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Just_wanna_talk t1_irkxqe9 wrote

I can't imagine construction sites would be a great environment for these. No construction site is the same as the next so you would have to map it out each time for the vehicle, and they aren't exactly static or clean most of the time. Lots of obstructions popping up each day or changing pathways.


sjk4x4 t1_irkyir9 wrote

Theyre already using similar on sites to spray paint the construction plans on the building lot


Just_wanna_talk t1_irkz4zu wrote

Aye, but that's when the site is clean and flat before anything starts happening. What I assume original commenter was meaning these things delivering construction supplies through the construction of a project, which means object moving around every day and a 3D environment with holes and trenches being dug and ramps and elevators etc.