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Silicon_Knight t1_irosced wrote

I feel this is a good ad for rollercosters lol. “So realistic your watch will think you died” lol


SuchSalad4 t1_irq18fa wrote

It's like the Nathan for you episode on haunted houses.


comsan t1_irsbv7z wrote

Was it scary enough to sue me?


Josh72112 t1_irr2pu4 wrote

And then someone actually dies and suddenly the wording is too offensive! /s


Cheap_Cheap77 t1_iros6gp wrote

Wow, apparently the workaround isn't to turn off the feature but to turn the phone on airplane mode. How do they not have a toggle for it? I have Car crash detection on my Pixel too but it's a simple on/off setting. Glad I can just turn it off when at an amusement park, I imagine they will add a toggle now that it's a known issue.


FormerlyUserLFC t1_irotkbk wrote

Honestly geofencing amusement parks would make a lot of sense for this specific issue. Maybe ski resorts while they’re at it.


ForgedIronMadeIt t1_iroxslb wrote

I think you'd want to leave it on at ski resorts. If you crash into a tree going downhill it is usually a serious event. I don't know how sensitive the threshold is, however, so it probably needs some tuning around falling down versus serious crash.


penapox t1_iroz68z wrote

It IS a serious event. I work on a ski hill and someone died when he crashed into a tree last season. Got to see the helicopter land and everything…


HeKis4 t1_irphddj wrote

Yep. I live next to the French Alps and resorts closed during the COVID pandemic because ski accidents accounted for something like 25 to 33% of ER visits which we wouldn't have been able to handle. Skiing/snowboarding is fairly dangerous as far as sports go.


TimHumphreys t1_irs6mno wrote

Can confirm its definitely not safe. Wondering how the phone would respond to landing impacts on bigger size jumps.


100GbE t1_irt11l8 wrote

Can firmly confirm this firm confirmation.


Shygar t1_irpuklq wrote

Don't forget Michael Schumacher


deerprincess t1_irq1u8b wrote

Read the skiing comment and came to see if anyone mentioned Michael


Tinchotesk t1_irqhrre wrote

And Natasha Richardson.


elwookie t1_irqpq5i wrote

> Natasha Richardson

I didn't know she was dead until now. 13 years late.


johnandahalf13 t1_iroy2yq wrote

True. Not many people get in car accidents ~inside~ an amusement park. Although those little rental carts for people with mobility issues can be treacherous in the wrong hands. Lol


Hansomehd t1_irpms3h wrote

A women ran my foot over in one at Disney park that shit wasn’t fun


johnandahalf13 t1_irpnkwh wrote

They’re NOT light. Add another 250 for the rider, point it down a hill, and someone’s going to get some broken bones.


grummanae t1_irptwpq wrote

250 ? ... have you seen the occupants at a walmart ?


Hansomehd t1_irpo9x3 wrote

They’re not!!! The instant it happened my knee jerk reaction was to pull it out from under but I couldn’t until she rolled off


Alexstarfire t1_irqazs5 wrote

Gonna suck if you crash your car into the amusement park.


Hypoglybetic t1_irsn2i5 wrote

No, it wouldn't. Getting T-boned outside of an Amusement park shouldn't increase your risk of dying because someone was too lazy to properly calibrate some sensors.
Fix your god damn sensors. The airbag going off creating a pressure wave should be registered as an impulse, not a gradual up and down. Increase your god damn sample rate. A roller coaster's Gs should not register as an impact, again, increase your god damn sample rate, Apple. Great America park is a few miles away from Apple Park, how did they not test this?


sillypicture t1_irrd83o wrote

Is it just me that thinks using a WiFi connection to detect a fall is something fundamentally wrong?


towenaar22 t1_iroy79b wrote

This is gonna sound dumb, but if it’s a toggle I’d be more likely to forget to turn it back on unless it reminded me. I’m almost guaranteed to take my phone out of airplane mode when so I can actually use my phone when I’m done with the ride.

A toggle would still be great, just in my particular case it’d be more difficult for me to manage since it’s not a feature that’s on my mind


fdot1234 t1_irp1wlv wrote

Maybe they could do it like snoozing app notifications: “Silence for 1 hour/6 hours/end of day/etc”


duderguy91 t1_irp4qdf wrote

I like this idea. Should be an official feature request!


Insufferably_Me t1_irpo54f wrote

I’d even go for something as simple as “Turn off crash detection until I leave this location”


runtothehillsboy t1_irq0cv6 wrote

>I’d even go for something as simple as “Turn off crash detection until I leave this location”

That's way more complicated that a simple silence timeout.


thisischemistry t1_irrhgby wrote

It isn’t, really. That system is built-in to the automations on the iPhone. All they’d need to do is expose the setting and make it available to be used in an automation.


Gingeraffe42 t1_irqstbx wrote

I think a good solution would be a persistent notification that it's off in the bar. Like just a little icon whenever it's off, similar to how a little airplane shows up when airplane mode is on


elMurpherino t1_irp5d7b wrote

It has a toggle for “call after severe crash”. That would essentially be turning it off. But I guess perhaps the crash detection is still on but it just won’t call emergency services if it’s toggled off. Unfortunately I’m not willing to test it out.


thepdogg t1_irp60kh wrote

I get the toggle, but I think that isn’t the Apple way. Someone is going to forget to turn it back on. Their model needs better training.


Pipupipupi t1_irpkcae wrote

So that your phone thinks you died in a plane crash instead?? No thanks


marxcom t1_irr55vf wrote

It only works when DND while driving or Driving focus is activated. You also just turn that off.


Boogiemann53 t1_irqolpi wrote

Because apple thinks you're too stupid to adjust settings without ruining everything. It's my mom's fear and I'm assuming why she goes with apple.


askaboutmy____ t1_irr7m8t wrote

>Glad I can just turn it off when at an amusement park, I imagine they will add a toggle now that it's a known issue.

I go to Busch Gardens all the time and my Pixel has never sensed a car crash. There isnt a ride I havent gone on, and that goes back to my Pixel 3, Pixel 4 and Pixel 6.

This isnt an amusement park ride issue, it is an Apple issue.


emmascorp t1_irpb0fe wrote

I thought people shouldn’t have phones when they’re in roller coasters. Just this year there was a girl who almost died because she was hit by a flying phone at a state fair. Someone on a roller coaster dropped their phone.


zberry7 t1_irpda8z wrote

I’m into rollercoasters, and have been on hundreds over the years. I’ve seen some absolutely gruesome injuries from cellphones. To the point where the more intense rollercoasters now have metal detectors because people ignore all the signs telling them of the danger. And even have had rides stopped on the lift hill because someone takes out their phone.

At 60+ mph that phone is a deadly projectile, please use common sense.


askaboutmy____ t1_irr7rho wrote

>To the point where the more intense rollercoasters now have metal detectors because people ignore all the signs telling them of the danger

Not a single metal detector at Busch Gardens Tampa after the entrance.


zberry7 t1_irr97ve wrote

Where did I say anything about that park specifically? What about Cedar Fair and Six Flags parks? That was what I was referring to

And if it’s not metal detectors they have a security guard at the gate asking you if you have anything in your pockets.

Examples: Steel Vengeance (CP), El Toro (SFGADV), Kingda Ka, any Freespin, etc..

Go to r/rollercoasters and search for “metal detector” and you’ll see a bunch of different parks owned by different companies all using metal detectors on intense rollercoasters. Again, if not metal detectors they have security at the start of the line looking out for anyone with a phone. I’ve gone through metal detectors or security to get on rides probably hundreds of time


chenkie t1_irrcr0y wrote

Idk what else toro you’re going to but ain’t no metal detector there


WyoGuy2 t1_irq3wtl wrote

If you wear pants with a zippered pocket, though? That danger is remote.

Seems kind of silly to ban all cell phones because people aren’t wearing the right clothes for a day at the amusement park. Especially to the point of metal detectors at rides.


belindamshort t1_irq7r6e wrote

The issue isn't people who can secure them, it's people who secure them, get in and then take them out.


emmascorp t1_irq5w3w wrote

I think some do it because some people have their phones out to record it


zberry7 t1_irr10d0 wrote

Sorry you got downvoted, I used to think the same thing. And before TikTok, that’s what I would do. Just bring cargo shorts with a zipper pocket for my stuff.

But people just take it out and try to film, and it’s really common. Which is a dumb idea because it’s going to come out looking like shit. And turn into a deadly projectile. People don’t realize how intense some rollercoasters can be. They can pull up to 5G of vertical, a couple Gs lateral, and a negative G or so of airtime, and it transitions between these forces quickly making it easy to drop the phone.

The parks all make a professional POV videos for each rollercoaster where the camera is bolted to the chassis of the train so it’s stable and you can actually see what’s going on.


nomad_kk t1_irqn9oz wrote

That’s such a weird solution. Put a detector, hire a guard, give him a gun.


YeaThisIsMyUserName t1_irqxb3b wrote

What? Metal detectors don’t automatically come with an armed guard.


nomad_kk t1_irr00yz wrote

What’s the point of a metal detector without a person to guard it?


Muddymireface t1_irrbrup wrote

A guard is defending something. A metal detector required a tenant to just approve entry. They don’t need to have a gun to do so.


HellsMalice t1_irspt5m wrote

A gun?...Don't think a rollercoast is a matter requiring intense security


imnotsoho t1_irpu8yo wrote

Idaho State Fair has signs prohibiting firearms on rides because...well, Idaho.


eiram87 t1_irpoqrx wrote

People shouldn't have their phones in their hands, yes. Nothing wrong with having it in their pocket on a sit down roller coaster though, as it's safely trapped under the rider's butt. Also smart watches can have the same feature, and I know I don't take my watch off to ride rollercoasters.


HellsMalice t1_irspzpe wrote

Trapped under hwhat. Do ya'll sit on your phone? No wonder people break their phone so often. Last I checked all my pants have pockets on the side


eiram87 t1_irswhld wrote

I keep my phone in my back pocket, so yeah if I sit down it's under my butt. I'm also a woman, so my front/side pockets aren't big enough to hold a phone


whatgift t1_irsq6eb wrote

There was a recent incident in Australia where someone was critically injured when they went to retrieve their dropped phone from a roller coaster enclosure - they were hit by one of the cars.


GreaterAlligator t1_irpmnet wrote

Skydives are triggering crash detection too. Turns out that the jolt of a parachute opening appears quite like a crash to the new Apple devices.


danielv123 t1_irqnhw1 wrote

Even without the parachute opening it would probably trigger it


Mr55p t1_irqqhlc wrote

If the parachute doesn’t open that probably constitutes a crash anyway


thejam15 t1_irrm36b wrote

This user is decending rapidly from 10000ft….we should maybe call emergency services


Thedaulilamahimself t1_irp9x8o wrote

Give your phone to grandma


tomtakespictures t1_irpil9m wrote

Grandma is at home. She didn’t want us to spend $60 for her to walk around and watch everyone else have a good time.


howardshartsby t1_irqa1k8 wrote

Poor gramma. Well, I guess she’s gettin her rocks off with that $60 at bingo night, hey big spender!!


Pocket_Luna t1_irsgbms wrote

She was buried last week and the other one lives on another continent


Sonder___ t1_irpre58 wrote

Surely the workaround is to just not take your phone on the rollercoaster?


RedIndianRobin t1_irqp561 wrote

And where will you keep the said phone?


TotallyLegitAcc t1_irr848b wrote

I've been on roller coasters that had little cubbies/boxes to keep your stuff in. I guess there's nothing stopping people from stealing stuff though.

Or bring like a fanny pack and put your stuff in there during the ride.


Shanhaevel t1_irqirbq wrote

Nah, the workaround is to buy Android, lol


MJSchooley t1_irpi0vy wrote

The workaround is to just keep your phone and watch in a locker. That's why they're there.


dtrickX t1_irpj805 wrote

And pay money for a locker every time I want to ride a roller coaster? No thanks I’ll stick to my zip up pockets for free. Don’t put the blame on the consumer when apple should have a toggle switch for this feature.


RamboNation t1_irpmdu3 wrote

A lot of parks now have free lockers near the ride, they give you enough time to ride and collect your things. Zip up pockets are good too though.


imnotsoho t1_irpufm7 wrote

How about a sign at the entry to the coaster that says dropped phones can be claimed at customer service after they are crushed.


oldar4 t1_irq63th wrote

Needs a Rollercoaster mode


Iperovic t1_irqb48t wrote

Isn't it forbidden to have your phone or basically any hand held object on any theme park rides?

Seriously, there are signs everywhere, you have to leave them on the counter if you have no one else to hold onto them while you're on...


Eskephor t1_irpcj37 wrote

Here’s another workaround: be smart and don’t bring a phone on a roller coaster


dtrickX t1_irpjah5 wrote

And pay money for a locker every time I want to ride a roller coaster? No thanks I’ll stick to my zip up pockets for free. Don’t put the blame on the consumer when apple should have a toggle switch for this feature.


eiram87 t1_irppazc wrote

Every rollercoaster I've been on has a spot for putting down anything you're carrying. It's usually just a cubby, and on coasters with more than one train they're labeled by train so the ride attendant can at least stop people from taking stuff from the wrong train's cubbies. It's obviously not 100% secure, but I think it's rare for stuff to go missing from there, I've certainly never had anything stolen, nor have I heard any stories from friends of it happening.


3ye0f8alor t1_irpe6wz wrote

I’m just asking, who didn’t see this coming?


Gamabouy t1_irr1y1i wrote

The guy who needed this feature before it was implemented


eduardmc t1_irqj80y wrote

How about have a option to disable/enable


RedditOpinionist t1_irqlh49 wrote

The best thing I reckon: is not to have them on the damn roller coaster in the first place- shock horror


Candycanetoy t1_irqpw2i wrote

Lmao, i mean roller coasters are still considered scary for quite some people , so SOS is a good backup man. Nvr know when u need it ;)


tangcameo t1_irr8yk7 wrote

For a while when I was riding buses, Siri would scold me for using my iPhone while driving.


who_you_are t1_irrhn4r wrote

Me as a developer: Oh I wouldn't thought of handling that case. FML


thejam15 t1_irrmkad wrote

Response from QC: Accident detection triggers during high g events when user is not in an automobile pls fix


who_you_are t1_irrmzre wrote

One day later: accident occurs in roller coasters, users are suing Apple because the crash detection didn't trigger


D790 t1_irrj0lf wrote

This isn’t new though, is it? A few years ago I remember getting a bunch of 911 calls from Apple Watches that “a hard fall was detected”.


Raveheart19 t1_irs9564 wrote

And yet none of you Apple sheep realize that your forward thinking engineers at that evil empire didn't come up with some way to turn it off quite simply before your going on roller coasters or skydiving or anything?? I don't get why you people wouldn't complain about such an obvious oversight...


jamesmaxx t1_isw5bun wrote

how about…turning your phone off?


random-incident t1_irpec53 wrote

Of course you would have to at least add a Spanish version to that.


Alexstarfire t1_irqb4z9 wrote

I knew my fear of rollercoasters was legit. Now I have proof.


dillrepair t1_irqdbjh wrote

Bc I’m just constantly going on roller coasters…. No. Now when I’m snowboarding at 50 mph and carving a turn with my race board and lose an edge and slide out…. Could become an issue


indoildguy t1_irqix7b wrote

So the great apple is not so great these days


sureal42 t1_irrl42m wrote

Buy a pixel phone, ours don't have this problem...


boltman1234 t1_irroebn wrote

Half-baked feature for the overpriced 15yo slab , the usual.


wolahipirate t1_irq3nvz wrote

bruh this is literally the first thing i wondered when they announced this feature. I figured, these are some of the worlds best engineers. They probably thought of this.
How can apple be so brilliant yet so incompetent at the same time jeez.


PaulDeSmul t1_irqntj4 wrote

It's easy to call people incompetent when something doesn't work perfectly right away but I can imagine it's really facking hard to detect the difference between a tumbling car and a rollercoaster going through a corkscrew. I'm sure Apple did think of this but deciding on the threshold when it is or isn't a crash is really hard and I think they would rather have it be too sensitive than not sensitive enough.


FlynnsAvatar t1_irr109u wrote

GPS? Most cars can be found on actual roads…


PaulDeSmul t1_irr3jcj wrote

I suspect crashing severely increases the chance of the car not being on the road anymore.


FlynnsAvatar t1_irstmb4 wrote

“anymore”… so we agree it was on the road moments before leaving it?


wolahipirate t1_irrbvqo wrote

bro just detect if user is near an amusement park and disable the feature if they are


andDevW t1_irq8hqu wrote

Gotta love how Apple doesn't think things through.


Shanhaevel t1_irqitr8 wrote

Oh wow, every anti apple comment gets downvoted to hell, alllright then


KamovInOnUp t1_irplf4d wrote

The workaround is to not buy a phone for a gimmick


cynicmusic t1_irpas2s wrote

Honestly sounds like a solution in search of a problem. How many motorists are really involved in crashes where all occupants are unconscious but still alive, who will not be quickly spotted by another motorist, and within cell/emergency service range?

I was in a near emergency once, found 19 percent charge because my battery was constantly looking for service in a area with no coverage. First thing I did was turn my iPhone off because it’s not smart enough to manage battery life


duderguy91 t1_irpqfas wrote

I would imagine that people falling asleep at the wheel and hitting a telephone pole or in a ditch in a rural area would be a situation that stands out and would be somewhat common. Also, relying on people to stop and help is not really a great option. Many many people would just drive on by.


KamovInOnUp t1_irplkxe wrote

Yep. Apple loves to add feel-good features that always end up being way more hassle than they're worth.

Just like the "dial 911" button on the Apple watch that is also the power button


cynicmusic t1_irpo3yi wrote

😂 on my Lock Screen the flashlight button is also the Dial 911 button.


Jefc141 t1_irp2c7o wrote

So many Apple fanboys in here lmao.. downvote away you’re a bunch of clowns worshiping this company when they are consistently dogshit and shady but oh look at this data collection shiny, time to fork out another few thousand


duderguy91 t1_irp4xvz wrote

It’s not downvoting for fanboyism. It’s downvoting blind haters. There is a comment with plenty of upvotes with actual suggestions and ridiculing lack of a feature to tell disable. The downvotes are for people saying “dur hur Apple so bad”.


Macawesone t1_irpjwyq wrote

It annoys me like hell apple is a horrible company in my opinion because of their practices but i also believe they have pretty good devices that while i personally wouldn't use i can understand others using them


duderguy91 t1_irpqk8r wrote

Absolutely, there are great reasons to either like or dislike iPhones and having productive discussions about those reasons on a public forum is really a way to try and bring visibility to the issues and preferences.


AllenKll t1_irovihm wrote

This is really funny. I love it. To hell with apple.


Quarkasian t1_irorsry wrote

Best workaround: don't buy apple products - you're not even utilizing their software


JaesopPop t1_irox0gl wrote

Yeah I just use mine as a hammer.


Quarkasian t1_irpbz80 wrote

The only thing different is their face scanning tech, that's it - 99% of people don't use it. Samsung has had 108mp for years too

no, not the signing in method


JaesopPop t1_irpc68i wrote

> The only thing different is their face scanning tech, that's it - 99% of people don't use it. Samsung has had 108mp for years

The only thing different from what lol

And you know using the phone means you’re using the software? Surely I don’t have to explain that to you.


Quarkasian t1_irpc9xj wrote

" And you know using the phone means you’re using the software? "

oh really? didnt know that.... clearly what i meant

their proprietary software, of course I had to spell it out for the apples users


JaesopPop t1_irpcccg wrote

>oh really? didnt know that.... clearly what i meant

If you meant something else, you’ve certainly not even tried to explain it. Sort of seems like you just say shit that doesn’t make sense and then not elaborate.


Quarkasian t1_irpcilb wrote

their software - proprietary software

why the fuck would I mean any software... jfc


JaesopPop t1_irpcnnk wrote

> their software - proprietary software

Literally all the software on an iPhone is proprietary software.


Quarkasian t1_irpd9cn wrote

and now you can use your brain and put two and two together....

face scanning

but I'm sure you love being intellectually dishonest

I can also do that too: ooh tell me how telegram, chrome, whatsapp, snapchat, vlc is now owned by apple herherhehr

(format) e:the fact you couldn't even tell me the only difference in an iphone is ... about right for an iphone user honestly


JaesopPop t1_irpdvxp wrote

> and now you can use your brain and put two and two together....

>proprietary >face scanning >software

>but I'm sure you love being intellectually dishonest

Friend, you never mentioned “proprietary face scanning software” until after your initial comment. Maybe you forgot, here’s what it was:

> Best workaround: don't buy apple products - you're not even utilizing their software

I guess you thought everyone would assume you meant “proprietary face scanning software”, somehow? And of course that’s the “only difference” - from what, who knows.

>I can also do that too: ooh tell me how telegram, chrome, whatsapp, snapchat, vlc is now owned by apple herherhehr

Not a very good job, I said proprietary, now owned by Apple. A swing and a miss.


TheJazzButter t1_iroqrq9 wrote

LOL: Well, buy a scam, get scammed.


leemurray899 t1_iror4qz wrote

What do you mean? Could You elaborate on that hotness of a statement you just made?


ChosenMate t1_irowbsb wrote

I hate apple but this is just completely stupid.