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[deleted] t1_je0xm34 wrote



Kael_Alduin t1_je1dqma wrote

The world as a whole is done I think. With ALL the greed humanity has, we are done. Between dictators using tech in horrible ways, to global warming, to nukes. Our days are numbered I think 🤔


Remote-Ad-2686 t1_je1o1j2 wrote

The 1950s entered the chat….


plopseven t1_je27nnr wrote

I dunno. In the 1950s a corporation couldn’t create a militarized army of combat drones and operate them from space…


GatoradeNipples t1_je2yqm3 wrote

Yeah, we're basically in the version of the 50s out of Mike Pondsmith's nightmares.


Trolodrol t1_je34ftn wrote

It feels like the leaders are getting crazier too. Putin is not Khrushchev


jackel2rule t1_je4pohr wrote

Is there a corporation that has a militarized army of combat drones now?


SalsaBueno t1_je4yr5i wrote

I’d wager that the statistical likelihood of that being true is somewhere around 100%


jankyspankybank t1_je1iu5g wrote

Ever since I learned what a nuclear missile was I. Just new our days were numbered.


ChampionshipKlutzy42 t1_je1ohn5 wrote

You are not wrong, you can probably blame capitalism for this, it's an ideology based on greed. As soon as those in power have AI/Android replacements, they will have no more use for us.


Anonymous_linux t1_je2c6ew wrote

Communism on the other hands does not work either and from the past experience of my country I can say it is in fact way worse than capitalism.

So which ideology actually works?


ChampionshipKlutzy42 t1_je2eknf wrote

Your communism likely failed due to direct capitalist intervention and/or greedy despotic leadership. Communism has a much better chance in succeeding, capitalism/ democracy has none.


Anonymous_linux t1_je2f0r5 wrote

I don't agree with you on this. But that's all right. Seems like you do not live in the post-communism (post-Soviet) country to actually know how bad communism can be. And no it was not because of capitalist intervention.


ArnoF7 t1_je4zrch wrote

As a person who grew up in post-communism country, those persons in the west who keep commenting about how communism works and if it’s not for xxx it would have worked really make me depressed.

Like can we just move on please. It has already caused some of the most traumatic moments in the entire history of this land. Can we please just move on from this? I don’t want any risk that my future kids have to live through what my grandparents live through just to keep doing this mostly baseless ideological experiment.


Neo_Techni t1_je434h9 wrote

If communism can't succeed without the support of capitalism, then you're admitting it can't succeed.

And communism will always have greedy fascists in charge, and always has


TurdFrgoson t1_je528kx wrote

They have been saying that for decades....and we're still here. The earth was supposed to be uninhabitable by the year 2000, then it was 2012, now I think they're saying 2030. Florida was supposed to be underwater already. It's a lie to get you to give up your freedoms.


Lopsided-Simple-422 t1_je21nrb wrote

I agree except there’s no such thing as global warming. That’s why they rebranded it as climate change.


Mephistophol t1_je1crv8 wrote

I was actually privy to this although lightly, apparently China has been working on drone swarms since 2018 and that’s why the Navy is now backing it so heavily.


slowslownotbad t1_je526s5 wrote

Yeah, and you just need an AI to command it strategically. Chat to it, if you will. About strategy.

Luckily nobody has invented such a chat bot, let alone a 4th version of it…


ChessCheeseAlpha t1_je4di8p wrote

Super cheap and super effective. I’m sure all the weapons manufactures just love it


Slight_Nobody5343 t1_je2tg5w wrote

My heart dropped at the blue swarmer drones knowing where this was going. Broodwar.