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Ziff_Red t1_iqnpn12 wrote

And why on Earth would you want to do this? Lol


drtitus t1_iqqg7lp wrote

Why on Earth WOULDN'T you want to do this? Next you'll be wondering why there's a VHS player in my glovebox.


scottjeffreys t1_ir8kh5b wrote

That’s so basic. I have a Beta tape changer in my trunk.


Rogermcfarley t1_iqo8eaz wrote

So you can call the police and ask them to arrest you for being a smart arse


sevenfiftynorth t1_iqp5cse wrote

Nostalgia. We had a single pulse-dialing rotary phone for the whole family when I was young.


p8pes OP t1_iqwmd9b wrote

>And why on Earth would you want to do this?

Ha, guessing "Whimsy, humor, something unexpected?" doesn't apply to your reasons for a good gadget? It's Inspector Gadget, not Inspector Reasonable.

But I'd love a car that ran on skis personally. A cabled car phone is the best!


noeagle77 t1_iqnv1lz wrote

Remember the cars that had phones built into them and how cool they were? Yeah…. That ended.


linksawakening82 t1_iqqtlb8 wrote

I bought a 97 740 Volvo about 10 years ago from a dealership in Memphis that had one mounted in it!


SLCW718 t1_iqnqpdd wrote

Finally! The people have been asking for this for years. I can't wait to get mine!


heyimjason t1_iqq197k wrote

It’s basically just a number keyboard and a headset. The call is still going through your cell service and will only work where you have reception.


sibman t1_iqth9d3 wrote

Exactly. It's just a glorified bluetooth device.


p8pes OP t1_iqwlnf4 wrote

I think you're both ignoring the more interesting part of this: That it also powers the landline phone. Powering a landline used to require either a utility connection or a line simulator to provide the correct voltage. It also provides a dial tone and allows you to use a rotary or touchpad dial.

Pretty cool invention to pair bluetooth connectivity with a line activator.

(Also: landline telephones, for the most part, are built much sturdier than a cell phone. It's a way to keep well made hardware out of landfills by modernizing them. They are bulkier than cell phones but a nice phone for home - or, for humor - for your car.)


Reddbearddd t1_iqqq6oa wrote

I glanced at this and thought it said "connect any landmine phone to a car using Bluetooth."


Reddit_Devil666 t1_iqrhn0f wrote

Bart Simpson can prank call from the car nowadays.😏


king0demons t1_iqrj6ni wrote

Will this properly power phones with high power ringers? A large portion of older phones can not ring using modern landline voltages as the older land line systems ran high voltage inorder to survive long distance transmission.


p8pes OP t1_iqs5qo3 wrote

Cool question! I have no idea about that. I think if you converted the older phone to an RJ11 connector it might work. (RJ11 is a standard phone port, the older phones have more of a cable box inside of them, though there are numerous videos on the web showing how to make an RJ11 conversion fairly easily) The bluetooth adaptor here (Cell2Jack) pulls 5V from a USB connection and powers the phone through the RJ11 port.

In theory the phone would draw whatever power it needs from that connection. I think the older phones suffered more from a brickwall of the phone utility itself on how much voltage they would allow on individual connections but maybe here it's just an open hose on how much is needed. Certainly worth the $30 to just test it out at least.


Bryllant t1_iqud8rc wrote

Is this just call forwarding to a non descript cell phone number,


makesyoudownvote t1_irke00m wrote

You genuinely can't get an actual landline in my area anymore.

Telecom companies sell you "landlines" but they are really just an overpriced VoIP line. The one benefit is they include a telephony modem with a small battery backup. Old people buy them, because they don't know the difference, but you can easily set one up yourself for much cheaper.


guiltycitizen t1_iqo8yab wrote

People think this is weird, and it is. But it’s also a huge scare for old people that only have a landline. In really remote areas that only have copper service with ancient technology, that’s their only lifeline. And some lowlife dicks actually use these kinds of things to scam old people. I dealt with the public utilities folks in northern New England and this stuff happens. The phone line infrastructure in the remote areas is beyond ancient. Shitty monopoly phone companies take over for one another and just gouge people for shitty service. Fairpoint and Consolidated Communications are two recent ones that do this. Rates raise and service never improves. Any time it rains thousands of people have issues with noise on the line or no service at all.