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secondarycontrol t1_jefr7g0 wrote

Well, removing that option is certainly is one way to ensure that I'll not have to shop GM - Thanks, GM! You've made my shopping decisions easier!

FWIW-Really, really dislike integrated infotainment shit. Companies are integrating this stuff so deep it's getting hard to replace with anything but OEM. And OEM, for the most part, is made down to a price.

I've got a 10 year old Subaru - Subaru decided they could provide a better mapping app, with paid updates, than Google Maps. Thanks, Subaru! Thanks for maps that are perpetually out of date! Thanks for that resistive touchscreen, with common settings buried two or three screens deep! Thanks for screen real-estate taken up by paid-for services (Satellite, etc!) that I have no need for. Thanks for the shitty, shitty FM tuner! Thanks for the non-intuitive interface! Thanks for the non-standard double-DIN opening! Thanks for the random drop-outs and resets that your techs couldn't find/duplicate or repair while the vehicle was still under warranty!

The only thing I want/need is the ability to mirror my phone screen and amplifiers/equalizer/speakers. I really don't want to learn anything about how another set of engineers decided the interface should work, when I already know how mine does.


Musicman1972 t1_jefsl6r wrote

At least they're replacing with Android Automotive so it's not as bad as introducing their own terrible sat nav etc. But I agree... The option of Android or iOS integration was perfect and unfortunately seems to be short lived. I have Android Automotive at the moment and it's ok but doesn't, yet, have as much to offer as Android Auto... I'm not even sure why...


buunz8 t1_jeg8pmv wrote

LOL you sound super angry like Peter Griffin in "What really grinds my gears"


silverbolt2000 t1_jeh3u8w wrote

It’s 10 years old. CarPlay only came out 8 years ago. What exactly were you expecting on a 10-year-old vehicle?

Buy an aftermarket head unit that supports CarPlay and stop whining.