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bromygod203 t1_irr5lxy wrote

After selling TV's at Best Buy for 5 years I can confidently say people who don't love tech or absolutely love movies don't want to spend over $1k, which is most people.


VironicHero t1_irrvn8y wrote

I think it’s mostly streaming that keeps me from buying an expensive tv. So if I got a $2-4k it’s abilities would be wasted on streaming services with their shitty compression they use. So like you say I just buy the biggest thing I can get for under $1K.

I was lucky enough to snag an 85 inch at Costco for 800$ a couple of years ago.


bromygod203 t1_irrvufa wrote

I will say there are some shows that look absolutely incredible on my OLED and my 75" Sony 4k. Physical discs definitely look better but things like Stranger Things was a completely different experience on my OLED vs the old TV I had in my bedroom back in July


routerg0d t1_irseuze wrote

Went into magnolia set to spend 50k and the dude refused to help saying he could make more selling an amp to someone else. Ended up going with a local theater company.


bromygod203 t1_irsf9f3 wrote

That's weird, was it a Magnolia or Magnolia Design Center? Because the MDC employees make commission the Magnolia Employees don't. But either way a $50k sale (even with different commission rates in different products and brands) wouldn't make you less then "an amp" that employee sounds like a bad employee to me quite honestly