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Commercial-9751 t1_jcesngd wrote

So the mini drone is tethered with wire/rope to the large drone 300ft above? Sounds like a recipe for disaster if the small drone gets snagged on something. Situations like this have taken down full-sized helicopters.


seweso t1_jcf81b7 wrote

I suspect you need to 3d scan the surroundings and approve the place its gonna land. Consumers might even be made liable in case something was in the way.

This is WAY better than having a full sized drone trying to land.

But yeah, it might need some emergency release mechanism if it does get tangled. You don't want anyone be able to take down the big drone.


wolfie379 t1_jcexwvo wrote

Have they even considered the possibility of a 150 pound Great Pyrenees biting the “intruder” and hanging onto it? How about a duplex with a shared, fenced yard? Unit A orders a package from Amazon - drone has a right to be there. Unit B owns a Chihuahua- dog has a right to be there. Dog bites drone, is carried a few hundred feet up, falls, and is seriously injured. Resident of Unit B (who didn’t order the package, so Amazon can’t hide behind a disclaimer in the contract) sues Amazon for the vet bills - and their lawyer introduces as evidence a news story about the Great Pyrenees incident a year earlier, which proves that Amazon knew that dogs would bite the “drop drones”.


Jerome_Long_Meat t1_jcs9v5e wrote

You can check their website. They do 3D modeling of the world around them and then it’s reported so there’s dynamic routing. Additionally I imagine they wouldn’t drop the second drone unless the area beneath was clear. But if there is an issue it is reported and someone will come out to attempt to rectify the situation.

I would really suggest checking the company’s website. They already found solutions for almost any problem people in these comments have come up with.