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dtm85 t1_jcf514l wrote

Can't wait for the inevitable porch pirate thieving promotions to "drone fishermen" when they start ripping these things out of the sky and selling off the parts.


TheQuarantinian t1_jcpd7ou wrote

Around here they will be viewed as free skeet targets


dtm85 t1_jcpiope wrote

Yep haha. Can imagine some cases of "protecting my airspace" making their way thru the legal system here as well.


Beznia t1_jcwqcvn wrote

There are no air rights that would block drones flying over your house in the US. Shooting a drone flying over your property would be illegal.


dtm85 t1_jcwuozz wrote

Opening fire on a drone in general is illegal, doesnt mean people wont still do it.