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Hawt_Dawg_II t1_jcf9gjy wrote

Idk what MIC means but the first computer was litterally an anti-air targetting system.

I know MIL-SPEC usually just means cheap and durable materials but you can't deny that war economy is one of the biggest driving factors behind a lot of technical development.

War created phones, gps, drones, and, as i said, computers in general.

Sure they don't always have the best but they usually did have the first.


spooky_cicero t1_jcfj5d3 wrote

I guess I just wish it wasn’t the case but yeah, the military gets all the R&D funding so they get/make the cool & useful stuff


TheChaosBug t1_jcfase1 wrote

The military has an extreme motivation and a ton of liquidity in funding, of course its going to drive a ton of technology production and research, it has done so throughout all of human history even without a MIC economy.