoC probably doesn't have good custom ROM support. So after the 3y of official support you are probably stuck with an unsecured device, that you cannot update through customs ROM like LineageOS.

Also can we talk about about that 6,5" 720p display? What an atrocious thing to put your eyes on...


mtarascio t1_ja172f3 wrote

Does MS still own the majority stake?


TummyLice t1_ja2iddq wrote

Why do they need screws? Didn't need them 7 years ago. The back just snapped off


iDarKz t1_ja9s2l0 wrote

Surely it’s much better than phone backs held with tough glue and non standard screws but « in less than 5 minutes » makes me laugh a bit.

The last phone I owned with a removable battery was a Galaxy Nexus and I could swap the battery in less than 10 seconds using only my fingernail.


sitter10 t1_ja1nd6h wrote

Upgradeable RAM?


UserInside t1_ja2ls0n wrote

No. How do you expect to upgrade ram on a smartphone SoC, when the ram is on the same silicon as your CPU/GPU/modem?

What they call "virtual memory" is certainly an equivalent to the swap on your PC. You use some of your hardrive space as your RAM. The downside is that it is incredibly slow.


tablepennywad t1_ja9ffsv wrote

The way this phone is put together isn’t inherently different or better than Samsungs budget phones. They look very similar in repairability except maybe the pull off backs like the older phones have. So really it’s just a 5 year old chassis design they are returning to and now advertising it as so,etching better.