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Jefc141 t1_irp2c7o wrote

So many Apple fanboys in here lmao.. downvote away you’re a bunch of clowns worshiping this company when they are consistently dogshit and shady but oh look at this data collection shiny, time to fork out another few thousand


duderguy91 t1_irp4xvz wrote

It’s not downvoting for fanboyism. It’s downvoting blind haters. There is a comment with plenty of upvotes with actual suggestions and ridiculing lack of a feature to tell disable. The downvotes are for people saying “dur hur Apple so bad”.


Macawesone t1_irpjwyq wrote

It annoys me like hell apple is a horrible company in my opinion because of their practices but i also believe they have pretty good devices that while i personally wouldn't use i can understand others using them


duderguy91 t1_irpqk8r wrote

Absolutely, there are great reasons to either like or dislike iPhones and having productive discussions about those reasons on a public forum is really a way to try and bring visibility to the issues and preferences.