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Skyhawk_Squawk t1_jceapr8 wrote

what fresh hell is this? these things will create so much noise pollution, and for what?


JellyWaffles t1_jcfacvl wrote

There have been some recent developments in propeller design that dramatically reduce noise btw. Toroidal blades I think it's called.


Skyhawk_Squawk t1_jci7huu wrote

call me skeptical that any company will use them if they are even a fraction more expensive than traditional propellers. why would they do the right thing when there’s money to be made?


Emble12 t1_jcrs1nz wrote

Because there’s a profit benefit to making a quieter, and therefore higher-quality service.


Jerome_Long_Meat t1_jcsa5dn wrote

Because you will be shut down and legislated out if the people living in the area can’t deal with the noise.


geneticeffects t1_jcebbs3 wrote

So your neighbor can buy some plastic bullshit they don’t need made by children they don’t care about, of course!


AayushBoliya t1_jcfz5b3 wrote

If you don't know, zipline is a medicine delivery startup to remote places in Ghana