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Stardew_IRL t1_irw7nrk wrote

The point is faster speeds and despite what you feel like, 5g is ~20x faster than 4gLTE


intervested t1_irwb79x wrote

mm wave 5g is. If you happen to be right near a cell site. The longer range 5g is like 20% faster than LTE on a good day. I don't really notice the difference between 300mbps and 360mbps.


ClientDigital t1_iryb8sy wrote

> mm wave 5g is.

As someone from a country without mmWave support mid-band 5G is still 5-10x faster. Also with similar range to LTE-A

In the real world, walking around my city I got: (up/down)

LTE-A: 174mbps/64mbps

5G: 229mbps/59mbps

C-Band 5G (5G+): 1059mbps/106mbps


intervested t1_is10eik wrote

Fair enough, I don't have mid band 5G+ where I live I didn't realize there was yet another 5G variant.


836624 t1_irwa465 wrote

I think proper implementation is more important than the standard. Sure, 5G has heaps more potential, but unless properly invested in, it will be overly congested and a pain for all involved.

Case in point: I frequently go out of town into a village settlement, and since everyone uses modems for internet there, LTE is insanely congested and switching to 3G provides a far nicer experience.


Stardew_IRL t1_irwbltn wrote

Nothing you say makes sense. "5G will be overly congested!" meanwhile, "LTE is insanely congested, better switch to 3G!"

5G can handle much much more traffic than LTE and thus reduce everyone congestion overall. Of course with more and more people it'll fill up eventually, but your solution is to "not see the point" of an objectively better technology.


836624 t1_irwd22z wrote

Did you read what I said? I said LTE is congested out of town in a village settlement that I visit, where there are few LTE towers. This is what I expect from 5G in cities.

When I'm in the city, LTE works better for me than 5G ever did anywhere I visited.

I don't see the point in 5G now is what I mean. I think LTE could've remained the main standard for 5-10 more years and left to mature further as a good fallback for when new tech (5/6G) starts rolling out. Instead, my experience is that LTE is half-baked in many places and now those places are starting to roll out the same half-baked 5G.

LTE can be done well, however as I experienced in the UK, it can be done poorly, too. Sub 1-mbps speeds in places (small city, not London) and they're already rolling out 5G because it makes for a good selling point.

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Handheldchimp t1_irwpb8h wrote

>EDIT: this dude banned me for some reason

Sounds about right for Reddit lol


zernoc56 t1_irwl68z wrote

If your service provider even has it. Never once seen my phone get 5g service. It’s either “LTE” or “1x” next to my cell service icon. Fuck T-Mobile, btw. I probably have drive an hour to go into downtown Cleveland to get 5G service. It’s literally a “Big City only” tech right now.


PancAshAsh t1_irwv38q wrote

It will remain so for a long time because quite frankly that's where it is needed. The biggest advantages that 5G technologies (yes, many many technologies) bring is increased capacity. Generally speaking it won't be rolled out in rural areas because it's expensive and those towers don't really get that congested in comparison to urban towers.


zkareface t1_irx5mca wrote

Rural areas is one of the places that will see highest benefit from 5G though since they most often are lacking capacity. Cities have so many basestations already that its not doing much.

You pretty much just swap the base station and instead of building more towers you increased capacity for a whole area greatly.

Where I am they already put 5G in areas with 100-500 inhabitants because 4G couldn't handle the traffic.