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SplitPerspective t1_jdx7ibj wrote

Is Samsung really that dominant in Europe? That’s news to me. Is there a distinction between poorer or richer countries?


BigCommieMachine t1_jdxa3ei wrote

Apple has been growing lately, but historically it has been 1/3 Samsung, 1/4 Apple, and the rest is mostly Chinese.

But the ecosystem lock is way less significant because WhatsApp dominates there as well as Spotify…etc. In the US, there is literally the “green bubble” stigma. And things will probably only tilt away from Apple in Europe because the EU opening up the App Store.


NobleAzorean t1_jdxdd31 wrote

Its such a shame siemens and nokia lost the plot. Clear reflection of the failure of Europe in the digital age.


BigCommieMachine t1_je1y7c0 wrote

The worst part is the Nokia/Microsoft partnership was just ahead of its time. Windows 8 was incredibly forward thinking but because touchscreen on PCs, it wasn’t a real thing.

In 2023, Apple still refuses to unify MacOS and iPadOS despite having IDENTICAL hardware.

I honestly think dual booting could be the best solution.


andyrocks t1_jdzex77 wrote

What's the situation with Spotify in the US?


principleofinaction t1_je0q8z3 wrote

Apple music...


andyrocks t1_je17dez wrote

Sorry I don't know what you mean by that. Is Spotify unavailable? Do people use Apple Music instead? I've never heard of it so I don't know. Everyone here uses Spotify.


principleofinaction t1_je1j624 wrote

Apply Music is reasonably popular in the US, either for people that transitioned from iTunes, or it came bundled with some other service or they simply stay in the ecosystem since it's easy.