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dkran t1_jc7ukoc wrote

Lol one of my coworkers let me use his phone recently and he had a Dvorak layout. I started typing with muscle memory and I was like what the FUCK?!


DFrostedWangsAccount t1_jc9ky84 wrote

Dvorak is (supposed to be) an improvement for touch typists. It's not, but typing on a phone isn't touch typing so either way idk why someone would do that.

All the vowels are on the left side so I hope he's at least left handed and not constantly having to reach the far side of his screen

I use Colemak at my desktop and QWERTY on the phone.


jmcs t1_jcolzfh wrote

If you use Dvorak on your computer it would make sense to also use it on the phone so you can reuse your muscle memory.