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loztriforce t1_jad4p71 wrote

An under-display camera is really cool but also a creepy thought for security/privacy moving forward. If the tech gets integrated into the standard TV/display, no more putting tape over the lens or being able to easily spot where a camera is.


HermanCainAward t1_jadn23w wrote

I suppose, but how many people are truly taping their phone’s cameras?


loztriforce t1_jadpgqz wrote

I'm speaking more to how the tech may be applied to other devices in the future, like to PC monitors or TVs


HermanCainAward t1_jadswb8 wrote

But how’s it different? It’s already built in.

Many tvs already have this tech. I don’t see it as much of an issue with monitors (many have a physical cover for this very reason). The real reason for ‘hiding’ the camera isn’t to make it easier to spy on us (they can do that already, if that was the goal), it’s instead to give the screen full coverage, without any dynamic islands or cutouts, etc.

I get your point, but we’re already past the privacy possibility, now it’s a matter of aesthetics.


Kionera t1_jadlg9v wrote

If anything an under-display camera would be even better for privacy, since the pixels in front of the camera would need to be turned off for there to be any sort of image quality, so having the display on acts as a privacy shield for the camera.

So what if the display is off you say? Then you can still spot the lens easily as if it’s just a regular camera. Just cover it up when you’re done using the display and it’s pretty much permanently blocked.


TropicalBacon t1_jadnykl wrote

That’s with the under display cameras of today. With AI post processing and the work to get more space between pixels, it’ll become seamless.


Grow_Beyond t1_jae4pto wrote

Tin foil still works as good as it ever did, though.


-ibgd t1_jadb0ob wrote

But but but the 🏝️ thingy?


FriendlyGuitard t1_jadzoxn wrote

What we have seen of the tech so far is that the display is of lower quality on top of the lense. That would be very Apple-ish to keep it and limit full screen-ness only for stuff like video when it is less noticeable.


scangemode t1_jadc6dt wrote

I intentionally to this day use a passcode still. I am not a fan of Face ID and wish they would have an in-button TouchID system, like with the latest iPad Mini. That is all.


DevoidHT t1_jadk9gx wrote

TouchID was the bomb when I have it. The thing I don’t like about FaceID is it’s almost impossible to use in some situations.


What-a-Crock t1_jadoyth wrote

In all fairness TouchID doesn’t work in some situations either - like gloves or wet hands


DevoidHT t1_jadqcix wrote

Yeah both have their pros and cons. Like I would have loved to have touchID during Covid when mask use was a necessity or at night when the room is dark. FaceID is useful when you can’t use your hands. I wonder if VoiceID could be a thing. Feels like I’d solve both of those.


What-a-Crock t1_jadqmu6 wrote

With deepfakes, I would worry about voice ID

Could be nice to have both TouchID & FaceID so you could use whichever is convenient at the time


DevoidHT t1_jadrfib wrote

I mean people have already been able to trick iPhone cameras to unlock FaceID. And if they wanted to deepfake my voice, they’d have to find recordings of me(which are probably less common than pictures of me). I don’t have an active social media presence.


Arphenyte t1_jadw6qw wrote

God I wish they stopped being so stubborn about it and just brought back Touch ID. This is literally the only reason I keep using my iPhone 8 Plus.

I refuse to be made to pose to unlock my phone, it’s so dumb how easy and quick it is to unlock my phone as I’m taking it out of my pocket, as opposed to taking it out and looking at it.

The worst part is that I’m sure they could have made the power button be the fingerprint sensor. We could have both Touch ID and Face ID on current phones if only they weren’t so stubborn about it.


VAMPHYR3 t1_jaddo8z wrote

Yea lock button fingerprint sensors are the best imo. As cool as under display fingerprint sensors are, they are not worth the effort.

The lock button fingerprint sensor of my S10e was lightning fast and conventiently placed. I loved it.

Same as fingerprint sensors on the back of the phone. Had a few friends that had those. Also really good.

The ones under the display so far were not really great...


Doggleganger t1_jadrekh wrote

The button sensor was fast and reliable. You could also use it discretely, under a table or in your lap during meetings, while FaceID it's trickier.


thethrillman t1_jaeb35x wrote

I would assume under display cameras would need to be really good for them to consider putting it on their flagships. The only phones that really do it are the Samsung galaxy fold line and the ZTE Axon ultra line. Both of which have under display cameras that are barely passable for a video call.

If the tech doesn't improve I find it hard to see why apple would switch.


gregRichards2002 t1_jaesrus wrote

I’m hoping Apple will have brought out a foldable phone by 2026. I have an iPhone 13 Pro and last year was the first year I didn’t upgrade to the latest iPhone because it wasn’t worth the money to me to do so when the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro look so similar. I couldn’t justify paying more than £600 to upgrade just so I could have dynamic Island and better cameras when the cameras on the 13 Pro are already good. The iPhone Pro looks like a boring design compared to the Samsung foldable phones. I’ve tried to use android Samsung phones in the past but I don’t like using android, the Samsung phones eventually developed a fault and then the resell value on them was always much worse than an iPhone.


Serraph105 t1_jadsex4 wrote

So in three years Apple will debut technology that is out now. Sounds like Apple to me.


turbo_nudist t1_jae0y3p wrote

but, like apple, they’ll have waited until the tech is mature, and do it in a way that doesn’t absolutely suck


HI_IM_VERY_CONFUSED t1_jaf2aq1 wrote

yeah just like the always on display on the 14 pro which sucks ass (battery usage wise)