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Tom_Jack_Attack t1_javnlte wrote

I don’t think you know what “Desktop Computer” actually means. This is just a hub, nothing more.


SirCodeye t1_jd253fh wrote

I mean with Samsung DeX you can get relatively close, at least for office use. All Office 365 products are available for Android so attaching this to a Samsung phone would make it a decent option.


nickthaskater t1_jbcyeya wrote

And a desktop computer is just a case unless you put components inside of it.


Eggnart t1_jbl02fi wrote

Nope, that would be the computer case.


nickthaskater t1_jbl1l8b wrote

So at what point do the components become the thing? How is a collection of parts, like a case, motherboard, CPU, PSU etc. any different than a dock and a phone collectively becoming a PC?

"Desktop computer" has no inherent meaning.


Eggnart t1_jblvxo1 wrote

It’s not that deep, COMPUTER is the important part here.

You know, a machine that performs computations. A computer.


nickthaskater t1_jblzfod wrote

> You know, a machine that performs computations. A computer.

The phone is the computer. The hub makes it a "desktop" computer.

The components of a desktop computer are the computer. The case makes it a "desktop" computer.


speculatrix t1_javo575 wrote

This is just Samsung Dex with a big price tag.

A simple usb-c to hdmi adaptor will allow many Android smartphones to be used with a monitor or tv. Just use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Some usb combo hubs, about $25, have hdmi. Just plug into an android and the phone screen will appear on a monitor or tv, then plug in a usb keyboard and mouse.


TheGodEmperorOfChaos t1_jb2y63r wrote

Samsung Dex is half way decent with a lot of drawbacks, and funnily enough the Tablet Dex version is optimized better, probably by intention. I wouldn't hope to see it optimized to where it is really useful since they'll be loosing cash on other products, but it could be useful from time to time.

There's nothing the Miradock can fix or make better and most usb combo hubs also fail at the same, they are just cheaper. However, if your phone isn't compatible with it, it won't be of much use. If you have an older model, a compatible keyboard/mouse combo and maybe screencast if yours supports it is enough.


nickthaskater t1_jbcymzt wrote

> tablet version is optimized better

The only difference I'm aware of between the tablet version of DeX and the version on phones is the keyboard toolbar. What else are you saying is "optimized better"?


BeliefInAll t1_jayet78 wrote

I'd rather use a kvm switch for USB and switch the monitors manually. 10th of the price, and 10x as reliable plus 2 monitors. Now when I can run three monitors through this we're talking.