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mist-dev t1_jcx2x9x wrote

I have seen so many fake Samsung SSDs, buds, Apple AirPod Pros, iPhones and whatever else is up for sale that i treat every item as fake unless it passes basic verification tests.

The first test is the source. The second is the basic verification steps like serial number check etc. The final test is the attention to detail with the packaging and manufacturing.

A product must pass these tests before i buy.

Sorry if i look like a human with trust issues. I have lived in a country where china dumps its fakeries all my life.


thethrillman t1_jcyffrm wrote

The 980 Pro isn't even the best SSD afaik. This just shows you how powerful Samsung as a brand name is.

Will we see fake Samsung fridges next?


Neo_Techni t1_jcyw9xg wrote

> The 980 Pro isn't even the best SSD afaik

well you don't want to fake the best of something, that makes people more suspicious by default. It's why many stores don't accept $50/$100 bills. If you fake the lower/mid end range stuff, people are less suspicious