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januarytwentysecond t1_jc7zvlz wrote

Everyone in this thread has insufficient fear of carpal tunnel syndrome. $400 may be too much for this thing, but dear god I need a controller-ergo keyboard in my life. Every time I touch a mouse, the right half of my wrist files a complaint. My dad just got surgery on his elbow and I'm staring down the barrel of a lifetime of professional computer usage. If I keep using a flat keyboard, my hands are doomed. I'm going to be in the retirement home playing starcraft with my feet if this keeps up.


imforit t1_jcaf2gx wrote

Carpal tunnel syndrome is primarily genetic. For some people with tighter tunnels certain actions may trigger it. I had release surgery on both my hands last year, after my parent and sibling also had it years ago. If you're being bothered that badly you need to go to a hand doctor.

Ergonomics are important, and every person is entitled to their comfort and custom environment. This behemoth might work for some people, but it does not appear to be informed by any ergonomics science whatsoever, so personally I wouldn't recommend this specific product to anyone for ergonomic reasons.

Edit: Also, if your pain is in the outer half of your hand or wrist, that may be your Ulnar tunnel. The carpal tunnel contains nerves for the thumb, first two fingers, and half of the ring finger.