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StatusSea5409 t1_je1yiuh wrote

All you'd really have to do is get close to the maximum range and go in. It might get intercepted but for now there's no real protection for it


Delbert3US t1_je2kv4i wrote

I was talking more about signal tracking to the source. The farther away the longer you have to track the signal to its source.


OcotilloWells t1_je3eqyk wrote

Even worse, I was just reading (I think on Hackaday) that at least some DJI drones transmit both its location and the controller's location coordinates unencrypted.

The thing is, you take that into consideration and there's ways you can mitigate the risk in that. Also, how quickly can the Russian figure that signal out, convert the drone coordinates into whatever they use, and pass that to a gun or missle battalion fire direction center? As well as how quickly that FDC can get that to a gun/missle section that can engage that coordinates? I'm sure the Ukrainians can say, with fair accuracy by now.


StatusSea5409 t1_je2lugv wrote

Oh. Well that's easy. Grab a few burgers, find stray dogs, let them get a good smell and start begging, that's when you fly the drone do the damage, connect the controller to a stray, toss the bag of burgers and walk off. As long as you have your crime skill high enough you should be able to pull it off without a nat20