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helpnxt t1_jdvkt5d wrote

Literally just switched from the 7 to the pixel yesterday, I foolishly downloaded the android 12 update around Nye and the phone just went from one problem to another with the last straw being Bluetooth triggering it to drop 70% of battery in a minute and then sitting at 1% for 6 hours. Up to that update the phone was great.

OnePlus had the best software in the game and they threw it away without a second thought.


Andulias t1_jdvodms wrote

I am sorry to hear that. I switched from the 6t to pixel 7 pro and my experience for the most part has been excellent, but I do hear the older pixels had a lot of issues.


helpnxt t1_jdvq7yl wrote

Yeh I had the 2 then 7 and thought had found a brand to trust for years but guess not. I got the pixel 7 pro as well, mainly for the camera as doing a lot of traveling in the next year and felt was worth it for the handy camera so it's a good thing in the long run


inescapableburrito t1_jdvsqp2 wrote

I've been avoiding the 12 update for months. Glad to hear I'm not just being a grumpy old man about it.


Old_Ladies t1_jdwiul2 wrote

My OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't have any issues with Android 12.

Maybe you need to do a factory reset. It is a pain in the ass but hopefully it will solve your issues.


spiderml t1_jdvu75r wrote

Yeah my pixel had all sorts of issues with Android 12, switched to Samsung after and it's much more stable overall.


helpnxt t1_jdvuedx wrote

I meant the OnePlus had the issues but maybe it's just android 12 being universally shit