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Minus_the_details t1_irjnfdo wrote

Yeah, I can't imagine too many people in the company thought it would ever be street safe. Where Amazon will make its money is selling these things to warehouses or closed work zones like movie sets and construction sites.

Edit: I would argue the street tests were for publicity.


MapleSyrupFacts t1_irkc8re wrote

I would love a tool bag that follows me around all day popping out screwdrivers and egging me on to fix shit.


abarrelofmankeys t1_irl1n9g wrote

You can literally get a “backpack” that follows you around. It’s just stupid expensive and could be replaced with…well, a backpack. Could see it being useful if you have a disability though.


NhylX t1_irkoega wrote

In a world where this happens this thing didn't stand a chance.


Saltywinterwind t1_irkvfok wrote

I love that lil robot who made it all a cross Canada with the help of tons of people to try to make it in America and got robbed and murdered in Philly lol it’s almost poetic


BanditSixActual t1_irkxfd7 wrote

The City of Brotherly Love.


Caffeine_Monster t1_irlxft2 wrote

It'll work eventually. The robots need enough smarts / maneuverability to be able to avoid danger or outpace violent pedestrians.

As is the current units are too slow and passive because they can't assess their environment very well.


what595654 t1_irt9we5 wrote

Uhhh. No. You dont want autonomous robots that are faster or stronger than humans in public settings.


Caffeine_Monster t1_irtjf4s wrote

Not stronger. And they would have to stay lightweight.

But faster would be fine fine if used at sensible times (i.e. to avoid danger itself or a person).


johnclark6 t1_irkwhgg wrote

College campuses too. These things are on a lot of them now.


Just_wanna_talk t1_irkxqe9 wrote

I can't imagine construction sites would be a great environment for these. No construction site is the same as the next so you would have to map it out each time for the vehicle, and they aren't exactly static or clean most of the time. Lots of obstructions popping up each day or changing pathways.


sjk4x4 t1_irkyir9 wrote

Theyre already using similar on sites to spray paint the construction plans on the building lot


Just_wanna_talk t1_irkz4zu wrote

Aye, but that's when the site is clean and flat before anything starts happening. What I assume original commenter was meaning these things delivering construction supplies through the construction of a project, which means object moving around every day and a 3D environment with holes and trenches being dug and ramps and elevators etc.