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BandwagonEffect t1_jc7b8vq wrote

For the low low price of $400 and your sanity you too can turn yourself into Edward Keyboard Hands


MarxingLinc t1_jc7vgxe wrote

And this device doesn’t even look like it would be helpful for people with disabilities, so they’re literally just making some thing to ensure we can type and walk around. I’ll stick to dictation.


lastWallE t1_jca5qou wrote

Wait, let me just lay this keyboard here on this tablegjygkkdkzeorlzffulfulfzlhhfulflzchcfzlxcgm mgxmskthhStrgAltEntf


sarduchi t1_jc71wg6 wrote

Been seeing this thing a lot recently... it looks horrible to use and has a ~$400 price tag. Hard pass. An actual controller and keyboard seems better and frankly more transportable.


mattcoady t1_jc75w7d wrote

A guy I used to work with had a split keyboard and he attached each half to the outsides of his chair so he could type with his arms at his sides. Needless to say this lasted for just a couple weeks.


thyfoe t1_jc7uyvb wrote

What happened after a couple of weeks? 😱


FeistmasterFlex t1_jc7vgl4 wrote

Both of his arms were amputated leaving his contraption obsolete


MrPlaysWithSquirrels t1_jc8ef7c wrote

Needless to say? I have a split keyboard and find it incredibly ergonomic and comfortable. I wish I had a full split so I could have them at my chair arms!


dss539 t1_jc9eesd wrote

Connect 2 partial split keyboards maybe?


ObiFloppin t1_jc7r9vh wrote

I'm sure it's not a coincidence that OP is a power user, wonder if someone is paying to have it promoted here.

Kinda strange this post is getting upvoted despite the fact everyone seems to hate it


eah-fervens t1_jc7tvw8 wrote

I appreciate trying new things and this definitely counts as that. Would I use it? Hell no, but it's giving me ideas...


SsooooOriginal t1_jc8zg2d wrote

Not strange, you know how cheap upvote bot swarms can be had. No need to wonder, this is a shitty ad for a shitty product.


PwmEsq t1_jc7ujlc wrote

The only variant of a keyboard controller combo that ever made sense was the elevated left hand keyboard with analog stick so you can use stick for wasd and mouse for aiming


hamoc10 t1_jc9oobn wrote

I bought one of these. The fact that it’s a d-pad with an analog stick interface really rubs me the wrong way.


SnipingNinja t1_jclv1x7 wrote

I am still not sure which is better, this or the mouse with joystick (and other extra buttons)


Soulphite t1_jc738f8 wrote

But the trips away from the desk are purposeful mini vacations. No thanks!


[deleted] t1_jc7mdls wrote

Right? I’m not getting up to walk away because I want to keep being productive. I’m getting up to walk away because I need a mental break.


LittleLordFuckleroy1 t1_jc871s3 wrote

I get up to walk away because I have crippling performance anxiety and I’m procrastinating the most important things on my docket long enough to get to my next meeting, after which I’m going home.


Eccomi21 t1_jcb14wh wrote

You must be the 25 people not answering my reminders that they need to do their fucking work


VoDoka t1_jc9btim wrote

It is a stunningly destructive fiction to believe that an 8-hour office day means 8 hours of office work.


lastWallE t1_jca60k8 wrote

Like do they think I stay at the computer if I need to go to the toilet?


jjj49er t1_jca84sg wrote

They'll need to install an auto-wipe so you can keep both hands on the keyboard.


VoDoka t1_jcaa4lw wrote

Management be like: "Imma check the bathrooms for typing noises!"


BringTheSpain t1_jc7kj8r wrote

I like how it 40 years we went from "computers are going to give us a 20 hour, 4 day work week" to "hey we invented this thing so you can keep working even while you're going to get water or take a shit btw mandatory overtime"


hodl_4_life t1_jc7t2vq wrote

I never believe the catchy sound bites and news titles about how these technological advances are going to help anyone but the most exploitative members of society.

In a capitalist system EVERYTHING is designed with exploitation and profits in mind.


theowlinspace t1_jca75q8 wrote

Well, who's giving them the profit? If truly nobody wants this, then this keyboard will fail and nobody will care. And I hate this board too :P


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_jc7xrn4 wrote

Robots will do the same. We'll have robots do the easy work and just make humans do the trickier work for cheaper than normal.


bamboozledzeppelin t1_jc7pf96 wrote

That's the dumbest thing I have ever seen.


Haldir111 t1_jc83g5g wrote

I'd have to assume you didn't make it to the comments on the article then.

This monstrosity posted by Knyte has to take the cake lol


shonka91 t1_jc8j7jb wrote

Didn't they use this in that one episode of Parks and Recreation?


Haldir111 t1_jc8mq55 wrote

I've not seen the show to confirm, but a quick google search says you are correct. lol


MrPlaysWithSquirrels t1_jc8f6ow wrote

Honestly man, I love split keyboards. So much more comfortable. Have you tried one?


Haldir111 t1_jc8m8ro wrote

Split keyboards are fine. I've just never found that fully suited my needs.


vistopher t1_jc7921p wrote

nice gimmick. I bet it's terrible to use.


TrumpetSC2 t1_jc7qizn wrote

Alternative keyboard layouts really aren’t worth the effort of reprogramming my brain. I tried to play starcraft on one of those split keyboards ppl use for fps games and my brain almost fell out of my ears


dkran t1_jc7ukoc wrote

Lol one of my coworkers let me use his phone recently and he had a Dvorak layout. I started typing with muscle memory and I was like what the FUCK?!


DFrostedWangsAccount t1_jc9ky84 wrote

Dvorak is (supposed to be) an improvement for touch typists. It's not, but typing on a phone isn't touch typing so either way idk why someone would do that.

All the vowels are on the left side so I hope he's at least left handed and not constantly having to reach the far side of his screen

I use Colemak at my desktop and QWERTY on the phone.


jmcs t1_jcolzfh wrote

If you use Dvorak on your computer it would make sense to also use it on the phone so you can reuse your muscle memory.


imforit t1_jcadyxc wrote

StarCraft is sort of unique in that you use most of the keyboard, and reflex memory to hit the right letter or number key is a big deal.

Other game classes may take to different control schemes better.


Cranky0ldguy t1_jc73hwb wrote

Just staying at your desk seems a much better (and cheaper) method of staying productive.


jamesmon t1_jc7k3y4 wrote

Yeah, when I’m wandering, the last thing I want to be doing is typing. I got up to take a break for a second. It’s kind of funny thinking about the brainstorming sessions to end up with this type of shit. Like who are they imagining is wanting this?


EnvironmentalValue18 t1_jc7zxuu wrote

Employers-the ones willing to throw funding at anything if it saves them allocating that same funding to their workers’ wages.


The_Slad t1_jc7iz4x wrote

I wander the office with express purpose of not being productive.


webswinger666 t1_jc7mbeu wrote

overusing our thumbs for tech can cause problems


3-DMan t1_jc7ot6x wrote

I guess Graboid was taken.

It's time for a new PowerGlove!


Vicarious103 t1_jc7vtn0 wrote

I wonder the office so I DONT have to be productive


januarytwentysecond t1_jc7zvlz wrote

Everyone in this thread has insufficient fear of carpal tunnel syndrome. $400 may be too much for this thing, but dear god I need a controller-ergo keyboard in my life. Every time I touch a mouse, the right half of my wrist files a complaint. My dad just got surgery on his elbow and I'm staring down the barrel of a lifetime of professional computer usage. If I keep using a flat keyboard, my hands are doomed. I'm going to be in the retirement home playing starcraft with my feet if this keeps up.


imforit t1_jcaf2gx wrote

Carpal tunnel syndrome is primarily genetic. For some people with tighter tunnels certain actions may trigger it. I had release surgery on both my hands last year, after my parent and sibling also had it years ago. If you're being bothered that badly you need to go to a hand doctor.

Ergonomics are important, and every person is entitled to their comfort and custom environment. This behemoth might work for some people, but it does not appear to be informed by any ergonomics science whatsoever, so personally I wouldn't recommend this specific product to anyone for ergonomic reasons.

Edit: Also, if your pain is in the outer half of your hand or wrist, that may be your Ulnar tunnel. The carpal tunnel contains nerves for the thumb, first two fingers, and half of the ring finger.


EvulRabbit t1_jc7kyet wrote

Make sure you buy the ultra mega extended warranty! You will need it.


Niyuu t1_jc7qxtv wrote

At this price I'd rather buy a steam deck


lastWallE t1_jca6mhx wrote

Just slap a bluetooth keyboard on the backside and it will be better as this thing.


SuperGameTheory t1_jc7md88 wrote

Oh good, I was wondering how I could stay more productive. Can't be killing productivity with things like getting up and walking. /s


gracie20012 t1_jc7mu6v wrote

Reminds me of a twiddler , which might be better…


deeptechnology t1_jc7ox5m wrote

Usually I just have a wireless keyboard next to the shitter to do my work


Deadlymonkey t1_jc7v8ys wrote

There’s already something (kinda) like this called a razer tartarus for less than a quarter of the price.

Not really the same I guess, but as someone who struggle to go from controller to keyboard this actually helped bridge the gap a lot.


Neo_Techni t1_jc9heq2 wrote

Weird that they'd name it after a famous prison


spanman112 t1_jc7y1mi wrote

i'm one of the weirdo's that games with a mouse and keypad that had a thumbstick on it (Razer Orbweaver), so i'm always interested to see new tech that is similar. But my god that is the worst attempt at this i've ever seen. Comfort, design, ease of use, there's not one redeeming quality of that thing other than it is indeed, a keyboard. So if you want a 400 keyboard that doubles as a rage inducing controller that will give you CT, this is the keyboard for you!


imforit t1_jcaft4d wrote

All I want is a mouse-based gaming setup with an analog thumbstick to move around.

My example motivation is Cyberpunk 2077, where WASD works fine until you get in a vehicle, at which point a stick is so much better but apparently this is a weird stance to take.

How's the Orbweaver for you? Clearly you like it if you admit to it on the internet


spanman112 t1_jcb4t2w wrote

it's good, but as with all things razor, the build is cheap. I'm on my 3rd one and this one has some drift from time to time. Cleaning it with some contact cleaner usually fixed it right up. But i don't think they make them anymore. But they do have something similar called the Tartus i think, I used to have that one as well. I like them both, but ideally i would like one with a legit thumbstick.


imforit t1_jcbtqke wrote

I'm pretty sure the Tartarus stick is digital and maps to the arrow keys. Sad face. Thank you, though!


spanman112 t1_jcbw4mf wrote

oh yeah they bind to whatever you want, but either way it's a keyboard key so it's only slightly better

the only one i've seen with a true analog stick was the Logitech G13 ... but they don't make them anymore, maybe ebay?


spanman112 t1_jcbxxj2 wrote

just found this:

A little pricy for something that looks that odd. I could see that either being super comfortable ... or super annoying because of all the missclicks i feel like i would hit.

But if you happen to try it and like it, please let me know!


imforit t1_jccatso wrote

if I had that kind of disposable income I would ABSOLUTELY try it out! Should I stumble into one someday I'll try to report back.


Stars_And_Garters t1_jc80tpg wrote

I am a full time programmer, full time work from home. I'm struggling to understand the use of this. Coding from bed with a giant monitor? The problem with typing while you're walking is you can't see what you're typing or check your results...

Am I being a dunce?


CaveManta t1_jc8bji5 wrote

Chyrosran22 is going to LOVE it!


Zubon102 t1_jc8zgos wrote

I can already imagine the swear words coming from his mouth!


ThatHurt255 t1_jc8fcjb wrote

Article smells like it was dipped in a litre of Ad money liquor


WittyUnwittingly t1_jc8fxu7 wrote

I too have stared at the back of my Xbox Elite Controller and said "What would this be like with 10 times as many paddles?"


pompandvigor t1_jc96jo5 wrote

That’s an accordion for dweebs.


dss539 t1_jc9eqzh wrote


>It's cool, so I want one. As a front-line engineer who calls himself a high-tech engineer, it is natural that I want to have a cool device and use it well.
If I could use it, I would feel that I am a person who can do it.
That's why I want to use it.
That's the only reason why I want to use it.

This is some of the best copy ever written by the human race. Please include this on the gold plates in future Voyager probes.


coupl4nd t1_jcadkxq wrote

That is garbage.


digital t1_jc7r2qy wrote

They should have named it "I can't believe it's not a Clacker!"


essaitchthrowaway3 t1_jc7w2q0 wrote

A heavily compromised keyboard turns into a heavily compromised controller.


SubtleScuttler t1_jc7w4mj wrote

Who the fuck thought this was worth investing in and producing?


Palachrist t1_jc7y0lu wrote

LGR will test this out in 30 years and tell us it was pretty cool but the practicality just isn’t there. This isn’t to downplay his reviews, only to make fun of these kinds of gimmicks. I’m fairly positive he’s done atleast one device similar to this if it hasn’t been done by the various other tech channels.


mendeleyev1 t1_jc7y3ua wrote

Can we not just have a keyboard that operates like our phones. Such that it has a digital display and we can just swipe our fingers over the letters and predictive AI figures out what I meant?

Test retyping using that on my iPhone 7.

Can we nor just have a keyboard that operates like our phones. Such b that it has a digital display and we b can just b swipe or fingers over the letters and predictive ai figures out wh at I meant?

Not bad. Can we just have that if they wanna do dumb peripherals?


McRedditz t1_jc7ymri wrote

I can use that as a face mask too.


spacehog1985 t1_jc7zqid wrote

Can’t wait to troll around the office holding a keyboard that makes me look like an accordion player


torquelit t1_jc82yn3 wrote

I can’t though since I type Y with my left hand


NeuroticKnight t1_jc836m2 wrote

I always love technology that solves the problem that no one has by inventing a problem no one had.


flatearthvaxxer t1_jc83rpg wrote

Wow I wanted to invent something like this but it folds the lower letters so you can’t fat finger the z and x key with wasd


EPA-PoopBandit t1_jc8ceiv wrote

On this is perfect! I’m terrible at typing but great at playing the accordion. My troubles are solved.


Ok_Ebb_5201 t1_jc8fbkb wrote

I’ll buy a Logitech keyboard and a controller separate for less. Not a big deal to have both. But you’re going to see “influencers” using it so I’m sure some will sell


Gnarlstone t1_jc8oijo wrote

Glad to see Weird Al’s tech start up is doing well.


TheRedLego t1_jc8qpjv wrote

Anyone here read Neuromancer?


angrybox1842 t1_jc8qw58 wrote

The thing is most people still look at their keyboards at least somewhat. This is neat but too much work for the average user.


Dickmusha t1_jc8s0wa wrote

Just because we can doesn't mean we should


Faustt_Thee_Artist t1_jc8vg1d wrote

All your time must be about productivity. Produce produce produce.


flippydifloop t1_jc8wlqd wrote

i thought it was somekind of lightweight bulletproof vest for schools for a second.


Greninja5097 t1_jc9504k wrote

This looks like it wouldn’t be great for working, but if I was making a low budget sci fi movie it might be good for like a control panel or something.


coolboysclub t1_jc953d2 wrote

I know assistive technology when I see it!!


Unable_Wrongdoer2250 t1_jca4mro wrote

I'm a fan of all sorts of different input mechanisms and have a small collection. I have a left hand only keyboard, spaceball, razr hydra, grifta, etc. I'll certainly be passing on this. It's just a bad idea. There's a controller called Azeron that you could easily map the entire keyboard to if you get both left and right hand, they're a bit pricey though


Neohedron t1_jcagnyr wrote

Those joints look like a fantastic point of failure.


tmih93 t1_jcvp8gh wrote

> Does the Grab Shell look like the most ergonomic way to type? No, and we imagine there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve to mastering touch typing on it—especially for hunt and peck typists. It also weighs in at around 950 grams, so it’s got a bit of heft to it, potentially making hours long coding sessions in bed a challenge unless users beef up their arm muscles.