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happybarfday t1_irrggn9 wrote

Prob a no name brand that looks like shit with terrible color and viewing angles. Fine for joe schmo who just wants to watch NFL and movies with The Rock, but there’s a reason some people pay more…


gdubh t1_irrlwku wrote

It looked great.


happybarfday t1_irrmpy0 wrote

I'm sure it looked great relatively speaking. Any modern 4K OLED TV looks amazing compared to LCDs or HD TVs from a few years back. But if you put it side-by-side with a top of the line latest LG model or whatever that's calibrated properly, then you'd see clear differences in what you're missing. Again, not a big deal for regular joe's who don't know or care about the ins-and-outs of picture quality, but there IS a difference.


gdubh t1_irrncci wrote

I’m squarely in the regular Joe camp. But I’ll just trust you that I’m missing nuances of The Office on my 10th rewatch.


happybarfday t1_irro5r6 wrote

Yeah I mean, again I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with being a regular Joe with regular Joe needs who watches regular Joe shows like The Office, but then regular Joe also should understand there are reasons why film buffs or whatever want to pay more and it’s not a waste of money to them.

It’s like people who don’t care about cars and just want an econobox to get to and from work. That’s fine, but there’s a reason car freaks will pay 4x as much for a car that doesn’t look all that much different on the exterior but has a clear difference under the hood.


aVRAddict t1_irroisd wrote

The difference in tvs is so small now it isn't worth it even oled vs lcd. The tech is old shit anyways I use my VR headset for any watching now it's just better to have my own theater.