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BringTheSpain t1_jc7kj8r wrote

I like how it 40 years we went from "computers are going to give us a 20 hour, 4 day work week" to "hey we invented this thing so you can keep working even while you're going to get water or take a shit btw mandatory overtime"


hodl_4_life t1_jc7t2vq wrote

I never believe the catchy sound bites and news titles about how these technological advances are going to help anyone but the most exploitative members of society.

In a capitalist system EVERYTHING is designed with exploitation and profits in mind.


theowlinspace t1_jca75q8 wrote

Well, who's giving them the profit? If truly nobody wants this, then this keyboard will fail and nobody will care. And I hate this board too :P


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_jc7xrn4 wrote

Robots will do the same. We'll have robots do the easy work and just make humans do the trickier work for cheaper than normal.