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yeahyeahyeah00002 t1_irrdqcd wrote

Do you use it? What for? Does it help? My friend was gonna do hyperbaric treatments for a wound that wouldn't heal.


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrf3br wrote

I have a bunch of accumulated injuries from a lot of exercise and sports over the years. Also I feel mentally sharper afterwards.

There was a study that came out a few years ago that showed hyperbaric chamber treatments increased telomere length. Basically telomeres are part of your body's mechanism to stop DNA decay from copying over and over again. This is one of the theories of aging.


yeahyeahyeah00002 t1_irvxghf wrote

I remember reading about the DNA thing. I would love one of those chambers. Can you get one for under $3000? Maybe a used one? Oh shit! Today is amazon prime day! Lol


drleeisinsurgery t1_irw5qja wrote

The cheapest ones are probably about 5000 used, but they only add about 1/ atmosphere of pressure. The ones where the studies were performed were at 1 additional atmosphere.


whateverthefuck212 t1_irrg0te wrote

Is this what Joe Rogan is always going off about? What about those tanks with salt water that you float in in complete darkness?


drleeisinsurgery t1_irrg8u4 wrote

No that's a sensory deprivation chamber. In the absence of any outside stimulus, your mind can make up things. Joe is all about hallucinogenic stuff.