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BlackBerryClassico t1_irr2rhx wrote

Just sounds like you cant afford one


[deleted] t1_irr4is4 wrote



wildwildwaste t1_irr6s36 wrote

People that have $25k as pocket money and people that use emulators to play PS2 games aren't in the same category. There is zero overlap in that Venn diagram.


ajv6200 t1_irrcdq1 wrote

If 25k is pocket money then you wouldn’t be wasting your time on Reddit. Simple as that.


CrazyEyedApollo t1_irr5fiv wrote

Start thinking about others more.


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C0rn3j t1_irr8nlz wrote

I'll take 1 grand for a 55" OLED for myself.

Actually make that 2 grand, my grandparents could update their old plasma.