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drleeisinsurgery t1_irrdpxb wrote

It's a high pressure, 100 percent oxygen chamber for health


TNAEnigma t1_irrdrr4 wrote

damn sounds dope


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrf628 wrote

LeBron has one so I figure it's worth a try


ben275 t1_irrjxt7 wrote

Plenty of professional athletes have them and have for years. I think Terrell Owens had one for before his Super Bowl he played with a broken leg


D_bAg_Tr0LL t1_irrfuo1 wrote

I have ocean front property in Arizona I think you'd be interested in. Someone saw you coming a mile away. Genius, oxygen is one of the most corrosive elements in the table of elements lol. Go read some science and take a crash course in physics. Better yet, go ask a doctor or scientist in the field of biology if pure oxidants or antioxidants are better for your health. And what exactly oxidants we consume on a daily basis due to our cells inside our bodies lol. 😆😆