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finix240 t1_iro4nwg wrote

This website is cancer


TerranKing91 t1_iroq4fc wrote

Man, your own subreddit is cancer, each time you click one of the topic, you’re getting spammed by bullshit giveaway and shit, no thanks!


bizzaro321 t1_irp9t6r wrote

This sub is a place for odd people to share things they would totally buy if they were just millionaires.


weasel_mullet t1_iroafof wrote

€12,000?! For a bicycle/kayak hybrid on hydrofoil wings? That's ludicrous!


CallMeDrLuv t1_irqdo0y wrote

JFC, take a zero off that price and it's still too pricey. Who the hell thinks that's a reasonable price!!??


K4m30 t1_irqtvf2 wrote

I mean, I could see it for a tenth of the price. But not 12 000. And only if it was really fun.


BuffNerd5 t1_iro4fie wrote

so rich people stuff ill never be able to afford.



nitrohigito t1_iro69wg wrote

yes, but also stuff that's much more efficient on energy consumption. couple that with the electric boats trend, and that's shaping up to be pretty handy, even if to you only by proxy (emissions)


BuffNerd5 t1_iro791f wrote

never said it wasnt energy efficient (though even that isnt certain as theres the manufacturing process to be considered)

Im just saying its expensive useless shit that most of us will never see.


nitrohigito t1_iro8hig wrote

yes, i can read. i'm saying it's replacing the expensive useless shit that rich people that aren't you would buy either way, so compared to that, this is better for everyone


BuffNerd5 t1_iroscrf wrote

Lets be real here. Rich people will buy this and stuff it in the garage of one of their 35 vacation homes and go back to buying other shit. This changes nothing except being one more piece of crap added to the landfill of our planet.


nitrohigito t1_irosk7e wrote

I don't see that scenario more realistic than the one I typed out, but if that's the one you want to believe in, you do you.


Have_Donut t1_irpc3p7 wrote

Useful tech though, especially in cities with waterways. While 12k is a lot, it is still cheaper, lower emissions, and more practical for water commenting than a regular boat. I could see a lot of practical usage for something like this in Europe, where most of the cities are built on waterways


bocaciega t1_iro7fh0 wrote

Oh goody. More kooky rich kid shit clogging the lineup.

I can see it now. Cutting through the pack of surfers, pearling and some guy losing his 12k right off the bat. Then lifeguard rescue. Then oh well its only 12k as he gets in his brand new shiny all the bells and whistle jeep as he drives the 6 blocks to his beachfront mansion.


ImastrangeJack t1_iro2knr wrote

>JetCycle sells the Max hydrofoil for €12,000

Yo that price is high af. Cool idea tough


Long_Educational t1_iro4d94 wrote

I would rather have a personal sail boat.


giuliomagnifico OP t1_iro65rd wrote

For €12k you can afford maximum at a inflatable boat


giuliomagnifico OP t1_irocpwt wrote

Oh, thanks, I thought you meant a sail boat with a motor also.


Bobert_Manderson t1_iroghca wrote

You can get a used small sailboat with an outboard for that much. Won’t be nice, but I’ve seen plenty around me for that.


kuynhxchi t1_iro7cat wrote

So like a version of the swan paddle thing?


bayrayray t1_iro8dcm wrote

The videos on YouTube make it look like this activity would suck. Hard.


New-IncognitoWindow t1_irpgy2q wrote

300 watts is a lot of energy. Basically you need to be a triathlete to move this thing.


qdtk t1_irsr6wz wrote

I think that’s just to get it out of the water and up onto the foils to plane. It’s significantly easier after that as long as you keep moving fast enough.


New-IncognitoWindow t1_irsxdmk wrote

That would make it better but I’ve never seen a video of a fat guy doing this kind of stuff.


designer_of_drugs t1_irpbazh wrote

This seems like something Mark Zuckerberg would own and on that basis alone I hate it.


Brawndo45 t1_iromgxr wrote

That needs an electric motor and batteries, then it would be cool


cutelyaware t1_iron76z wrote

And a roof and a cup holder and a minifridge and internet and a flat screen and autopilot.


qdtk t1_irsrbhq wrote

At this price point we’re pretty close!


iamfuturetrunks t1_irpqnnu wrote

Over $11k (US) for a bike that only works on water. Yeah no thanks.


Mythicpluto t1_irqb17u wrote

The website does make me wanna rip my eyes out and clean them with a cheap porn site like Jesus fuck


iDuddits_ t1_iroc2w9 wrote

Way too leaned back to be fun on the water


Commercial-Hand656 t1_iroe3ch wrote

Honestly if they made a hand pedal version,I could see less mobile athletes using this too


irascible_Clown t1_irophnt wrote

$12,000 I knew it wouldn’t be cheap but damn


SCCRXER t1_irotbqm wrote

Looks similar to a Hobie kayak with pedals. I wonder if the effort is about the same? It doesn’t look like it’s suited for offloading on a beach though.


_omelet_ t1_irplcav wrote

I appreciate that they list the watts needed to launch the boat.


RollingThunderPants t1_irpw51d wrote

If you’re easily winded by a standard peddle boat, this thing will probably kill you.


Lovat69 t1_irq45rf wrote

Is this a fucking ad?


shadrap t1_is7vmwo wrote

“made of composite materials obtained by infusion, making it possible to combine rigidity and lightness.“

Sounds legit to me! Lol!


Yourbubblestink t1_irp0u7v wrote

As a local JetSki owner, I can tell you I regard a vacationer on something like this as a ‘traffic cone’, around which to carve tight corners.