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jaap_null t1_jc4d21t wrote

Just hooking up a graphing calculator to an actual potato battery would get you the same result it seems...


other_usernames_gone t1_jc4jhpy wrote

Not as long a battery life though.

This isn't meant to be a serious product, it's a hobby project. The why is because they wanted to see if they could.


TheRageDragon t1_jc4ud3t wrote

Yeah, but you can at least eat the potato when it's out of power and fast reload a new one. Potato charges computer, then potato charges you. Circle of life.


Ursa_Solaris t1_jc5gfeu wrote

But when no potato, no computer. Such is life.


blahblahrasputan t1_jc5h677 wrote

I don't even know what is a potato.


Contagious-Laughter t1_jc5q82o wrote

TIFU flashback


Kodama_prime t1_jc7easa wrote

Go watch a World of Warships game. Plenty of potato there....


thedirtydeetch t1_jc5nmed wrote

Not true. Once the potato is drained of ions, the Heinz reaction can not occur, so the nutrients don’t metabolize properly when you cook it. That’s why you don’t see deionized potatoes as an industry, because even the cows can’t be sustained off them.


GigaPuddi t1_jc66ufa wrote

.....I honestly cannot tell if this is true or not.


atticlynx t1_jc68zvf wrote



__Overthinking t1_jc6hlev wrote

What is that sub? Is it supposed to be a joke? I've scrolled through and my brain hurts


AtypicalSpaniard t1_jc5jzbf wrote

Fast reload has to be my new favorite word when talking about potatoes.


mr78rpm t1_jc5zeu0 wrote

Sorry, not true.

Chemical reactions between the potato and the metal things you jam into the potato cause electrical energy to be made. If you ate the potato, you'd be eating the residue of these chemical reactions, which, by the way, are probably poisonous.


TheRageDragon t1_jc63er7 wrote

I've seen enough superhero movies to know that this is how one becomes Tater Man


Emu1981 t1_jc5sl9t wrote

>you can at least eat the potato when it's out of power

That would likely depend on how long that potato provided power for lol


dsnineteen t1_jc6ix7c wrote

Now I need to know if there’s enough chemical energy in a potato for it to theoretically cook itself.


alaskarawr t1_jc85g89 wrote

>>then potato charges you.

Tell that to the Irish.


Redeem123 t1_jc7ei68 wrote

> This isn't meant to be a serious product, it's a hobby project

It's so weird how often people don't seem to understand that concept on these kinds of builds.


WontFixMySwypeErrors t1_jc7zv7f wrote

Now that it's proven, I'd love to see a usable one, even still as a hobby project.

Something like a non-backlit tft display, perhaps in vertical orientation for coding, would make things much more usable, and there's room in that case for many times more battery capacity.

A similar soc should still have enough grunt to run Linux and an IDE, and now you've got a decent dev box with the same or more runtime.


Somepotato t1_jcqqi2l wrote

It's weird tho there are substantially more energy efficient MCUs you could use that are easily accessible, and the keyboard likely takes a chunk of energy compared to what it could be


tomistruth t1_jc65y2d wrote

It's not the potato that actually runs the computer but the metal sticks you put into the potato. The potato just provides the water and salt to transfer the electrons.


3226 t1_jc6l9yl wrote

Yes! Thank you! It drives me barmy when people seem to think you're getting the power from the potato, rather than a copper and zinc strip reacting. It's just a salt bridge. It's not the source of the energy. +


my__name__is t1_jc49yzr wrote

I would love a device I can just type on without any other distractions that is always ready to go and I never have to worry about it being charged or updates and such.


itsallthesamejames t1_jc4aiig wrote

There’s this new thing they’re calling the “typewriter” that you should check out.


my__name__is t1_jc4i0lk wrote

If you can recommend a typewriter that saves digital files that is currently available for purchase and doesn't cost like a mid-level laptop, I am all ears.


Ninnux t1_jc4tjzs wrote

My Brother WP-80 word processor was exactly that.


M4NU3L2311 t1_jc5h7tt wrote



ContemptAndHumble t1_jc5kaxh wrote

Just hit the gym and really emphasis arms and core for that. It’s just that simple.


Cassette_girl t1_jc5sium wrote

reMarkable 2 EInk tablet with keyboard folio. Definitely not very long battery life but quite long at least. And definitely not update free. But definitely task focused and distraction free.


GigaPuddi t1_jc67xy1 wrote

I have the original reMarkable bought used because I'm a cheap bastard and even that one is great. I work in sales (fenestration) and it makes keeping track of things so much simpler. Being able to copy and past scrawled notes makes keeping on the fly things organized so much easier.

I also use it for Dungeons and Dragons and it is invaluable for keeping my character's shit organized and updated.

I've considered upgrading to the second but I can't quite justify the expense.


ChancesAreYouAreDumb t1_jc6z5cv wrote

I bought the reMarkable 2, and I absolutely love it.

I know next to nothing about the original reMarkable, but the 2 has cloud support, and it is so nice having all of my notes on my phone and computer, and I am able to adjust notes while on my phone/computer.

That, plus being able to just drag and drop books into the reMarkable app has redefined how much I read


capnwinky t1_jc6ggv8 wrote

Goddamn the memories. It made school so much more bearable. Don’t think I would’ve survived without it.


alexanderpas t1_jc4twwg wrote

It's only available used, but have a look at the Alphasmart Neo 2.

I'll quote a description from another thread.

> [...] > > These things are dirt-cheap, usually $30 or less. They were built to use in schools and the like years ago, and most of them barely saw any use at all as laptops came out and took over their role. There are a ton of them coming up for sale on eBay that are as close to brand new as they could possibly be. They save files internally, and you can output them to your desktop computer by plugging it in and hitting the send button (it'll emulate a keyboard and type the document straight into something on your computer). There's also a program that can directly import the files, but I'm not sure if that program still works (haven't used it in years - send works). > > You put a pair of regular old batteries in this thing and it'll run -forever-. They last literally months on a single set of batteries. I'm not joking. You can type on this thing for something like 700 -HOURS- on a single set of double a batteries. There's nothing like it on the market. > > The keyboard is a joy to type on, and the device is so sturdy you could probably use it as a boat paddle and still type something for the next month when you finished rowing to your desert island. :) > > It's a device that has a decent following among authors. I know several authors who covet their Neo, myself included. :) > > There is also an alpha smart Dana with a larger screen that is similarly cheap (it's a newer version of the alphasmart), but it's not as legendarily reliable as the Neo 2 and eats batteries in just a few hours. It also doesn't save EVERY keystroke like the Neo does... and the old palm software it used for its word processor is basically unsupported/unusable these days, so if you use a Dana you -will- eventually lose some work. DONT BUY THE DANA. > > I'd also avoid the Alphasmart 3000. Those things are older devices and just don't have the storage the newer Neo and Neo 2 have. A Neo or Neo 2 are substantially better machines. > > Here's a website that compares the Alphasmarts... > > > > [...] > > Alphasmart has arrow keys. You don't have to edit as you type, but you have the option. > > Trust me, get an alpha smart. If you want a dirt cheap -typing- machine, there is nothing on the market that does it better. > > I bang out words for a living, and I've typed over a million words into my alpha smart Neo. It's not the device I -always- reach for (I sometimes grab my MacBook pro because I need something a little more full-featured), but when I just want to knock some words out without any distractions, the alpha smart is the machine I use. > > I have no complaints. I think I bought mine for fifteen bucks and it's paid for itself tens of thousands of times over ;). > > [...]


KiwiShortKing t1_jc5cwoo wrote

I had one of these. It's super cool but honestly not that useful unless you're planning to write a novel on the go.


andemyan t1_jc62gug wrote

Yea I had one too, but it was because my handwriting was so shit that the teachers couldn’t read what I wrote


financialmisconduct t1_jc4loep wrote

A Nook Simple Touch (Glowlight if desired) has WiFi and can support USB host mode with a kernel hack, you can run a basic text editor and save to a NAS


blahblahrasputan t1_jc5gxlt wrote

Put Linux on one of those ultra light cheap Chromebooks and gaff a few batteries to it. Bada Bing Bada boom.


HarmoniousJ t1_jc61kpz wrote

As someone who used them in school all the time and got free ones from time to time, alphasmarts if you can stomach the first generation storage spaces. We're talking something like a few gigs if you get a really premium model.

The screen is also something like a typewriter, only having two or three lines visible at a time.

If you do go that far though, there's really no reason to avoid a cheap laptop, which will probably be better in every single way...


GlassSupports t1_jc4wi4j wrote

Can you also recommend a machine that turns keystrokes into an electrical current that I can use for sex stuff


BellsOnNutsMeansXmas t1_jc4x4rc wrote

My Mom is willing to text you all night this Friday. I think technically that fits your definition. Let us know if interested.


vingt-2 t1_jc5v9zk wrote

Can your typewriter compile and run code?


Defiant-Ad412 t1_jc4ywdt wrote

You can get a refurbished AlphaSmart. Basically its a digital typewriter with small screen and a USB port. We used them back in elementary school.


amazingwhat t1_jc5275q wrote

oh my god i forgot about these… i hated the tiny tiny screen - how i am meant to write an epic story when i can only read one line at a time??


nikongod t1_jc5jp98 wrote

How am I meant to read an epic story when I can only read one line at a time?


Since you now presumably have a device capable of displaying at least 2 lines at a time, please link to epic story, I would like to read it. But not the potato story snoo linked to above.


[deleted] t1_jc4goiq wrote

There already are e-ink, single-function typewriters you can buy. Stupidly expensive and don't seem worth it at all tho


my__name__is t1_jc4hm4g wrote

I actually looked that up after reading this article and as you say, so stupidly expensive.


f15k13 t1_jc66tk8 wrote

I would love an E-ink laptop with a good keyboard to use for writing and Dungeon Master stuff.

It needs to be easy to read from, have a good keyboard and battery life, and play music. It needs an internet connection because all of my tools sync or are web-hosted. Also let it display normal color video out of HDMI or Type-C.

Basically my ZenBook 14 (love this thing) with an E-Ink screen.


AttackingHobo t1_jc7keeo wrote

Do you think there would be a market for a standalone writing device that attached to any keyboard, to emulate the function of those kinda typewriters?


[deleted] t1_jc7pv7g wrote

I definitely think there is a market for these things in general. It's just a matter of price. I would love to own a dedicated typing device with an e-ink screen if it costs $60-$100 and works just like I want it to. I think a lot of people would want that.


YeetingSlamage t1_jc4zme0 wrote

Get an MS Dos laptop


SuperFLEB t1_jc5d40e wrote

Or a Tandy 100.

(These things do have exceptionally nice keyboards for a laptop, I have to say. Not Y2K compatible, though. Watch out for that.)


nikongod t1_jc5kd2o wrote

Some happy hackers hacked the ROM and replaced the "19" in the year (which was static coded to display 19{yy}) with "20" some time ago.

What about leap years you may ask? The TRS-80 laptop family never actually did leap years, so nothing was lost.

If you can deal with the fact that they only have enough memory to store about 10-pages of text, they are pretty cool machines to write on.


tanfj t1_jcrnhj5 wrote

>I would love a device I can just type on without any other distractions that is always ready to go and I never have to worry about it being charged or updates and such.

Way back when, Tandy made a AA battery powered word processor with modem...

Perhaps a old tablet with Bluetooth keyboard as a modern version would work for your needs.


helmvoncanzis t1_jc5nr4j wrote

Check out the Freewrite Alpha.

Currently available for pre-order. 100 hour battery life, file transfer via usb cable or wifi.


seanmacproductions t1_jc7hxzz wrote

I use an Onyx Boox android e-reader. Stays charged for days, looks like paper so you get that typewriter feel, and really can’t handle any non text-based apps, so no distractions.


[deleted] t1_jc5q9qz wrote

Check out this new tech called pen and paper


s6original t1_jc47yvd wrote

It has a very futuristic look...if it was 1972.


Mister-Matrix t1_jc49m2c wrote

The specs are from 1972 too..

384 KB RAM and 1 MB flash memory, monochrome 320 x 240 pixels display, 96 MHz

Still, 2-years of battery life between charges sounds impressive.


s6original t1_jc4aett wrote

It does but what kind of computing would you even do on this thing? Kinda big for a calculator.


Mister-Matrix t1_jc4kroy wrote

Well, it's based on a SparkFun RedBoard Artemis ATP board (Arduino-compatible), so that should provide lots of Input/Output options for development projects.

Since it uses the uLisp programming language and the board behaves similar to the Arduino Uno, it should be able to run all of the "Simple Examples" on the left-hand side of this page:


s6original t1_jc4mf9k wrote

Yeah well if you start playing a bunch of Simon on this thing you'll be lucky to get 20 months of battery life.


vezwyx t1_jc589td wrote

Dang, there go my 21-month Simon desert island extravaganza plans


Onlyindef t1_jc7qe8d wrote

What if they put a little solar panel on it like the calculator


Mister-Matrix t1_jcafbrj wrote

They already did attach a bank of solar cells...

Look at the photo, to the right of the display to see the solar panel.


emmmmceeee t1_jc4nqpq wrote

384K was a lot of ram for 1972. Even for 1982.


Distinct-Location t1_jc51ps6 wrote

And 96 MHz would’ve been faster than the fastest supercomputer. The Cray-1 only reached 80 MHz in 1976.


DBeumont t1_jc7oxtm wrote

The Super Nintendo was only 3.58MHz and look at what it was capable of.


powerMiserOz t1_jc5eezp wrote

Except in 1972 that would fill a room.


[deleted] t1_jc5x0ki wrote



ShutterPriority t1_jc6mky6 wrote

Yes. I missed punch cards in University by 1 year…. It was late 80s… and there were a few of these “IBM PCs” around too, with 64MB of RAM! Whooo hooo!


adviceKiwi t1_jc65n5m wrote

> Still, 2-years of battery life between charges sounds impressive.

Two years later, now where did I put that effing charger??


Arve t1_jc6gonl wrote

384kB of RAM and a meg of solid state storage and a 96 MHz chip was more in the realm of sci-fi in 1972. Fast forward, and computers like the Mac, Atari ST and Amiga had 512kB, no flash and ran at 7 -8MHz


SCPH-1000 t1_jc6jel6 wrote

The CPU speed would have been a dream in 1992, and the RAM insane for 1982


Syscrush t1_jc6mnth wrote

Not quite. In 1992, 66MHz DX2 processors were available to consumers, and 90MHz Pentium chips were right around the corner. I agree that these speeds were a bit out of reach still in '92, but I think it's a stretch to say it would have been a dream.


you_be_illin t1_jc4vt1d wrote

Anyone else here expecting to see an actual potato as the battery source?

Like science fair style…


splifingate t1_jc56sjk wrote

The screen size is outrageous.


p5219163 t1_jc5eqnu wrote

Ok but like why?

I get wanting a battery you don't have to plug in every 15 minutes. But why not go for a 18 hour battery, or even a 5 day battery?

2 years is just silly.


APlasticBoy t1_jc5urg6 wrote

sometimes the answer is “to see if i can.” the “laptop” was a hobbyist project


ArgentStar t1_jc607ic wrote

Engineering mindset + creativity = lots of weird useless shit that paves the way for slightly less weird but actually useful shit.


OhhhYaaa t1_jc6e2tm wrote

>Engineering mindset + creativity

and free time


Federal_Zombie_9456 t1_jc5fgy8 wrote

Would love to not have to plug something in for 2 or 3 years knowing I can play with the toy on the go.


TheUglyCasanova t1_jc5tfhe wrote

And then having absolutely no clue where the power cable is after putting it somewhere you tell yourself you'll definitely remember where you put it.


H1ld3gunst t1_jc5uf25 wrote

That’s why everything needs to be USBC. Problem solved.


caerphoto t1_jc5v312 wrote

If the battery lasts 3 years, just putting some solar panels on the back of the device would be enough to keep it charged.


ungoogleable t1_jc5w0vv wrote

Batteries slowly discharge by themselves even when not in use so it'll still be dead. Adding more cells doesn't help since they discharge at the same rate.


IronDragon535 t1_jc5prin wrote

So how long before we get a video of it playing Doom?


HarmoniousJ t1_jc61bvv wrote

People be saying (or implying) that this product is useless but I can think of quite a few things in the tech space that could use a simple, always on interface.

From certain types of code to servers, this could be something neat.


hedgehawk t1_jc681mo wrote

So many people commenting “why”... damn you all are boring. Be creative you squares.


jeonshin t1_jc5t372 wrote

But can it run Crysis?


elscallr t1_jc5re5p wrote

I'm wondering if an e-ink display might get good power draw will an acceptable refresh rate and much higher resolution.


3rdRateChump t1_jc68bab wrote

I love PotatoP’s odd look & violently yellow color. Also the name! Might as well call it Derp3000


nznova t1_jc6hku9 wrote

So how are you holding up?



TaliesinMerlin t1_jc6o6ew wrote

The designer is creating a computer one could use indefinitely (at least given proper protection from the elements) in a time displacement situation.


[deleted] t1_jc5u314 wrote

damn i wish they used potato in macbooks


jabbadabbadooo t1_jc5u5cj wrote

first thought it‘s a mod for a Playdate


PM-ME-YOUR-CROTCH t1_jc5wo5r wrote

Great! Awesome!

Proceeds to connect a readable monitor.


DaveTheGay t1_jc5zx2l wrote

It's a Psion 5, with a larger battery


AltCtrlShifty t1_jc6ms00 wrote

Are there bigger screens, regardless of power consumption?


ExpertFault t1_jc6uh2h wrote

Potato P: all battery, no laptop.


SlientlySmiling t1_jc76r6d wrote

I will eed a 20in Fresnel lens on a frame in front so I can read this screen. Brazil got the future right.


katebushisiconic t1_jc7c66j wrote

Isn’t this just a typewriter with a screen? Like those early 90s word processors?


Amaceeto87 t1_jc7lp1b wrote

Next potato famine, we lose all of our data


123_fake_name t1_jc81qul wrote

It’s a cool idea but it would be difficult to sit in front of and look at that tiny screen all day.


acatinasweater t1_jc992jt wrote

Makes me fondly remember my quickpad pro.


tanfj t1_jcrmxzr wrote

Looks very 80's in a good way.

Reminds me of a Commodore Pet.


xPandamon t1_jc7nmfr wrote

Ah, it's the fake laptop again


Minortough t1_jc54eig wrote

But can it play Portal 2?


Olaf4586 t1_jc5pgcz wrote

What? Why?


westbee t1_jc6bdlv wrote

Let me guess. 2 years of battery life if you leave it idling and never touch it.

The minute you try to program or use it, battery life goes down to 2 hours.


KamovInOnUp t1_jc6einr wrote

Also it has a solar panel lol


westbee t1_jc6f4k6 wrote

Is it one of those fake ones on cheap calculators that actually uses a battery, lol.