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Nyaxxy t1_jdv8eai wrote

But of a shame, I'm still using my OnePlus 4t and have been using their brand for probably 10 years at this point. Reliable good phones. Might have to seek an alternative for my next phone


Brye11626 t1_jdv8v8t wrote

There is no such thing as a OnePlus 4t..


Tobacco_Bhaji t1_jdvi916 wrote

Probably means a 5t, which is what I still use.


whimsigod t1_jdw4ek0 wrote

Same. I'm using it to type this right now, many years later and it's still a wonderful phone.


covewood t1_jdwp6ck wrote

I just got a oneplus 10 pro from the 5t only cause the battery was waining and the screen was started to lift at the one edge... I dropped my new phone from 1 foot and it cracked the whole backside within the case. My 5T has never cracked...

I stil have the old phone, kinda want to back to it but the super charging is pretty nice


iceleel t1_je4lwyd wrote









And china is scared of FOUR


xanas263 t1_jdv8rjl wrote

The 7 was the last really good OnePlus phone and then it all went down hill from there.

The old CEO (who was there during the glory days) is the one running the new Nothing brand which might a good replacement if they can go back to the old OnePlus style/reliability.


helpnxt t1_jdvkt5d wrote

Literally just switched from the 7 to the pixel yesterday, I foolishly downloaded the android 12 update around Nye and the phone just went from one problem to another with the last straw being Bluetooth triggering it to drop 70% of battery in a minute and then sitting at 1% for 6 hours. Up to that update the phone was great.

OnePlus had the best software in the game and they threw it away without a second thought.


Andulias t1_jdvodms wrote

I am sorry to hear that. I switched from the 6t to pixel 7 pro and my experience for the most part has been excellent, but I do hear the older pixels had a lot of issues.


helpnxt t1_jdvq7yl wrote

Yeh I had the 2 then 7 and thought had found a brand to trust for years but guess not. I got the pixel 7 pro as well, mainly for the camera as doing a lot of traveling in the next year and felt was worth it for the handy camera so it's a good thing in the long run


inescapableburrito t1_jdvsqp2 wrote

I've been avoiding the 12 update for months. Glad to hear I'm not just being a grumpy old man about it.


Old_Ladies t1_jdwiul2 wrote

My OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't have any issues with Android 12.

Maybe you need to do a factory reset. It is a pain in the ass but hopefully it will solve your issues.


spiderml t1_jdvu75r wrote

Yeah my pixel had all sorts of issues with Android 12, switched to Samsung after and it's much more stable overall.


helpnxt t1_jdvuedx wrote

I meant the OnePlus had the issues but maybe it's just android 12 being universally shit


Nyaxxy t1_jdv908a wrote

Good to know, thanks. I looked at new phones and have been really put off by the behemoth cameras on the back hopefully something releases in future that is more low key lol


Jassinamir t1_jdxmd3e wrote

Same here! Got a OnePlus One in 2014 and switched to the 5t in 2018. I really don't wanna switch after getting these great results :((