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Komikaze06 t1_irr2jv9 wrote

From what they used to be yes, but most people don't spend over 1k for tvs


bromygod203 t1_irr5lxy wrote

After selling TV's at Best Buy for 5 years I can confidently say people who don't love tech or absolutely love movies don't want to spend over $1k, which is most people.


VironicHero t1_irrvn8y wrote

I think it’s mostly streaming that keeps me from buying an expensive tv. So if I got a $2-4k it’s abilities would be wasted on streaming services with their shitty compression they use. So like you say I just buy the biggest thing I can get for under $1K.

I was lucky enough to snag an 85 inch at Costco for 800$ a couple of years ago.


bromygod203 t1_irrvufa wrote

I will say there are some shows that look absolutely incredible on my OLED and my 75" Sony 4k. Physical discs definitely look better but things like Stranger Things was a completely different experience on my OLED vs the old TV I had in my bedroom back in July


routerg0d t1_irseuze wrote

Went into magnolia set to spend 50k and the dude refused to help saying he could make more selling an amp to someone else. Ended up going with a local theater company.


bromygod203 t1_irsf9f3 wrote

That's weird, was it a Magnolia or Magnolia Design Center? Because the MDC employees make commission the Magnolia Employees don't. But either way a $50k sale (even with different commission rates in different products and brands) wouldn't make you less then "an amp" that employee sounds like a bad employee to me quite honestly


gdubh t1_irr5j3r wrote

65 inch 4K at Costco right now for $350


evilohm t1_irr7ya3 wrote

The tv on the post is stupid expensive cause is OLED and has true HDR capabilities. All OLEDs cost thousands


Crankshaft1337 t1_irremli wrote

The 65 inch c1 is at Costco on sale for 855


drewret t1_irtuut8 wrote

i just looked and i don’t believe you


Bob_Chris t1_iru97zk wrote

Hahaha no. Maybe there is one demo model somewhere that is close to that but it certainly isn't replicable by 99. 99% of buyers.

I did see the demo model of the A80CJ marked down to $900. My issue is you have no idea of how many hours are on the panel.


Beznia t1_is2zbxh wrote

I picked up a C8 from a Best Buy in 2020 for $898. Floor model, listed online for $1098. Went to pick it up and saw a sticker showing $898. They said it was an accident but still matched the price.

Brought it home, it had over 14,000 hours in the previous 2 years being used as a floor model, so it was on just about 24/7 for 2 years. It had the "Best Buy" logo burned in covering a good portion of the screen.

I called up LG and reported burn-in, and knowing they offer 1 free panel replacement even outside warranty, they actually sent out a technician to swap it out. It's sitting at almost 19K hours now and perfect :)


Bob_Chris t1_is3hou3 wrote

Maybe I should have grabbed the A80J lol. Not that Sony would do a panel swap


yeahyeahyeah00002 t1_irrdifc wrote

I recently got a 55" lg g1 oled for $999 at bestbuy. It costed LESS than the 55" c1 at the time.


ShawnyMcKnight t1_irrgfj9 wrote

I saw that deal. I wish I waited for that. I got the C1 55 inch during the holiday season thinking $1300 was as good as it gets for a while. The G1 is very impressive


yeahyeahyeah00002 t1_irvxv7a wrote

One thing that bugs me is that you can't hook up audio through the optical output AND have Bluetooth surround speakers. It's only the TV speakers + bt speakers. I want to use all 3 audio outputs.


happybarfday t1_irrggn9 wrote

Prob a no name brand that looks like shit with terrible color and viewing angles. Fine for joe schmo who just wants to watch NFL and movies with The Rock, but there’s a reason some people pay more…


gdubh t1_irrlwku wrote

It looked great.


happybarfday t1_irrmpy0 wrote

I'm sure it looked great relatively speaking. Any modern 4K OLED TV looks amazing compared to LCDs or HD TVs from a few years back. But if you put it side-by-side with a top of the line latest LG model or whatever that's calibrated properly, then you'd see clear differences in what you're missing. Again, not a big deal for regular joe's who don't know or care about the ins-and-outs of picture quality, but there IS a difference.


gdubh t1_irrncci wrote

I’m squarely in the regular Joe camp. But I’ll just trust you that I’m missing nuances of The Office on my 10th rewatch.


happybarfday t1_irro5r6 wrote

Yeah I mean, again I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with being a regular Joe with regular Joe needs who watches regular Joe shows like The Office, but then regular Joe also should understand there are reasons why film buffs or whatever want to pay more and it’s not a waste of money to them.

It’s like people who don’t care about cars and just want an econobox to get to and from work. That’s fine, but there’s a reason car freaks will pay 4x as much for a car that doesn’t look all that much different on the exterior but has a clear difference under the hood.


aVRAddict t1_irroisd wrote

The difference in tvs is so small now it isn't worth it even oled vs lcd. The tech is old shit anyways I use my VR headset for any watching now it's just better to have my own theater.


Standgeblasen t1_irr9aww wrote

If they do, it’s maybe the 1k-2k range, not the range of a new(ish) sedan.


Llama-Lamp- t1_irr43zi wrote

I guess it might be a bargain for the 2 people in the market looking to buy one


bemenaker t1_irr2n1j wrote

A bargain at 25k? Are you fucking insane? GTFO


Yes, the article is very tongue in cheek, he doens't really mean it's a bargain.


Karl-AnthonyMarx t1_irrccqb wrote

The only other way to get a picture at that size and quality is a $90k projector, so yeah, in that way it is a bargain.


Shadow647 t1_irwkz4x wrote

Difference between $90k projector and $5-10k projector won't be that much noticeable at that size, I think


Khayembii t1_irrdvto wrote

Read the article


bemenaker t1_irrfvpl wrote

You're right, I hadn't read it, and the article is very tongue in cheek.


BlackBerryClassico t1_irr2rhx wrote

Just sounds like you cant afford one


[deleted] t1_irr4is4 wrote



wildwildwaste t1_irr6s36 wrote

People that have $25k as pocket money and people that use emulators to play PS2 games aren't in the same category. There is zero overlap in that Venn diagram.


ajv6200 t1_irrcdq1 wrote

If 25k is pocket money then you wouldn’t be wasting your time on Reddit. Simple as that.


CrazyEyedApollo t1_irr5fiv wrote

Start thinking about others more.


[deleted] t1_irr5tfm wrote



C0rn3j t1_irr8nlz wrote

I'll take 1 grand for a 55" OLED for myself.

Actually make that 2 grand, my grandparents could update their old plasma.


drleeisinsurgery t1_irr7s8g wrote

I have a 6 year old lg 98 inch 4k.

I got it when my wife was away and hoped she wouldn't notice.


EatsOverTheSink t1_irra87b wrote

So when was the divorce finalized?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrbc45 wrote

I've bought way crazier things than that. I own a one atmosphere hyperbaric chamber that required a flatbed truck to deliver.


TNAEnigma t1_irrc8dq wrote

you own a what?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrdpxb wrote

It's a high pressure, 100 percent oxygen chamber for health


TNAEnigma t1_irrdrr4 wrote

damn sounds dope


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrf628 wrote

LeBron has one so I figure it's worth a try


ben275 t1_irrjxt7 wrote

Plenty of professional athletes have them and have for years. I think Terrell Owens had one for before his Super Bowl he played with a broken leg


D_bAg_Tr0LL t1_irrfuo1 wrote

I have ocean front property in Arizona I think you'd be interested in. Someone saw you coming a mile away. Genius, oxygen is one of the most corrosive elements in the table of elements lol. Go read some science and take a crash course in physics. Better yet, go ask a doctor or scientist in the field of biology if pure oxidants or antioxidants are better for your health. And what exactly oxidants we consume on a daily basis due to our cells inside our bodies lol. 😆😆


yeahyeahyeah00002 t1_irrdqcd wrote

Do you use it? What for? Does it help? My friend was gonna do hyperbaric treatments for a wound that wouldn't heal.


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrf3br wrote

I have a bunch of accumulated injuries from a lot of exercise and sports over the years. Also I feel mentally sharper afterwards.

There was a study that came out a few years ago that showed hyperbaric chamber treatments increased telomere length. Basically telomeres are part of your body's mechanism to stop DNA decay from copying over and over again. This is one of the theories of aging.


yeahyeahyeah00002 t1_irvxghf wrote

I remember reading about the DNA thing. I would love one of those chambers. Can you get one for under $3000? Maybe a used one? Oh shit! Today is amazon prime day! Lol


drleeisinsurgery t1_irw5qja wrote

The cheapest ones are probably about 5000 used, but they only add about 1/ atmosphere of pressure. The ones where the studies were performed were at 1 additional atmosphere.


whateverthefuck212 t1_irrg0te wrote

Is this what Joe Rogan is always going off about? What about those tanks with salt water that you float in in complete darkness?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrg8u4 wrote

No that's a sensory deprivation chamber. In the absence of any outside stimulus, your mind can make up things. Joe is all about hallucinogenic stuff.


Crankshaft1337 t1_irrevss wrote

I actually thought about buying one. Does it seem to work?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrf9hm wrote

Maybe it's just placebo, but it definitely seems to help my little aches and pains. I also feel mentally clearer afterwards.


5DollarHitJob t1_irrabva wrote

Did she notice?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irraqxr wrote

She came back from her trip and said, "do you think I'm stupid?"


5DollarHitJob t1_irrbbeo wrote

Did she get upset when you said yes?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irre10c wrote

She does similar things. We got into a fight once and she came back with a new Porsche.


5DollarHitJob t1_irrgt50 wrote

Yiiiikes. How long you been married?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrh7dc wrote

17 years now


5DollarHitJob t1_irrie3d wrote

Wow, congrats. Y'all sound crazy but it works for ya. Cheers.


drleeisinsurgery t1_irris52 wrote

Well if you're married then you probably know that it's not easy


[deleted] t1_irsx19d wrote



5DollarHitJob t1_irsyugc wrote

I mean, 17 years.

If they would have said 6 months I would have wished them luck but assumed it was doomed.

As far as cheating, I wouldn't assume that. They could literally be in an open marriage for all i know. Could be they're just wealthy and when they get pissed off they like having angry sex in a Porsche.


niralamba t1_irr4lts wrote

Imagine seeing a television for $25k as a bargain. Then realize you paid more for your phone than your television.


My_G_Alt t1_irr9l4w wrote

A phone should cost more than a TV, it does so much more and gets much more use


ProfessorPetrus t1_irrffta wrote

Most people would be alright with 200 dollar phones like they sell thr south Asian markets. They are glorified media consumption devices in most uses.


niralamba t1_irs09p3 wrote

Agreed. I've got a flagship phone and it's not all that. $400 phones are the sweet spot, but they should all be cheaper. Plus cell phones are so detrimental to mental health, even moreso than televisions.


aioncan t1_irrd6ro wrote

I’d say more people spend time in front of a TV than their phone. According to my phone my average is 3 hours a day.


russyc t1_irr7vo5 wrote

$25k and it still comes with ads…


daffquick1990 t1_irr85js wrote

I'm sorry but a tv for the price of a car is not a bargain no matter how you spin it


5DollarHitJob t1_irraemt wrote

If you're dropping $25k on a TV i doubt you're driving a $25k car.


OverlyLeftLesbian t1_irrb0xi wrote

It's the simple fact that a television shouldn't cost the same as a car, not that anyone rich enough to blow 25k on a television would be driving a 25k car


aioncan t1_irrd2dc wrote

There isn’t that many options if you’re looking for a near 100” TV.


justthisones t1_irrfgde wrote

I think you can spin it. It’s a bargain similarly how a brand new 250k Aventador would be. As far as I’m aware bargain doesn’t mean literally cheap.


xLoneStar t1_isxn6ej wrote

Iphones in India (the Pro versions) are more expensive than most scooters and bikes. Doesn't make any sense to me. Some things are just crazy when you compare their utility...


virgilreality t1_irr99t8 wrote

Very true. Buy the TV, and live in the box.

"Cheap homes in your area! Starting at $25K!"


srebew t1_irrdvxo wrote

I'm old enough to remember $25,000 40" 720P LCD TVs


pink_life69 t1_irr5kvp wrote

Ya, absolute bargain, I can see normal working people going out to Walmart and asking for the $25K TV and putting into their $10K Prius. Fucking hell.


semitope t1_irr871c wrote

bargain for whom?


beautyful_bobby t1_irrbw2x wrote

Boy oh boy, do I want to pay 26k to see ads on my TV homescreen. What a deal, what a bargain 😲


YJCH0I t1_irrc37r wrote

Well, when you put it like that…how can I not buy 5 of them right now?!


FunnySavior t1_irrju09 wrote

happy for the people who can afford it


crewchiefguy t1_irry7or wrote

How is this not just a promoted ad? This isn’t even news.


evilgeniustodd t1_irtve78 wrote

There’s nothing on tv worth watching even at 100th of that price.


Melancholic84 t1_irr3zt0 wrote

No its not, the jump in price from 83 to 97 inch is insane. So no, it is not a bargain


_Ev4n_ t1_irr8kng wrote

No, it actually isn’t.


OverlyLeftLesbian t1_irratim wrote

ah, yes, it's a major "bargain" to buy a TV worth the cost of a fucking CAR


bakerzdosen t1_irrd5ib wrote

To all those saying the premise of the article is false: would you consider a Mclaren ($200k+ MSRP) a bargain at $100,000?

Even though it’s more than most people can afford, it’s still a good price for what you get.

I can’t afford (justify?) $25k for a TV, but I can still recognize that it’s a good price for what it is.


NotUrGenre t1_irrhaql wrote

What's funny to me is that you think posting this here will get you any sales, lol this is reddit. There's no money like that here, ROFLMAO.


westbamm t1_isntqv0 wrote

But some if us have rich friends, so now I can tell him about this cheap television I saw on Reddit.


fabrar t1_irrihmx wrote

I’ll stick to my 65” C1 thnx


PtrWalnuts t1_irrrxlv wrote

Sorry I don't agree at a local store.

LG OLED83C1PUA 83" 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED C1 Series TV with AI ThinQA (2021) (4.8) 4.8 stars out of 2645 reviews 2645 reviews $3,996.99

14" less for 1/6th the price.


I_am_Enos t1_irr5pgr wrote

No. No it's not...


Fearless-Memory7819 t1_irrayq0 wrote

What does an 8ft tv have that a 5ft tv doesnt ?? Idiot owners !!!


D_bAg_Tr0LL t1_irres6f wrote

If I can't live in it, drive it to work, or sell it in 30 years for at least a 3% return on investment, it sure the fuck isn't worth $25k. This is late stage capitalism and anyone who thinks this is worth the same price as a yearly income for an average earner starting out has lost all touch with reality and has zero concept of the value of money. Yall fucking need Jesus lol


PtrWalnuts t1_irrricj wrote

well sure if you're either insane or can literally not think of something better to do with your life. Why not buy a Zero or Harley electric motorcycle? It's a hell of lot more fun and you'll see humans in the wild. The show never gets old and it's in 3d with surround sound.


_Stealth_ t1_irr5j5d wrote

at that point, you are probably better off buying 4 48in oled's and getting video wall converter to combime them to 8K or something