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adrian678 t1_jdvpxnf wrote

They could never really compete in any price bracket, their cameras were always worse.


inescapableburrito t1_jdvsle7 wrote

Their camera software was worse. The actual hardware was pretty decent. I use a 7T with Google Camera Mod and it takes really nice photos. Not QUITE as good as a Pixel or iPhone, but probably 90%+ of the way there easily.


adrian678 t1_jdw0unf wrote

Yeah but google camera mod was a novelty for older phones, nowadays isn't that competitive anymore with newer sensors, chipsets and algorithms ( from my experience )


gourmetguy2000 t1_jdwl1j6 wrote

Agreed. I tried the Google camera mod on my Oppo find X2 neo and it couldn't use the hardware properly. Pictures didn't look better at all. Where's on my old Nokia 8 the Google camera mod was dramatic in quality. That said the Oppo software is pretty crappy too


KaitRaven t1_jdwks92 wrote

That's fine for a lot of people. I was happy to save on a camera I don't use a ton.


adrian678 t1_jdwl2el wrote

Yes but you don't really save since the competition always offers more in same price range. Not to mention nowadays, as i recall, they offer less software update than samsung.


KaitRaven t1_jdxnz94 wrote

The point is that it used to be the best balance of features for me in the past, we know that they've gone downhill now.

For phones available in the US, nothing at that price point offered a better display and performance with good build quality and clean software. An easy comparison is the Pixel, which has always emphasized the camera at the cost of inferior displays and processors.


SnooConfections6085 t1_jdwx4eh wrote

When I got my 7T it was the cheapest phone on the market running the latest chipset, also the fastest charging phone on the market.

I've taken like 20 pictures total with my phone, don't care, wife takes the pictures. Gaming is what it important to me (and charging speed now that I've lived with 60W charging a while).

ASUS Rog phones barely worked on the US network when the 7T was new, specifically the LTE band at the pole up the street that was most important to check.


Malawi_no t1_jdx90ge wrote

I bought my Oneplus Nord N100 about a year ago, and paid about $125.
Think it's great value for the money.

I do not take a lot of pictures, but the camera seems good enough.