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decrementsf t1_jd43u0q wrote

There has to be a way to process ingredients even further. Why cook the apple. When you can put it through six machines to create an apple paste simulacra. The more energy used in a system the more velocity in the money as it whips through.


RazielKilsenhoek t1_jd59bn5 wrote

At this point just 3d print a turd so I can buy it, heat it up at home, and flush it down the toilet.


2635northpark t1_jd47hg6 wrote

Star Trek tos invention , again


Dalakaar t1_jd4mebt wrote

Just wait 'til they find out where they get most of the base components for their replicated meals from...


HKei t1_jd7gity wrote

This is getting out of hand. I’m not saying baking a cake is easy per se, but it’s not that hard either.


flatlanded t1_jd4q5yk wrote

With the emerging hard link between processed food and cancer, thats a no for me dawg.

Figure out AI and robots to cook regular food instead.