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ItsASadBunny1 t1_je2pvg0 wrote

You were just brainwashed to think devices can't last 10 years and that they need to be thick inoder to do it. Has been proven time and time again with so many products that easily last well over 10 years with little no compromise. 15-year old flat screen Sony TV still works and is using every day in my basement, 2010 macbook Pro, which I've since retired but also still works, with the only exception being the battery. All of our devices, like the S23U or 14 Pro Max, are built fundamentally the same as every other smartphone and tech gadget before it. The only concern is whether it makes cost sense to keep providing software updates beyond that hardware will easily last 10 years.


invent_or_die t1_je2y0wh wrote

With all due respect, you are not a design engineer; you can't just talk about TVs and hand wave. You need to actually source the components and do the CAD layouts. Switches that can actually work for that long, new added wall thicknesses for the modules (for repairability and sealing) and so much more. No, not brainwashed lol, just experienced. I'd like the products to last a long time too. No, we aren't building in obsolescence. Choices are made for life, component availability, and customer demands. And yes, cost. You want a display that has decent performance 8-10 years from now? Might require retooling and making a new custom component. A new, expensive component. Will the graphics chips and others even last that long? Also, technology moves quickly and 10 year old phones might not even function with updated networks. There's a lot to consider.


ItsASadBunny1 t1_je2zwmy wrote

Lol, I am an engineer. For budget phones, sure, anything over 400 should realistically last 10 years with, again, only the battery failing or software updates, not making economical sense to the companies. Building components and providing support for expensive hardware like the top iPhone or Galaxy should be child's play for these companies.


invent_or_die t1_je30wvd wrote

Wow. It's so far from child's play. Don't hand wave. I've had huge challenges sourcing components that last long enough, you really need to do the diligence. Lead time studies, testing components rather than believe the manufacturers, etc. I've been with Samsung, LG, MS, and others. I wish it was that easy.