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KamovInOnUp t1_jce1tv0 wrote

A drop like that would probably be nothing compared to what the average package endures en route. Carefully placing packages at a door is just for good image especially with doorbell cameras everywhere now, there's not much a carrier can do to cause any more damage than was already done in processing.

If an item is fragile it should be packaged more securely or shipped with special handling


Igor_J t1_jce5sze wrote

Something from Amazon showed up when. I happened to be in the front yard. I was just going to have her hand me the package but she said she still had to place it by the door and take a pic of it. I never really thought about it but I guess that's the only way to prove it was delivered even though I was standing right there.


TheQuarantinian t1_jcp61nl wrote

At least they are more gentle with most things than united is: never fly united with a guitar!