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AkirIkasu t1_jefukmd wrote

Every moment I read this I just kind of wanted to kick the author.

If you don't know how LEDs work, that's fine, but maybe don't write an entire long-form article about how incredibly ignorant you are?

I'll start off by saying that there is no federal ban on any lightbulbs except for incandescent bulbs - the old ones that Edison was famous for creating something like 150 years ago. You can still buy Flourescent or CFLs. You can still buy neon signs. Heck; you can light a fire if you really want to.

Second, I don't blame anyone for being confused about CRI and color temperature, at least at first; you generally couldn't control for those in the past, so you didn't need to know about it. But saying that LEDs suck because you now have a choice as to exactly how you'd like to light your home is just painful to year.

I also wouldn't blame someone for not knowing that some LED bulbs are not dimmable - once again, only at first, and because so many other bulbs are dimmable with a standard rheostat.

And of course I'll also say the same thing that I say every time an article about LED lights comes up here; the bulbs that you can buy in your average home and grocery store are the cheapest crap you can buy. They are not made to be quality and therefore they will not only have a higher failure rate, they don't last as long either. A good LED light is going to have the LED modules separate from the ballast that supplies the power, because the heat from the LED can hurt the electronics in the ballast. There are "good" LED bulbs, but they are quite simply never going to be as good or reliable as dedicated fixtures that don't have those heat-related problems.

One last statement just to tie things up; there is nothing wrong with LED lighting. Professional photographers and videographers are using LED lighting because the amount of control you can get over the color composition with them is completely unmatched. LED is not the future; it's two decades ago.