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daffquick1990 t1_irr85js wrote

I'm sorry but a tv for the price of a car is not a bargain no matter how you spin it


5DollarHitJob t1_irraemt wrote

If you're dropping $25k on a TV i doubt you're driving a $25k car.


OverlyLeftLesbian t1_irrb0xi wrote

It's the simple fact that a television shouldn't cost the same as a car, not that anyone rich enough to blow 25k on a television would be driving a 25k car


aioncan t1_irrd2dc wrote

There isn’t that many options if you’re looking for a near 100” TV.


justthisones t1_irrfgde wrote

I think you can spin it. It’s a bargain similarly how a brand new 250k Aventador would be. As far as I’m aware bargain doesn’t mean literally cheap.


xLoneStar t1_isxn6ej wrote

Iphones in India (the Pro versions) are more expensive than most scooters and bikes. Doesn't make any sense to me. Some things are just crazy when you compare their utility...