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xopranaut t1_jcbvkt5 wrote

Dropping packages from 300 feet would explain some of the damage I’ve seen from UPS deliveries. They must have this tech already.


Kor3nse t1_jccvaki wrote

5 years from now:

You’re just sitting down for dinner, your phone buzzs and you get a notification your package order delivery is about to occur. All of a sudden, a large packaged box crashes through the skylight in the ceiling and lands squarely in the big bowl of mashed potatoes, sending mashed potatoes everywhere.

Your phone buzzs again and you get a notification: “Your package has been delivered”.


TheStupendusMan t1_jcdirqc wrote



Kor3nse t1_jcdpueu wrote

Was not expecting a ReBoot ref hehe

You are a Sprite of culture I see.

Tell me: What is your format?


88XJman t1_jcg0j3a wrote

They say the user lives outside the net


Regumate t1_jcf9bbk wrote

I come from the net.

Through systems, peoples and cities to this place: Mainframe.


qsnoodles t1_jcemm5n wrote

“The victim was killed while walking down the street when an errant dildo, intended to be delivered to a local preacher’s house, fell from the sky and shattered the victim’s skull. The preacher was able to retrieve the dildo, which was not damaged.”


CyberNinja23 t1_jcfpyj0 wrote

“Preacher then proceeded to lick the mashed potato’s off of said dildo. We left the room when he made prolonged eye contact”


ooppoo0 t1_jcenek7 wrote

Or “In today’s news, a drop ship firmware update is now determined to be the cause of the death of 72 year old method actor comedian Kanye West, who was accidentally crushed by a 90lb bag of Rachel Ray’s Noutrish dog food that was launched from 300’ above his home in Newer Mexico.”


OvenCrate t1_jcemvgp wrote

Reminds me of Mézga Család, a 50 year old Hungarian cartoon series about a family who have a mysterious radio connection with their distant descendant in the 30th century. The descendant would send them futuristic gadgets by "light mail" which made the packages suddenly materialize on the windowsill, always shattering the windows.


sterling_cocks t1_jcf5jus wrote

"Shit, if this is gonna be that kind of party, I’m gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes"


KP_PP t1_jcdftc4 wrote

TF the potatoes come from, I'm eating Pizza?!


KamovInOnUp t1_jce1tv0 wrote

A drop like that would probably be nothing compared to what the average package endures en route. Carefully placing packages at a door is just for good image especially with doorbell cameras everywhere now, there's not much a carrier can do to cause any more damage than was already done in processing.

If an item is fragile it should be packaged more securely or shipped with special handling


Igor_J t1_jce5sze wrote

Something from Amazon showed up when. I happened to be in the front yard. I was just going to have her hand me the package but she said she still had to place it by the door and take a pic of it. I never really thought about it but I guess that's the only way to prove it was delivered even though I was standing right there.


TheQuarantinian t1_jcp61nl wrote

At least they are more gentle with most things than united is: never fly united with a guitar!


ElderWandOwner t1_jccknjp wrote

Carrier has arrived.

Gives me chills lol, starcraft was my first online game.


TheArmoredKitten t1_jcdwl2e wrote

This is literally a precision guided weapons system in a hat.


LilMoWithTheGimpyLeg t1_jcezl2n wrote

The space missions in the 60s were partially tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles (so I've heard), so maybe this is a disguised test of a new weapons system as well.


dandroid20xx t1_jcf9gmb wrote

It's more space missions were a side effect of ICBM testing, most of the companies involved gained most of their expertise via nuclear missile programmes. The Chinese Long-March series of space launch vehicles is still based on an ICBM platform


Shawnj2 t1_jcrzk3k wrote

Rockets to get to get a small payload to LEO can be modified to be ICBM’s relatively easily but a Saturn V or Starship cannot easily be used as an ICBM lol


Hawt_Dawg_II t1_jcf3wo1 wrote

I mean you could say that about any precision guided system cause weapons were just the first ones to adopt that. You can't really make a good robot without using military tech.


spooky_cicero t1_jcf77ov wrote

This is MIC brain poison, there’s no intrinsic reason that the military has to have the best tech


Hawt_Dawg_II t1_jcf9gjy wrote

Idk what MIC means but the first computer was litterally an anti-air targetting system.

I know MIL-SPEC usually just means cheap and durable materials but you can't deny that war economy is one of the biggest driving factors behind a lot of technical development.

War created phones, gps, drones, and, as i said, computers in general.

Sure they don't always have the best but they usually did have the first.


spooky_cicero t1_jcfj5d3 wrote

I guess I just wish it wasn’t the case but yeah, the military gets all the R&D funding so they get/make the cool & useful stuff


TheChaosBug t1_jcfase1 wrote

The military has an extreme motivation and a ton of liquidity in funding, of course its going to drive a ton of technology production and research, it has done so throughout all of human history even without a MIC economy.


TheArmoredKitten t1_jcf74zd wrote

Ok, but this is literally a loitering cluster mission with individual bomblet targeting capacity. Why would you need a mail delivery system to be airborne with dynamic target selection capacity? Mail and packages are a pretty freaking heavy payload, and mailboxes are a well established and predictable receptacle.

If you wanted to automate mail delivery efficiently, you would just automate a mail truck. Maybe they didn't mean it, but this thing is literally meant to deploy munitions.


Hawt_Dawg_II t1_jcf93og wrote

I mean i guess yeah, same way a schoolbus is just a light armoured personel carrier.

Flight is way faster than following traffic.

Dynamic targeting is necessary cause a lot of people don't have mailboxes that take packages and skipping those saves you having to develop some kind of tactile device to even use mailboxes in the first place(that would be even more difficult and scary for you, imagine if they could open doors😱).

UAVs were first developed for military use, you can draw paralels to that market from any drone, that doesn't suddenly make it scary.

There's way cheaper and more efficient ways to makes combat UAVs than first developing a whole civil version and then suddenly adopting it for other purposes. That's unnecessarily complicated.


Jerome_Long_Meat t1_jcs9de6 wrote

It’s to reduce time and reduce traffic. An automated mail truck is incredibly inefficient compared to this.

Also, don’t know what you’re smoking if you think a country is going to delivers bombs via a drone with a long ass rope attached to it.

There’s artillery that can be precisely guided within a few feet of the target, firing off from 20+ miles away. Drones have precision bombs that can also land within a foot or so of the intended target. With bombs there’s little need to be any more precise than that.

There’s no weaponized application for this.


pressedbread t1_jcdw5fc wrote

Eventually the entire Earth sky will just be one giant Amazon drone factory, and also they will control a monopoly on daylight until the Future Far Left forces of Antifa 2.0 and the Future Far Right forces of Cop Lives Matter Inc. put aside their longstanding feud in order to fight! For the light!


soysssauce t1_jcdygms wrote

This method isn’t cost effective compared to current Amazon model or else it would have been implement already


Svenskensmat t1_jcfeyvy wrote

I have a feeling drones will be banned very quickly once people realise the insane noise pollution that will follow.


TheQuarantinian t1_jcp6z8p wrote

I was at poverty point, probably the only time in my life I'll ever go there. I was trying to take it all in, but some twit was filling the sky with rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to shoot a video he'll probably never watch.


nightofgrim t1_jcqg0xb wrote

These particular ones are very quiet. Check out the funky blade design.


EnvironmentalValue18 t1_jchsav4 wrote

Which is funny because my workplace handles a ton of Amazon orders (they’re a client) and none of them are even remotely what I would consider “cost effective”. I would expound but I’m afraid of the all-seeing eyes of Amazon tracking me down. Suffice to say, they throw money away en masse through 75% incompetency and 25% poor money management.


TheDudeintheNorth t1_jcfq99f wrote

Jeff Bezos is bound at Shayol Ghul, bound by the Creator at the moment of creation.


chilloutdamnit t1_jcf33zr wrote

Hey maybe be a little grateful that billionaire bad boy bezos saved the earth from global warming with his bot swarm.


pressedbread t1_jcf5irg wrote

How appropriate that his rocket ship is phallus shaped!


seweso t1_jcf7myh wrote

Trains are always gonna be more efficient. Just imagine a town with a cute small railway going to every house <3


jjj49er t1_jcd5fv0 wrote

I'd still prefer pneumatic tubes. They are the future.


firstpostfirstpost t1_jceogyv wrote

Like a series of tubes?


LookMaNoPride t1_jcf6prd wrote

Nah, just a short tube here and there. You put in your destination and you would travel like you’re a shirt in a t-shirt cannon. POOM


FeralCJ7 t1_jcbr1cd wrote

Kinda neat. I've seen one of their buildings before but didn't realize what they did.


Commercial-9751 t1_jcesngd wrote

So the mini drone is tethered with wire/rope to the large drone 300ft above? Sounds like a recipe for disaster if the small drone gets snagged on something. Situations like this have taken down full-sized helicopters.


seweso t1_jcf81b7 wrote

I suspect you need to 3d scan the surroundings and approve the place its gonna land. Consumers might even be made liable in case something was in the way.

This is WAY better than having a full sized drone trying to land.

But yeah, it might need some emergency release mechanism if it does get tangled. You don't want anyone be able to take down the big drone.


wolfie379 t1_jcexwvo wrote

Have they even considered the possibility of a 150 pound Great Pyrenees biting the “intruder” and hanging onto it? How about a duplex with a shared, fenced yard? Unit A orders a package from Amazon - drone has a right to be there. Unit B owns a Chihuahua- dog has a right to be there. Dog bites drone, is carried a few hundred feet up, falls, and is seriously injured. Resident of Unit B (who didn’t order the package, so Amazon can’t hide behind a disclaimer in the contract) sues Amazon for the vet bills - and their lawyer introduces as evidence a news story about the Great Pyrenees incident a year earlier, which proves that Amazon knew that dogs would bite the “drop drones”.


Jerome_Long_Meat t1_jcs9v5e wrote

You can check their website. They do 3D modeling of the world around them and then it’s reported so there’s dynamic routing. Additionally I imagine they wouldn’t drop the second drone unless the area beneath was clear. But if there is an issue it is reported and someone will come out to attempt to rectify the situation.

I would really suggest checking the company’s website. They already found solutions for almost any problem people in these comments have come up with.


Skyhawk_Squawk t1_jceapr8 wrote

what fresh hell is this? these things will create so much noise pollution, and for what?


JellyWaffles t1_jcfacvl wrote

There have been some recent developments in propeller design that dramatically reduce noise btw. Toroidal blades I think it's called.


Skyhawk_Squawk t1_jci7huu wrote

call me skeptical that any company will use them if they are even a fraction more expensive than traditional propellers. why would they do the right thing when there’s money to be made?


Emble12 t1_jcrs1nz wrote

Because there’s a profit benefit to making a quieter, and therefore higher-quality service.


Jerome_Long_Meat t1_jcsa5dn wrote

Because you will be shut down and legislated out if the people living in the area can’t deal with the noise.


geneticeffects t1_jcebbs3 wrote

So your neighbor can buy some plastic bullshit they don’t need made by children they don’t care about, of course!


AayushBoliya t1_jcfz5b3 wrote

If you don't know, zipline is a medicine delivery startup to remote places in Ghana


ktElwood t1_jcg1c4u wrote

Have you figured out harvesting energy from fusion?


Have you figured out how to stop ageing?


Have you figured out FTL travel?


Have you figured out how to deliver toothpaste in a very complicated way?

Oh Yes!


mechesthesia t1_jcjdh43 wrote

Progress isn’t composed of grand flashy easily tangible things. It’s hard work and a series of small impactful steps. Iteration is key.


ktElwood t1_jcjojjw wrote

Germany is spending 10x more money and therefore energy, ressources, manpower on choclate, than on basic research.

How baby can steps be?


mechesthesia t1_jcm7tla wrote

Not really sure what you’re trying to say in relation to the post or what I said. I get the sentiment but it seems unrelated


archthechef t1_jce5uji wrote

"Precision Air Strike incoming"


ponyrider666 t1_jcf43f8 wrote

It’s like a beacon in the sky for porch Pirates.


Beznia t1_jcwpzua wrote

The point is to deliver only when you are home so there won't be any packages left out for porch pirates. Mark Rober's recent video on this explained a lot and answers most questions in this thread.


parkinthepark t1_jcf6mz1 wrote

Dropping packages into residential areas from 300 feet.

What could possibly go wrong?


EnvironmentalValue18 t1_jchso6m wrote

We barely learned from lawn darts, what do you expect?


TheQuarantinian t1_jcpcx2m wrote

Every year 70,000 people go to the emergency room because of a skateboarding accident.

Every year 580,000 for bike accidents, 900 deaths.

500 annual injuries from lawn darts result in three federal bans under threat of prison and perpetual cultural memory that they are the deadliest and most dangerous thing ever sold.

What are the two numbers such that:

X: if this many people are injured/killed the thing is too dangerous to sell and must be banned

Y: if this many people are injured/killed it is clearly too popular/profitable to ban


EnvironmentalValue18 t1_jcs27d1 wrote

Well, I feel that those other things are more widespread. Think of how many people don’t have lawns to begin with. Then you’re throwing giant spikes which could hurt others versus doing a recreational activity that generally results in harming yourself and not others. So I think it’s a little different even though I understand what you mean with the number discrepancy.

If we went that way, we would have to ban a ton of sports, though. Wrestling, racing, football, etc etc. not to mention there’s an outside element with the bike statistic as I’m sure that’s everything from mountain biking and BMX to getting hit by a car on the highway.

All of them can be hazardous, but I think lawn darts made a lot more sense to ban of the 3 things presented.


TheQuarantinian t1_jd085yi wrote

People go for low hanging fruit and are always willing to ban something they don't care about doing themselves


Jerome_Long_Meat t1_jcsa8qh wrote

It’s hardly dropping. It’s being carried by a secondary drone that deposits it straight onto the ground before the second drone is lifted back up.


SirFluffymuffin t1_jce0swb wrote

I’m just imagining the fbi open up meme with these mini drones instead rappelling through the windows


Zondartul t1_jcf4g3k wrote

Yo Dawg, heard you like drones, so we put drones in yo drones so you can fly while you fly.


rendrr t1_jcf6hf1 wrote

If you setup drop zone in your backyard that would help with porch pirates.

On the other hand you now have a swarm of drones buzzing around watching you from above. I wonder it will end.


IndianaNetworkAdmin t1_jcfxuf0 wrote

Question: When a dog inevitably snags the baby drone and runs off, can the mommy drone cut the umbilical cord, sacrificing its spawn to save itself?


starion832000 t1_jce5bh8 wrote

I've said for years that one day there will be a demand for contractors to build people drone landing sites for deliveries.

I can see something like a flat roof doghouse with a big QR code on top. When the package is dropped off something clever will happen and the box will slide into a locked container.


qbxk t1_jctftma wrote

i see it lowered via a dumb waiter directly into the house. after you get the delivery notification and hear the "package doorbell", you go around the corner from the kitchen and take it from the receivables hatch


FerretChrist t1_jcerswa wrote

Weird, I've never seen a table target a small landing zone.


dtm85 t1_jcf514l wrote

Can't wait for the inevitable porch pirate thieving promotions to "drone fishermen" when they start ripping these things out of the sky and selling off the parts.


TheQuarantinian t1_jcpd7ou wrote

Around here they will be viewed as free skeet targets


dtm85 t1_jcpiope wrote

Yep haha. Can imagine some cases of "protecting my airspace" making their way thru the legal system here as well.


Beznia t1_jcwqcvn wrote

There are no air rights that would block drones flying over your house in the US. Shooting a drone flying over your property would be illegal.


dtm85 t1_jcwuozz wrote

Opening fire on a drone in general is illegal, doesnt mean people wont still do it.


TRKlausss t1_jcf9pxx wrote

Yo dawg! I heard you liked drones, so I put a drone in your drone!


Fit-Notice8976 t1_jcfucdl wrote

I wonder what the future of drone traffic control looks like


Jerome_Long_Meat t1_jcsaies wrote

A bunch of servers in a nice air conditioned room.


Fit-Notice8976 t1_jcsbq6o wrote

Yea but like what company will these drone delivery companies contract with because for there to be control of all of them I’d think it would have to be a one ring to rule them all kind of thing so they don’t crash into each ither


88XJman t1_jcg09o9 wrote

Skeet shooting with prizes


belonii t1_jdmyjex wrote

so question, what if someone pulls the line?


Henrychinaskismom1 t1_jce7xvf wrote

Or the roof of a house in another country waiting to be engaged. Or your house right here on planet earth. Attenbury doesn’t narrate that one.


darkNnerdgy t1_jcfksh1 wrote

Yesterday a customer complained that i "threw" her bag( with shirts in it) over her gate. The gate was shoulder level. I can imagine what they'll say when their packages drop 300ft


leeroy525 t1_jckg3w8 wrote

Why are you throwing deliveries?


darkNnerdgy t1_jckhtdg wrote

Over the gate? Because the gate was locked. I dropped it over the gate. Not tossed


TheQuarantinian t1_jcpdcdj wrote

Can't you just refuse to deliver because of locked gate?


darkNnerdgy t1_jcpkoxf wrote

Thats more than half of my route with Houses that have gates. Id come back with the van half full if i did.


TheQuarantinian t1_jcpol2m wrote

Amazon et al should start saying "if you have a locked gate / uncontrolled dog in the yard we won't deliver," then enforce the rule. Shoppers need amazon a lot more than amazon needs them.


Spiritual-Advice8138 t1_jcfxoou wrote

how derpy are they? even at 6 feet if the bottom package starts to twist or sway it will change the entire Moment of Inertia and bring the entire thing down.