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Crankshaft1337 t1_irremli wrote

The 65 inch c1 is at Costco on sale for 855


drewret t1_irtuut8 wrote

i just looked and i don’t believe you


Bob_Chris t1_iru97zk wrote

Hahaha no. Maybe there is one demo model somewhere that is close to that but it certainly isn't replicable by 99. 99% of buyers.

I did see the demo model of the A80CJ marked down to $900. My issue is you have no idea of how many hours are on the panel.


Beznia t1_is2zbxh wrote

I picked up a C8 from a Best Buy in 2020 for $898. Floor model, listed online for $1098. Went to pick it up and saw a sticker showing $898. They said it was an accident but still matched the price.

Brought it home, it had over 14,000 hours in the previous 2 years being used as a floor model, so it was on just about 24/7 for 2 years. It had the "Best Buy" logo burned in covering a good portion of the screen.

I called up LG and reported burn-in, and knowing they offer 1 free panel replacement even outside warranty, they actually sent out a technician to swap it out. It's sitting at almost 19K hours now and perfect :)


Bob_Chris t1_is3hou3 wrote

Maybe I should have grabbed the A80J lol. Not that Sony would do a panel swap