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WardenEdgewise t1_jarlyl1 wrote

Instead of a robot dog, wouldn’t it be better to design a robot bear, or a robot wolverine?


FriedRamen13 t1_jarpim3 wrote

Robot cocaine bear


KyurMeTV t1_jarue1y wrote

Right, but that would cut into the CIA’s domestic distribution supply. Can’t have that.


VaVaValentine t1_jas3q4o wrote

Who does the cocaine, operator or the bear, or both togethear


6fingerartguy t1_jat0ajm wrote

If it's the operator I am so joining the army! Hey Rick, watch me make this bear shit in the woods!! After I maul everyone in the mess hall.


squarybuttholes t1_jaum0br wrote

Nobody likes to do coke alone, not even semi autonomous killer robot dogs bro


Khourieat t1_jarpj02 wrote

Robot honey badger.


WardenEdgewise t1_jarrjx4 wrote

That’s the real question. Who would win, robot Wolverine or robot honey badger?


6fingerartguy t1_jat0crt wrote

Honey badger, duh .


WardenEdgewise t1_jat1ayh wrote

Really? You probably prefer a catapult to a trebuchet as well.


Easy_Kill t1_jatnfa5 wrote

Meh. Catapults are superior. A1 with nothing but SRM6s in close range will wreck any treb you can find.


Paradox68 t1_javd2vs wrote

Oh god I saw the robot bear in that one anime and all I can say is ABORT. Do NOT create robot bears. Avoid at all cost.


diacewrb OP t1_jarojhx wrote

A robot bear would be too Russian though.


Knyfe-Wrench t1_jasuzn9 wrote

>robot wolverine

I'm the bleepst there is at what I bloop


A_Gent_4Tseven t1_jaudfw3 wrote

I do think a robot version of Weapon X could be possible… but should we??!


DevoidHT t1_jartn63 wrote

There are robotic mules. Robots designed to carry equipment, water, food, etc over rough terrain.


ausnee t1_jas71y2 wrote

Dogs are more loyal than bears or wolverines


ShadowDV t1_jatm3kb wrote

“robot wolverine”

Then you would need to build a robot Jim Harbaugh to coach it, and it would choke in every important firefight.


GreenDemonClean t1_jargsg9 wrote

This was always the plan.


Bobtheguardian22 t1_jarv50r wrote

cant wait to enlist again as a robot dog operator.

like playing call of duty with a gunned up machine robot dog.


eheun t1_jarvhch wrote

Kinda badass ngl - but the ethical implications of video games with irl consequences?


The-God-Of-Memez t1_jas305e wrote

Hopefully one day advancement of military will lead to destroying the other countries toys instead of killing the people


yuxulu t1_jatzx2q wrote

Settle international disagreement with battlebots.


Alimbiquated t1_jasqznw wrote

I can imagine something like that happening on the Moon or Mars. Because these places are so hostile to human habitation, a space colony would probably have a long first phase where robots build the colony before the astronauts arrive in any numbers. If it came to war, the robots would fight it out among themselves.


Sweaty-Feedback-1482 t1_jas3oaa wrote

Aren’t we already there with drone operators?


savage_slurpie t1_jasc5af wrote

Been there for more than a decade. People just don’t like to think about the ethical implications of using drones.


[deleted] t1_jbiyv9w wrote

The use of drones really hasn't changed anything from an ethics standpoint. Pilots dropping bombs from drones is ethically and practically no different than pilots dropping bombs from bombers and fighter jets. In all those scenarios, the pilot is using inputs from various types of data to make the decision to drop the bomb and is making that decision from a perspective of complete safety from enemy attack.

The real change in the calculus of ethics will happen when drones have the ability to decide whether or not to kill a human target. By "decide", I don't mean automatically running a program to determine whether or not the target fits a preprogrammed target profile (even if that target profile is determined through machine learning, even self-trained machine learning). Instead, I mean "decide" in the sense of actual generalized AI where the drone, on its own initiative, makes the conscious decision whether or not to kill a human target. We're a very long way off from that.


No-Fly-6043 t1_jasxa5a wrote

I mean I play 5D chess with multidimensional time travel irl, and it is/was/going to be fine


LystAP t1_jarzfvh wrote

r/combatfootage got a good preview of what’s coming.


Assassin_by_Birth t1_jau65a6 wrote

Why would they need you to operate?


Bobtheguardian22 t1_jau9a0h wrote

to tell the AI whats a school bus and whats an enemy combatant!😥


Afferbeck_ t1_javbi3h wrote

Seems like AI couldn't do a worse job at that than the humans have been


GhettoFinger t1_jawlxdd wrote

That’s not what the AI’s role would be. The human will make the decision to fire at something or someone, but they wouldn’t need you to operate its movement. So you tell the AI robot dog to kill that thing, then it moves, aims and fires on its own. So the human is making the determination what is a school bus and and enemy combatant, not the AI.


Parametric_Or_Treat t1_jasles1 wrote

I swear to God if I have to stand and salute a robot dog veteran before an NFL game as a robot R and B Singer sings America the Beautiful I will lose it


ba11sD33P t1_jarmdt8 wrote

Every day, Black Mirror becomes less fictional.


Lietenantdan t1_jas3fhu wrote

Definitely not looking forward to IRL metal head. Couldn’t we get IRL San Junipero instead


noada21 t1_jarkg8q wrote

I can see various uses for them like checking suspected IEDs or roughly clearing a building to make sure there’s no surprises. But i think it would still be a while before any kind of lethal weapons are mounted or used on them


diacewrb OP t1_jarmgf1 wrote

They have already started work on armed robot dogs.

And they can even be flown in via another drone


bradland t1_jatdte2 wrote

How is mounting a gun on one of these any different than mounting missiles on a drone?


[deleted] t1_jbj014r wrote

They seem perfect to use as rescue tools. Their small size, agility, balance, etc. makes them perfect for use in rescue situations where there are people trapped in ruble (like after various natural disasters) or potentially people who are trapped in positions where it would be too dangerous to send a person (as in you could send these into a burning building to look for trapped people rather than sending in firemen if it's not known whether people are in fact inside and alive). I'd love to see a rescue line of these developed with various attachments like a jaws of life, fire extinguisher, oxygen tank, watercraft for navigating flood areas to deliver medical and emergency supplies, etc.


Seiren- t1_jart9ju wrote

Anyone Remember «Big Dog» ?

Boston Dynamics had this large quadruped robot like 10 years ago that they abruptly stopped showing videos of. I wonder why.


mayoronczka t1_jat12oh wrote

Holy shit I googled it... Looks like something that would chase you in SOMA O_o


S-Go t1_jatszla wrote

I wish i could play that again for the first time.


bradland t1_jatqek2 wrote

They didn’t abruptly stop showing videos of big dog. They developed big dog — which was big because the technology wasn’t very compact yet — into this product, then sold to Hyundai. They still produce tons of videos.


ELFBANE t1_jatjo0i wrote

Because they developed the tech into spot, the same way you don't see people flexing the fact they have an iPhone 5. I'm also pretty sure that BD is now owned by a Korean company and not fond of people putting weapons on their robots.


Lost-Citron-1099 t1_jarl41d wrote

Wonder if they’ll test them out in Ukraine


diacewrb OP t1_jaron3d wrote

Sounds like something out of Metal Gear Solid 4.


Classic_Cream_4792 t1_jarkasj wrote

Do these robot dogs clean dishes and fold clothes? Cause I gotta need for one of those taking over my home chores… who cares about autonomous cars! I want a dog that does my laundry and dishes!!!


ELFBANE t1_jatk96z wrote

Spot from Boston dynamics can technically do that


Rainbow-Death t1_jarlkvg wrote

Replace dog for another name and we are now going back on time 🎇


Classic_Cream_4792 t1_jaroif8 wrote

A cat. Meow that isn’t funny. Get it. Cat or pu… I mean you get and so do I. I had one of those but these modern ladies. I honestly think the push of women working is a big plunder of our society. There is nothing wrong with making a house a home for kids and pets and a family to thrive but instead we all think we need to work and earn money and chase an American dream


Jman50k t1_jarnn42 wrote

A Robot cat would never work for The Man, just sayin’.


diacewrb OP t1_jaroa4e wrote

A robot cat would be giving orders just a like regular cat.


mmmTaxFraud t1_jas68dw wrote

Black mirror is truly becoming a real thing


TheAres1999 t1_jarrjpg wrote

Oh no. I saw this episode of Black Mirror!


Equivalent-Chest5383 t1_jarvc8c wrote

Did anyone see the dogs dancing during Jason Derulo’s Super Bowl pregame show?


hashtagHAARP t1_jas1wd3 wrote

brings new meaning to “release the hounds”


AggravatedBasalt t1_jasbhp4 wrote

Wasn't this the episode that so many people hated?


BabylonDrifter t1_jat2smv wrote

We need to transition the A-10 warthog from an airplane to a giant robot BRRRRRRRRT doggie.


Osteojo t1_jauf031 wrote

The episode of Mirror Mirror with robot dogs scared the daylights out of me. It haunts me still and I watched it 5 years ago at least!


Atomsteel t1_jarmybq wrote

How long until we see these cute little guys working in airports and at events as indoctrination and then every single day as an armed police force?


Justforthenuews t1_jarowgj wrote

If we’re lucky, soon. Cause we already have an armed police force present pretty much everywhere, and they have regularly demonstrated that you can never be sure when interacting with one if you are in danger or not. At least with bots you can actually see what it was thinking when it opens fire on someone, rather than “I smelled pot in the air”, “I thought they were reaching for a gun”, etc.


ZantaraLost t1_jbhhnpn wrote

Honestly I don't ever see American police forces EVER being onboard with robot dogs.

Always on recording, on par if not better than canine noses with drug detection that can't give false positives on command...


Bootsix t1_jarv8sq wrote

As a huge fan of real dogs, I support this.


JRBehr t1_jas06hw wrote

Damn, that’s a cool headline


tom-8-to t1_jasjomy wrote

I think we are going back to the Spartans and other elite military fighters who had servants to go into battle with them to carry weapons, assist the soldier during battle, or to pull out injured soldiers, as their only task. Read your history, it’s back!


gitarzan t1_jasl4c4 wrote

I can imagine an army commander at a battlefield full of robotic dogs, and then he yells, “SIC BALLS!”


Grezzinate t1_jasyqt5 wrote

I’ve played generation zero, I know how aggressive those dogs are going to be.


DaylanDaylan t1_jat643g wrote

I was thinking about how they could train them to find and bring wounded people to safety like the “surrender drones”


rolgelthorp t1_jaty2vl wrote

dog (wanananana) robot dog (wanananana)


[deleted] t1_jau4y6k wrote

One step closer to Terminators. Oh Skynet, hurry up and save us already!


A_Gent_4Tseven t1_jaudahk wrote

Meps is wild these days… two robots just got waivers for “eye sight” and then the same old man that’s looked at everyone’s asshole in the service(because it’s the same guy) told one it had haemorrhoids. /j


duglarri t1_jauhhfe wrote

We will know they are ubiquitous when they start being called by their short-form name: "Rogs".


msoats t1_jaujk9d wrote

I really just don’t understand what is happening right now. This is crazy


Ogediah t1_jaukjsr wrote

What will the poor do when they can’t even become a soldier?


BGAL1120 t1_jaulo2v wrote

They’re pretty cute when they’re robot puppies


Nomad_86 t1_jav4clk wrote

Anybody else see that episode of Black Mirror? Lol


jjj49er t1_jav7o6m wrote

What are we going to do with all the unemployed dogs that have had their jobs replaced by robots?


Catlenfell t1_javo7tl wrote

Now we know what will be clearing out homeless encampments in a decade or so.


Ring_Lo_Finger t1_jas17jl wrote

They've to find ways to compensate for poor enlistments and it'll be suffering more after Biden's college debt help. Free college tuition at the cost of enlistment isn't that attractive anymore.


Lietenantdan t1_jas3n8v wrote

I don’t think people should have ever had to possibly risk there lives to afford college.


Dryandrough t1_jarmutf wrote

Imagine reinventing a donkey.


mokeyss t1_jarqxxh wrote

A donkey needs a person with them. A robot does not.


Dryandrough t1_jaru573 wrote

Me who has worked both as an IT and Engineer in the Navy.

What do I know lol?


kookykoko t1_jas3utg wrote

Have you worked on the robot donkeys?


Dryandrough t1_jascjap wrote

Have you?

I understand how the maintenance program is trash.

Le redditors specialists


kookykoko t1_jasd07f wrote

So what do you really know? Maintenance programs are garbage across the DOD so no new knowledge brought there.


ProfessionalMeal2407 t1_jarmhs2 wrote

You know what’s cheaper than a robot dog? A dog.

You know what’s cheaper than a big robot dog meant for carrying things? A donkey.


Annual-Cheesecake374 t1_jarnnky wrote

Sorta. Dogs, and donkeys, need water, food, and shelter pretty frequently. A robot will need maintenance but the depth and frequency will not be frequent (or at least can be designed to not be frequent). Also, if your dog breaks their leg there is a considerable amount of time for the dog to heal. A robots leg could be made to be replaceable in a matter of minutes.

The upfront cost of a dog (or donkey) is considerably low compared to a robot but at a point in the not-too-distant future, the accumulated cost for a robot would be less.


Justforthenuews t1_jarp6g5 wrote

Yeah, based on their logic, we should go back to ox ploughed fields.


UltimateGammer t1_jarsmog wrote

I think comparing these things to dogs kind of sets them in a certain light.

They aren't dogs, they won't be used as you'd use a dog, they don't have the same capabilities as a dog.


ergobearsgo t1_jarsgrj wrote

A stock Boston Dynamics Spot robot has a runtime of 90 minutes. Of course the battery can be swapped out, but in a standard work day that would be six enormous batteries. For the sake of argument let's say that the military model has two batteries to run at the same time. That's a minimum of three battery swaps a day and someone who has to carry all of those around. News flash, the operators also need food and water and are going to have that on them anyway. A donkey can also eat and drink pretty much anywhere in the world that's not covered in snow or sand.

Edit: each Spot battery is 5.2kg/~11.5lbs. With two batteries on the robot and four in reserve, that's 20.8kg/46lbs of weight to support a robot that can only carry a 14kg/30lb payload to begin with. Each battery is also the size of a mid-range quadcopter, meaning that someone's job on the team is just dealing with the drone and carrying its luggage. All for a drone that can't smell, can barely hear, and can barely carry anything. Might be able to provide early warning if it happens to spot someone using FLIR from two feet off the ground. Maybe. This is just one tiny slice of the taxpayer's pie being served up to the military industrial complex on a newer, shinier platter with nothing but prop pieces to show for it.


Annual-Cheesecake374 t1_jas0kzh wrote

I agree with you about the Boston dynamics robot but that doesn’t mean all robots in the future would be under the same restrictions. Though, we do use robots to conduct bomb detection and disposal meaning robots don’t have to be on (or maybe reduced power requirements) until they are needed. This robot, however, is (nearly) useless to the military.

Another thing to consider is training. We can train animals to do lots of pretty cool things but a robot would be easier to train and be more accurate in commands.