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Tobacco_Bhaji t1_jdvib15 wrote

It's a shame, but OnePlus' quality went to shit a couple generations back anyway.


BigCommieMachine t1_jdvub3f wrote

It wasn’t the quality. It was they were marketed as “a flagship phone with mid-range prices” like Google initially did the Pixel and Nexus. Both would were heavily consumer driven and cut expensive features the target consumers didn’t care about. And both pretty quickly they went to “flagship for slightly cheaper flagship prices” and “slightly nicer midrange for slightly above mid range prices”.

So the value proposition was kinda lost because instead of the giving a flagship with consumers what they wanted and bloat cut out, they just make straight flagships and mid ranges like everyone else. Your OnePlus target user wanted the top of the line processor, a big mid range screen, a physical fingerprint reader, a 3.5mm jacks, expandable storage, and a good enough camera.

I don’t need an always on display, an under screen finger print reader, and a Hasselbad camera. Why about the T series? Fair enough. But the issue is that OnePlus announces the T series like 9 months after the Pro series.

I don’t think this is entirely OnePlus fault. All these Chinese companies are openly in a dick measuring contest with Apple, Samsung, and each other trying to make “The best” because embarrassing Apple..etc is more important than making a good product while forgetting Apple doesn’t think about you AT ALL. We’ve pretty much settled on Apple owning US, Samsung mostly capturing Europe, and China controlling their own market and developing countries.


koolaidisthestuff t1_jdw4xzi wrote

It’s kinda funny how you can now buy a current pro Pixel and it costs less than the new OnePlus lol. The extra 15 layers of hands the devices pass through now are half that cost. Initially, they sold direct to the customer. When they ditched that..


iceleel t1_je4loyi wrote

OP11 just came out. P7 has been out a while. Also OP11 features much superior Snapdragon gen 2, has bigger battery, and the camera lens won't break randomly for no reason.


Steffunzel t1_jdz7dbq wrote

Google pixel 7 pro starts at $899, OnePlus 11 starts at $699.


Genericbuild t1_jdwo0xu wrote

Tbh the reason I have an iPhone now is because if it’s gonna cost iphone money I mine as well just get an iPhone. Atleast with the iPhone you are paying to have a product that will get day 1 software updates and support for more years than most people keep a phone, all these other companies are charging a grand for a phone and you maybe get day 1 updates the first year, 3 months late the 2nd year, if they do a 3rd year you get 8 months later and after that you probably are just fucked. Even the companies that do support their products longer term you end up getting the next version of their respective is months after it’s release.


DaudyMentol t1_jdx3c3f wrote

I think Sony is the only exception to this. Afaik sony phones get support for a long time after release.


psychocopter t1_jdyv7zq wrote

Sony phones are also flagship price/quality, but offer no deals through carrier contracts like "free pixel/galaxy/iphone when you open a new line with a 2 year contract". You do have to buy them outright. That being said, theyre basically the only flagship with a headphone jack, expandable storage, and a bezel instead of a notch/teardrop/punchout/island. Ive been considering an xperia because of that stuff.


DaudyMentol t1_jdz7br5 wrote

I mean in my country you usually buy phones for their full price because you buy phone without sim cards (without plan) . Yes there are contracts or something like that but i think thats dependent on operator which phones they offer in those contracts.


TheAkashicTraveller t1_jdzg8i7 wrote

Sony's most likely going to be my next phone unless one of the startups come up with something good. I likely would have had a fairphone already but they ditched the headphone jack to sell their wireless buds showing them as hyppocrits.


JclassOne t1_jdzm46b wrote

I would love Sony to get serious about a smart phone I have always wanted a Sony design but they never have the specs .


Genericbuild t1_jdzx5qr wrote

Not sure what specs their missing for you tbh, their flagship has flagship processors cameras and screens.


Puzzleheaded-Bee3535 t1_jdyj4nt wrote

Whats the sony policy on updates and for how long?


DaudyMentol t1_jdz74qr wrote

I am not sure, i didnt really research it, this is from what i heard.


Puzzleheaded-Bee3535 t1_jdz7n71 wrote

I think you are wrong. Sony updates are not good.


DaudyMentol t1_jdz7r17 wrote

That wasnt part of the debate, i specifically said they get support for a long time, not that they have good updates. Bad updates are still better than getting abandoned after two years.


Puzzleheaded-Bee3535 t1_jdz8085 wrote

Yes, but they dont get for a long time. Probs 2 androids max.


DaudyMentol t1_jdz8dm6 wrote

Maybe i know that their current flagship is 2021 design and it still gets uodates. This december it got updated to android 13 (it started at 11) and it still got updates after that so... Idk man i just know when it comes to Sony they have pretty solid track record with this. They dont churn out new model every year or two so when they make a phone they usually try to do their best.


ikindahateusernames t1_je1k8mr wrote

>Bad updates are still better than getting abandoned after two years.

My Xperia both had infrequent updates and is abandoned (stuck on Android 8). I would not say Sony is an example of good update policy.


DaudyMentol t1_je1kqtw wrote

From what i heard it depends heavily on mdoels. Flagships get a lot more support (ofcourse) for longer time. Also since when frequent uodates = good policy? I mean yes more frequent updates usually means more care but quality updates are what matters the most. Quality > frequncy > no updates at all.

Anyways i have no dog in this fight i was just talking about what i know / heard.


ikindahateusernames t1_je1oukr wrote

>Anyways i have no dog in this fight

Same, I was just adding to the discussion on updates using that line. Sorry if you thought I wanted to argue with you; not my intention.


DaudyMentol t1_je1rrnr wrote

no probelm. Normal people can discuss. Anyways have a nice day.


mekatzer t1_jdytdid wrote

Sony phones were great


DaudyMentol t1_jdz768e wrote

They still make phones. Or the new ones arent great?


mekatzer t1_jdzw73p wrote

I didn’t realize. Had several of them before smartphones


DaudyMentol t1_jdzwcca wrote

Yeah they basically make xperia phones which are like really rare because barely anybody bought them but people who did usually behave like cultists when it comes to rating the phones.


koolaidisthestuff t1_je0bv7a wrote

The $1500 flagships do yes..

But.. they are Sony-centric in the fact that the market for those are mainly content creators in Japan that already use Sonys high end cameras.

I still remember my Xperia Z2 had 4K ahead of like anyone else and a build quality I didn’t see again til buying an iPhone. They make absolutely beautiful and wel designed phones. But.. much like apple you aren’t getting the full experience unless you have a bunch of their other products. And with Sony.. they just don’t have that loyal a fan base like apple. Apple is synonymous with luxury so even non-tech people want it cause who doesn’t want luxury?


Redditthrowaway10293 t1_jdx5tps wrote

Yeah, but then you're stuck with an apple phone and no ability to sideload apps


Genericbuild t1_jdx67uq wrote

I mean that wasn’t a feature that was really important to me and I don’t feel stuck, the only features I would lose if I decided to go back to android are face time and iMessage. After having both phones the os wars are kind of absurd for 90% of people imo. If you do a lot of side loading or emulating on your phone sure android is the choice, if you own other apple products the iPhone makes more sense, if neither of those points matter which to most people they don’t just get whatever one has the better deal or you find more appealing to hood and use.


Redditthrowaway10293 t1_jdx7k54 wrote

In all honesty, I know that many people don't sideload apps. But what I don't know is how they manage like that. There's just sooooo many ads. YouTube has minute long ads, ffs sometimes in the middle of the video I think. Games have tons of ads. Just general apps will have ads. Reddit's official app, tons of ads.... Why do people choose that life instead of sideloading better apps and ad blockers???

(rhetorical question, not directed at you)


Genericbuild t1_jdxavrp wrote

I think most people are just used to the ads at this point honestly. Some ads are def worse than others, YouTube ads are for awful, Reddit ads don’t bother me because they don’t impede what I’m doing they are just kinda along the way while i scroll. I don’t play many mobile games so I can’t relate on that part.


bimmerphile_ec t1_jdxxr0g wrote

You can find workarounds for some things. Like using YouTube on safari with an ad blocker, or using Apollo on iOS, which is one of the best Reddit clients. I have an iPhone and an Android, just cause i like playing around with both OSs. Both have their ups and downs.


azlan194 t1_jdzxmgf wrote

Ikr, I use YouTube Vanced for so long that I forgot YouTube has God awful ads. Sometimes when I click a video link in Reddit, it opens the official YouTube app to play the video, and oh my God the unskipable and multiple ads in the beginning, then in the middle, I'm just nope, close that immediately, lol.

I'm glad I have Vanced, just this reason alone, I don't think I can ever use an iOS product.


LurkerKingSloth t1_jdz7qjx wrote

I’m not denying the usefulness of sideload apps, and I’ve considered emulation on my future phone and that may influence me not buying an iPhone next time.

But to answer your (rhetorical haha) question, I use the brave browser and don’t have ads in YouTube through that, and use Apollo for browsing Reddit. The only time I would see an advertisement on my phone is if I decided to play one of those crappy mobile games that throw ads at you (I don’t know if there’s a way to block those, but those type of games aren’t really for me so it’s not super important)


Redditthrowaway10293 t1_jdzut5m wrote

Does brave browser do sponcer block in YouTube as well?

For phone wide ad blocking you can use Adaway or a few others that work similarly. They use the VPN slot to route all traffic through the app which compares sites to a block list and prevents the pings to the DNS server for ads or other things you want to block.

Or you can use a DNS such as NextDNS. This does a similar thing but instead of the block lists being on your phone they're on the DNS server. NextDNS cal block a ton of telemetry and other things as well.

The advantage of Adaway and other similar blockers is they save a good amount of data. But they use a little extra battery. In my experience the extra battery used for the app is more than offset by the battery drain of the pings to ad servers.

I use NextDNS on my home router to block things network wide at home. And I use Adaway on my phone.

I also use Firefox with uBlock Origin and privacy badger.

A fair amount of the everyday apps I use also come from F-Droid.


LurkerKingSloth t1_jdzyaxt wrote

I don’t know what sponcer block is, like when the actual video itself has sponsored ads that the creator reads or something, it blocks them? I don’t think anyone I watch is big enough for sponsors like that so I’m not sure, I’ve never seen it… so maybe?

I’ll definitely check out adaway though, that sounds neat!


Redditthrowaway10293 t1_je0bz0p wrote

You've got the right idea for sponcer block. All of the nord VPN ads within a video, intos to songs that aren't part of the music video, off topic content, self promotion, subscribe please pleas, and whatever else can all be blocked.


birnabear t1_jdzrzll wrote

YouTube premium and google rewards to pay for any apps I want. I just don't install apps that use ads for monetisation unless I can pay to remove them with money I make from Google rewards


MarcusOrlyius t1_jec2bfq wrote

The simpler solution is to use the website instead of the app.


azlan194 t1_jdzx460 wrote

You, know it is annoying when all my friends or colleagues use iPhone and they all group chat with iMessage. The messages come individually to my android phone and I cannot respond to all. I told all of them to use Whatsapp instead, lol.

I wish there's an app that could handle this iMessage thing on android.


Genericbuild t1_jdzxgf9 wrote

Yea the iPhone messages app doesn’t work very good with android phones, works great with other iPhones but you can tell they made it a gated community to try to make people who don’t have iPhones feel like an outsider in the conversation trying to convince them to switch. I have a company phone which is an iPhone 12 and also a personal iPhone 13 Pro Max, but pretty much everyone Ik also has iPhones so it makes living with one a lot easier.


SplitPerspective t1_jdx7ibj wrote

Is Samsung really that dominant in Europe? That’s news to me. Is there a distinction between poorer or richer countries?


BigCommieMachine t1_jdxa3ei wrote

Apple has been growing lately, but historically it has been 1/3 Samsung, 1/4 Apple, and the rest is mostly Chinese.

But the ecosystem lock is way less significant because WhatsApp dominates there as well as Spotify…etc. In the US, there is literally the “green bubble” stigma. And things will probably only tilt away from Apple in Europe because the EU opening up the App Store.


NobleAzorean t1_jdxdd31 wrote

Its such a shame siemens and nokia lost the plot. Clear reflection of the failure of Europe in the digital age.


BigCommieMachine t1_je1y7c0 wrote

The worst part is the Nokia/Microsoft partnership was just ahead of its time. Windows 8 was incredibly forward thinking but because touchscreen on PCs, it wasn’t a real thing.

In 2023, Apple still refuses to unify MacOS and iPadOS despite having IDENTICAL hardware.

I honestly think dual booting could be the best solution.


andyrocks t1_jdzex77 wrote

What's the situation with Spotify in the US?


principleofinaction t1_je0q8z3 wrote

Apple music...


andyrocks t1_je17dez wrote

Sorry I don't know what you mean by that. Is Spotify unavailable? Do people use Apple Music instead? I've never heard of it so I don't know. Everyone here uses Spotify.


principleofinaction t1_je1j624 wrote

Apply Music is reasonably popular in the US, either for people that transitioned from iTunes, or it came bundled with some other service or they simply stay in the ecosystem since it's easy.


adrian678 t1_jdvpxnf wrote

They could never really compete in any price bracket, their cameras were always worse.


inescapableburrito t1_jdvsle7 wrote

Their camera software was worse. The actual hardware was pretty decent. I use a 7T with Google Camera Mod and it takes really nice photos. Not QUITE as good as a Pixel or iPhone, but probably 90%+ of the way there easily.


adrian678 t1_jdw0unf wrote

Yeah but google camera mod was a novelty for older phones, nowadays isn't that competitive anymore with newer sensors, chipsets and algorithms ( from my experience )


gourmetguy2000 t1_jdwl1j6 wrote

Agreed. I tried the Google camera mod on my Oppo find X2 neo and it couldn't use the hardware properly. Pictures didn't look better at all. Where's on my old Nokia 8 the Google camera mod was dramatic in quality. That said the Oppo software is pretty crappy too


KaitRaven t1_jdwks92 wrote

That's fine for a lot of people. I was happy to save on a camera I don't use a ton.


adrian678 t1_jdwl2el wrote

Yes but you don't really save since the competition always offers more in same price range. Not to mention nowadays, as i recall, they offer less software update than samsung.


KaitRaven t1_jdxnz94 wrote

The point is that it used to be the best balance of features for me in the past, we know that they've gone downhill now.

For phones available in the US, nothing at that price point offered a better display and performance with good build quality and clean software. An easy comparison is the Pixel, which has always emphasized the camera at the cost of inferior displays and processors.


SnooConfections6085 t1_jdwx4eh wrote

When I got my 7T it was the cheapest phone on the market running the latest chipset, also the fastest charging phone on the market.

I've taken like 20 pictures total with my phone, don't care, wife takes the pictures. Gaming is what it important to me (and charging speed now that I've lived with 60W charging a while).

ASUS Rog phones barely worked on the US network when the 7T was new, specifically the LTE band at the pole up the street that was most important to check.


Malawi_no t1_jdx90ge wrote

I bought my Oneplus Nord N100 about a year ago, and paid about $125.
Think it's great value for the money.

I do not take a lot of pictures, but the camera seems good enough.


Jassinamir t1_jdxm88b wrote

This annoys the fuck outta me. I don't treat my technical devices particularly well and my OnePlus One lasted 4 years. After that I switched to the OnePlus 5t and it has given me 5 years of intensive usage without problems. I know that I'm gonna need a new phone in the next 12 months & I really don't wanna switch away from OnePlus after lasting 9 years with only two devices! But everything I've read about their newer generations has been dogshit:(((


meatly t1_je5tt6s wrote

I almost only read good things about the 11. The 9&10 seem to be not that great. I'm still on the 7T pro and it's still treating me very well.


BIindsight t1_jdxxzry wrote

I love my OnePlus 10 Pro. It's a great phone. On Android 13 and I just received the March 2023 security update today. Battery lasts around two days, 65w charger came in the box, charges to full in like twenty minutes. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC.

My biggest complaint is that I wish the case selection was better, but I paid less than $350 for it. So I can deal. It's the best phone for the money I've ever bought in my life.


-Kapido- t1_jdy65sr wrote

350? Where?


BIindsight t1_jdyn3g2 wrote


-Kapido- t1_jdzqppy wrote

I spent that kind of Money for the Nord 2t :'(


iceleel t1_je4lexg wrote

On the plus side Nord 2T supports 80 w charging


BIindsight t1_je9cdvp wrote

I've read that the Oneplus 11 supports 100w charging. That's just wild.

I think the OnePlus 10 Pro can be charged at 80w with the right charger, and it also charges at 50w wirelessly (0-100 in 45 minutes) with a SuperVOOC charger. It's a beast of a phone and I don't think I'll be upgrading anytime soon.

I haven't bought any of the upgraded chargers because the 65w charger that was in the box is already ridiculously fast.


iceleel t1_je4lcvc wrote

OnePlus 11 is the best phone they ever made and one of cheaper snapdragon gen 2 phones in west


Kriss3d t1_jdztsmx wrote

I disagree. I have the 10T and its very great.


[deleted] t1_jdx8jlw wrote

OnePlus are great to this day. Nokia are potato quality


AdmiralGrogu t1_jdvrh7r wrote

Global PR already said that's not true. They even responded to the original tweet.


VoidMageZero t1_jdw2ciw wrote

Watch it become true in a few months anyway lol


MinnieShoof t1_jdwbk7f wrote

"Well, we didn't wanna... but you guys talked us in to it."


Nyaxxy t1_jdv8eai wrote

But of a shame, I'm still using my OnePlus 4t and have been using their brand for probably 10 years at this point. Reliable good phones. Might have to seek an alternative for my next phone


Brye11626 t1_jdv8v8t wrote

There is no such thing as a OnePlus 4t..


Tobacco_Bhaji t1_jdvi916 wrote

Probably means a 5t, which is what I still use.


whimsigod t1_jdw4ek0 wrote

Same. I'm using it to type this right now, many years later and it's still a wonderful phone.


covewood t1_jdwp6ck wrote

I just got a oneplus 10 pro from the 5t only cause the battery was waining and the screen was started to lift at the one edge... I dropped my new phone from 1 foot and it cracked the whole backside within the case. My 5T has never cracked...

I stil have the old phone, kinda want to back to it but the super charging is pretty nice


iceleel t1_je4lwyd wrote









And china is scared of FOUR


xanas263 t1_jdv8rjl wrote

The 7 was the last really good OnePlus phone and then it all went down hill from there.

The old CEO (who was there during the glory days) is the one running the new Nothing brand which might a good replacement if they can go back to the old OnePlus style/reliability.


helpnxt t1_jdvkt5d wrote

Literally just switched from the 7 to the pixel yesterday, I foolishly downloaded the android 12 update around Nye and the phone just went from one problem to another with the last straw being Bluetooth triggering it to drop 70% of battery in a minute and then sitting at 1% for 6 hours. Up to that update the phone was great.

OnePlus had the best software in the game and they threw it away without a second thought.


Andulias t1_jdvodms wrote

I am sorry to hear that. I switched from the 6t to pixel 7 pro and my experience for the most part has been excellent, but I do hear the older pixels had a lot of issues.


helpnxt t1_jdvq7yl wrote

Yeh I had the 2 then 7 and thought had found a brand to trust for years but guess not. I got the pixel 7 pro as well, mainly for the camera as doing a lot of traveling in the next year and felt was worth it for the handy camera so it's a good thing in the long run


inescapableburrito t1_jdvsqp2 wrote

I've been avoiding the 12 update for months. Glad to hear I'm not just being a grumpy old man about it.


Old_Ladies t1_jdwiul2 wrote

My OnePlus 7 Pro doesn't have any issues with Android 12.

Maybe you need to do a factory reset. It is a pain in the ass but hopefully it will solve your issues.


spiderml t1_jdvu75r wrote

Yeah my pixel had all sorts of issues with Android 12, switched to Samsung after and it's much more stable overall.


helpnxt t1_jdvuedx wrote

I meant the OnePlus had the issues but maybe it's just android 12 being universally shit


Nyaxxy t1_jdv908a wrote

Good to know, thanks. I looked at new phones and have been really put off by the behemoth cameras on the back hopefully something releases in future that is more low key lol


Jassinamir t1_jdxmd3e wrote

Same here! Got a OnePlus One in 2014 and switched to the 5t in 2018. I really don't wanna switch after getting these great results :((


invent_or_die t1_jdvsvdy wrote

I wonder if this has something to do with Right To Repair. I read recently EU will be asking for a 10 year service life (i have no details). As a mechanical design engineer, I would love products to last 10 years and be serviceable. However, this will have huge effects on cost, device size, and more. Extra wall thicknesses, newly required connectors, little or no self adhesive gaskets or adhesives, additional seals for ingress protection due to modularity, and much more. I'm just being realistic, this is not opinion. I could easily see a company pulling out of the EU, or even the USA if all these demands are forced upon them.


Celousco t1_jdytjwk wrote

I don't see 10 years service life, however with the new law, consumers now have the right to ask companies to provide information and steps to repair their product, if it's cheaper than buying it again.

But yep I don't mind these companies getting out of europe if it means less waste of materials.


invent_or_die t1_je05wqg wrote

It's not going to mean less waste, they will only stop operations in the EU. They will still make phones for other countries. The additional costs and liability of having a 10 year life and repairability would need to be passed on to EU customers. Would they accept a more expensive, thicker device? Possibly less robust? I wish there were simple answers.


ItsASadBunny1 t1_je2pvg0 wrote

You were just brainwashed to think devices can't last 10 years and that they need to be thick inoder to do it. Has been proven time and time again with so many products that easily last well over 10 years with little no compromise. 15-year old flat screen Sony TV still works and is using every day in my basement, 2010 macbook Pro, which I've since retired but also still works, with the only exception being the battery. All of our devices, like the S23U or 14 Pro Max, are built fundamentally the same as every other smartphone and tech gadget before it. The only concern is whether it makes cost sense to keep providing software updates beyond that hardware will easily last 10 years.


invent_or_die t1_je2y0wh wrote

With all due respect, you are not a design engineer; you can't just talk about TVs and hand wave. You need to actually source the components and do the CAD layouts. Switches that can actually work for that long, new added wall thicknesses for the modules (for repairability and sealing) and so much more. No, not brainwashed lol, just experienced. I'd like the products to last a long time too. No, we aren't building in obsolescence. Choices are made for life, component availability, and customer demands. And yes, cost. You want a display that has decent performance 8-10 years from now? Might require retooling and making a new custom component. A new, expensive component. Will the graphics chips and others even last that long? Also, technology moves quickly and 10 year old phones might not even function with updated networks. There's a lot to consider.


ItsASadBunny1 t1_je2zwmy wrote

Lol, I am an engineer. For budget phones, sure, anything over 400 should realistically last 10 years with, again, only the battery failing or software updates, not making economical sense to the companies. Building components and providing support for expensive hardware like the top iPhone or Galaxy should be child's play for these companies.


invent_or_die t1_je30wvd wrote

Wow. It's so far from child's play. Don't hand wave. I've had huge challenges sourcing components that last long enough, you really need to do the diligence. Lead time studies, testing components rather than believe the manufacturers, etc. I've been with Samsung, LG, MS, and others. I wish it was that easy.


Alastair_Campbell t1_jdwn592 wrote

I had the OnePlus One. That was great. Then needed a new phone around the time the 'Three' came out and Xiaomi had absolutely rinsed OnePlus and their clones (Realme etc.) with their Redmi line. I'd still have a Xiaomi (loved Miui where others loathed it) if not for the whole Chinese govt spying on users thing : (


Captain_Smartass_ OP t1_jduzjmk wrote

>Prolific leaker Max Jambor reports that OnePlus is also leaving Europe. According to him, both companies are starting their retreat with Germany, the UK, France, and the Netherlands. It looks like both brands will stay in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and a few more European markets for now, but this could change long-term.


Candy_Badger t1_jdwixhs wrote

I had 3 OP phones (5t, 7 and 8t). I am planning to migrate to Samsung Now. They used to be great, but they become much worth with A12 and later.

8t works great though after recent A13 updates.


Burnstryk t1_jdvr1gb wrote

OnePlus Nord 2 is still the best budget phone on the market.


iceleel t1_jdx6uio wrote

2T. Also Nord 2 is not budget it's mid range. N200 is budget.


6363tagoshi t1_jdvzlfj wrote

You will still find them on eBay.


ynys_red t1_jdwz8mu wrote

Oppo going to 'op it?


Contrabassi t1_jdyboff wrote

I just bought an oppo for 130$ and I'm stunned how much phone you get for the money in 2023.


Toiletten-Toni t1_jdz428g wrote

I am very happy with my Nord 2 5G. It was 400 bucks and compared to the S20 performance wise while costing a bit more than half. I don't understand the problem? Wasn't that what they are about?


CD6730 t1_jdw36ti wrote

That was always an option


2tog t1_jdxeiy0 wrote

Better off with cheaper pixels these days.

Can pick up a pixel 7 on uswitch for £23 a month. That's ridiculous.


ByteEater t1_jdxxg2f wrote

I'm glad I just decided to NOT buy a Oneplus, few days ago.


GingerTube t1_jdz86wz wrote

"All About Samsung writer and leaker"...the companies have said it's not true, the guy who writes about Samsung for a living claimed it was the case. Smells like ulterior motive haha.


TomDobo t1_jdzhu9l wrote

A couple of years ago I would have been bothered by the because OnePlus used to make amazing devices. It’s a shame but there’s better brands out there.


LeoBKB t1_jeenssp wrote

My dad still have the first OnePlus One, he's a geek and knows how to maintain it.
Still works like a charm even with some little slowdown in processing, but good enough for most apps.


IRMacGuyver t1_jdxus5m wrote

One Plus and Oppo should be forced to sell to a non Chinese company. I like their stuff but if I'm not using tiktok I'm not using Oppo or One Plus either.


iceleel t1_je4l2pi wrote

Oppo makes most of the money in China. It makes no sense to sell brand.


gazgrey t1_jdvd52o wrote

Oppo are shit anyway


its8up t1_jdvpbel wrote

But they charge fast, so you can spend more time hating them. It's a win-win!