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drleeisinsurgery t1_irr7s8g wrote

I have a 6 year old lg 98 inch 4k.

I got it when my wife was away and hoped she wouldn't notice.


EatsOverTheSink t1_irra87b wrote

So when was the divorce finalized?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrbc45 wrote

I've bought way crazier things than that. I own a one atmosphere hyperbaric chamber that required a flatbed truck to deliver.


TNAEnigma t1_irrc8dq wrote

you own a what?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrdpxb wrote

It's a high pressure, 100 percent oxygen chamber for health


TNAEnigma t1_irrdrr4 wrote

damn sounds dope


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrf628 wrote

LeBron has one so I figure it's worth a try


ben275 t1_irrjxt7 wrote

Plenty of professional athletes have them and have for years. I think Terrell Owens had one for before his Super Bowl he played with a broken leg


D_bAg_Tr0LL t1_irrfuo1 wrote

I have ocean front property in Arizona I think you'd be interested in. Someone saw you coming a mile away. Genius, oxygen is one of the most corrosive elements in the table of elements lol. Go read some science and take a crash course in physics. Better yet, go ask a doctor or scientist in the field of biology if pure oxidants or antioxidants are better for your health. And what exactly oxidants we consume on a daily basis due to our cells inside our bodies lol. 😆😆


yeahyeahyeah00002 t1_irrdqcd wrote

Do you use it? What for? Does it help? My friend was gonna do hyperbaric treatments for a wound that wouldn't heal.


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrf3br wrote

I have a bunch of accumulated injuries from a lot of exercise and sports over the years. Also I feel mentally sharper afterwards.

There was a study that came out a few years ago that showed hyperbaric chamber treatments increased telomere length. Basically telomeres are part of your body's mechanism to stop DNA decay from copying over and over again. This is one of the theories of aging.


yeahyeahyeah00002 t1_irvxghf wrote

I remember reading about the DNA thing. I would love one of those chambers. Can you get one for under $3000? Maybe a used one? Oh shit! Today is amazon prime day! Lol


drleeisinsurgery t1_irw5qja wrote

The cheapest ones are probably about 5000 used, but they only add about 1/ atmosphere of pressure. The ones where the studies were performed were at 1 additional atmosphere.


whateverthefuck212 t1_irrg0te wrote

Is this what Joe Rogan is always going off about? What about those tanks with salt water that you float in in complete darkness?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrg8u4 wrote

No that's a sensory deprivation chamber. In the absence of any outside stimulus, your mind can make up things. Joe is all about hallucinogenic stuff.


Crankshaft1337 t1_irrevss wrote

I actually thought about buying one. Does it seem to work?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrf9hm wrote

Maybe it's just placebo, but it definitely seems to help my little aches and pains. I also feel mentally clearer afterwards.


5DollarHitJob t1_irrabva wrote

Did she notice?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irraqxr wrote

She came back from her trip and said, "do you think I'm stupid?"


5DollarHitJob t1_irrbbeo wrote

Did she get upset when you said yes?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irre10c wrote

She does similar things. We got into a fight once and she came back with a new Porsche.


5DollarHitJob t1_irrgt50 wrote

Yiiiikes. How long you been married?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrh7dc wrote

17 years now


5DollarHitJob t1_irrie3d wrote

Wow, congrats. Y'all sound crazy but it works for ya. Cheers.


drleeisinsurgery t1_irris52 wrote

Well if you're married then you probably know that it's not easy


[deleted] t1_irsx19d wrote



5DollarHitJob t1_irsyugc wrote

I mean, 17 years.

If they would have said 6 months I would have wished them luck but assumed it was doomed.

As far as cheating, I wouldn't assume that. They could literally be in an open marriage for all i know. Could be they're just wealthy and when they get pissed off they like having angry sex in a Porsche.