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noada21 t1_jarkg8q wrote

I can see various uses for them like checking suspected IEDs or roughly clearing a building to make sure there’s no surprises. But i think it would still be a while before any kind of lethal weapons are mounted or used on them


diacewrb OP t1_jarmgf1 wrote

They have already started work on armed robot dogs.

And they can even be flown in via another drone


bradland t1_jatdte2 wrote

How is mounting a gun on one of these any different than mounting missiles on a drone?


[deleted] t1_jbj014r wrote

They seem perfect to use as rescue tools. Their small size, agility, balance, etc. makes them perfect for use in rescue situations where there are people trapped in ruble (like after various natural disasters) or potentially people who are trapped in positions where it would be too dangerous to send a person (as in you could send these into a burning building to look for trapped people rather than sending in firemen if it's not known whether people are in fact inside and alive). I'd love to see a rescue line of these developed with various attachments like a jaws of life, fire extinguisher, oxygen tank, watercraft for navigating flood areas to deliver medical and emergency supplies, etc.