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IamAkevinJames t1_jcgdoxv wrote

Like are any of us surprised? Never more at least in the near future will I buy new. The second hand market is again ripe. I just upgraded to a 3060 12GB V1. If I build a new system it will probably be all blue or red and absolutely no green. Wake the fuck up Nvidia the majority of gamers are not rich by any means.


hibi_chan t1_jciugzx wrote

It’s basically eq to 3090 from the benchmarks I’ve seen, and the price is nearly the same.

I don’t really understand Nvidias price model anymore and I think most are very confused. The differences between the cards are so minimal. This new 40 generation is pathetic for the price.


rkhbusa t1_jcst4lc wrote

I think I’m done with Nvidia, such a shame they have the better drivers.


rakehellion t1_jckf796 wrote

Skip this generation. Just buy a 3080.


rkhbusa t1_jcst7mx wrote

Might have to skip next gen too I’m not expecting too many second hand deals on the two dozen 4080’s Nvidia sold.


pwnagocha t1_jd12cq4 wrote

At what point will graphics quality in gaming plateau? I have the 3080ti and I’m blown away, I’d be happy with this forever.


threeeddd t1_jd1h2t6 wrote

Prices are so high for absolutely zero value increase over the previous gen. It's like they are pricing these gpus so we can buy used 2 years from now, for what they should have cost for right now. Waiting for 4070ti used for 500-600. Still a terrible value for the limited vram and memory bandwidth.


IndyEleven11 t1_jdqt2go wrote

I've been solid nVidia GPU's since my Riva TNT 2 and just switched to team Red as of 3 days ago (7900 XTX). Eff nVidia.


detectiveDollar t1_je0iwah wrote

Imo the 750 dollar price point is either a controlled leak to make us pleasantly surprised when they go for a still bad 650-700 or is the price of an ASUS Strix and the real MSRP will be lower.

Because even in the badly priced Ada lineup, 750 for a 4070 makes absolutely no sense when the 4070 TI is 800.