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voodoovan t1_jdfq46t wrote

I agree. It can be done, its not that technically difficult. But the single reason no one is doing it, is, money.


kardiogramm t1_jdftjh9 wrote

Oh of course, I lament that Apple decided to go the direction they did. I was perfectly happy upgrading the SSD on my older model MBP. I gave their Touchbar MBP a go but it broke quite a few times and I resented the fixed drive capacity, so much so I have switched back to a desktop PC running Windows. I am looking at an eventual replacement laptop but nothing has really caught my interest and expectations on the PC side.

I really like what FrameWork are trying to do. I think the brand identity is quite nice just think the execution is lacking in the industrial design IMO but the potential is certainly there. I might be critical but I am definitely rooting for them because if they succeed it could force competitors to adjust their approach and we all win then.