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JustBarbarian10 t1_irwinof wrote

When I use 5G on the 13, all the tests say my speed has gone to almost ~400 mbps, but everything is way slower. Videos take 10x longer to buffer, pages don’t load, etc. Soon as I switch to LTE, speeds even back out to ~40 and everything loads instantly


NarutoDragon732 t1_irwncn5 wrote

Check ping


____-is-crying t1_irwr5lu wrote

Brother Ping says nothing Wong


DroopyTrash t1_irycud0 wrote

Reminds me of that airplane incident.

Sum Ting Wong,' 'Wi Tu Lo,' 'Ho Lee Fuk,' and 'Bang Ding Ow'


Thedude317 t1_irz1pi5 wrote

It's all the covid on the 5g lines man /s I hope India is ready for the extra covid....


836624 t1_irw5u2h wrote

Still don't get the point of 5G. In my experience a high-quality LTE deployment is plenty and I never felt like 5G was that fast (only ever used it in UAE).

Don't have 5G back home and don't want it, LTE serves me plenty well with 30-50mbps speeds and unlimited internet plans for ~7usd pcm.

It certainly serves no purpose in countries like UAE, USA and Canada, because you don't get enough allowance to take advantage of the high speeds..


imlilsteve t1_irw9lt7 wrote

So my most beneficial use case has been inside of densely populated areas like a football stadium. Before 5g, my phone was basically without internet the entire time I was in the stadium. Now it works almost as if I’m at home on my home wifi network.


836624 t1_irwaadf wrote

Good point, I hadn't considered that since I don't visit highly congested places like that often.


[deleted] t1_irwbi9e wrote



brokenshells t1_irwdmvo wrote

This is incredibly false. 5G isn’t a single band, nor does it have anything to do with 5Ghz WiFi home networking. 5G operates at everything from 700Mhz to 3.8Ghz and has incredibly vast range. 5G is an evolution of LTE and uses the same exact network frequencies with no changes in coverage.


colablizzard t1_irwjl9q wrote

The 5G that runs on the lower Mhz bands isn't as fast as it's headline speed.

700Mhz that you mentioned, even on 5G is UP TO 300MBPs in ideal conditions.

You cannot defect physics.


[deleted] t1_irwv3hb wrote



sinfernal t1_iryv38j wrote

Wait till everyone has 5G and it’ll be the same


siren_37 t1_irzd4jr wrote

It wont. 5g doesnt suffer as badly with congestion as 4g


Stardew_IRL t1_irw7nrk wrote

The point is faster speeds and despite what you feel like, 5g is ~20x faster than 4gLTE


intervested t1_irwb79x wrote

mm wave 5g is. If you happen to be right near a cell site. The longer range 5g is like 20% faster than LTE on a good day. I don't really notice the difference between 300mbps and 360mbps.


ClientDigital t1_iryb8sy wrote

> mm wave 5g is.

As someone from a country without mmWave support mid-band 5G is still 5-10x faster. Also with similar range to LTE-A

In the real world, walking around my city I got: (up/down)

LTE-A: 174mbps/64mbps

5G: 229mbps/59mbps

C-Band 5G (5G+): 1059mbps/106mbps


intervested t1_is10eik wrote

Fair enough, I don't have mid band 5G+ where I live I didn't realize there was yet another 5G variant.


836624 t1_irwa465 wrote

I think proper implementation is more important than the standard. Sure, 5G has heaps more potential, but unless properly invested in, it will be overly congested and a pain for all involved.

Case in point: I frequently go out of town into a village settlement, and since everyone uses modems for internet there, LTE is insanely congested and switching to 3G provides a far nicer experience.


Stardew_IRL t1_irwbltn wrote

Nothing you say makes sense. "5G will be overly congested!" meanwhile, "LTE is insanely congested, better switch to 3G!"

5G can handle much much more traffic than LTE and thus reduce everyone congestion overall. Of course with more and more people it'll fill up eventually, but your solution is to "not see the point" of an objectively better technology.


836624 t1_irwd22z wrote

Did you read what I said? I said LTE is congested out of town in a village settlement that I visit, where there are few LTE towers. This is what I expect from 5G in cities.

When I'm in the city, LTE works better for me than 5G ever did anywhere I visited.

I don't see the point in 5G now is what I mean. I think LTE could've remained the main standard for 5-10 more years and left to mature further as a good fallback for when new tech (5/6G) starts rolling out. Instead, my experience is that LTE is half-baked in many places and now those places are starting to roll out the same half-baked 5G.

LTE can be done well, however as I experienced in the UK, it can be done poorly, too. Sub 1-mbps speeds in places (small city, not London) and they're already rolling out 5G because it makes for a good selling point.

EDIT: this dude banned me for some reason


Handheldchimp t1_irwpb8h wrote

>EDIT: this dude banned me for some reason

Sounds about right for Reddit lol


zernoc56 t1_irwl68z wrote

If your service provider even has it. Never once seen my phone get 5g service. It’s either “LTE” or “1x” next to my cell service icon. Fuck T-Mobile, btw. I probably have drive an hour to go into downtown Cleveland to get 5G service. It’s literally a “Big City only” tech right now.


PancAshAsh t1_irwv38q wrote

It will remain so for a long time because quite frankly that's where it is needed. The biggest advantages that 5G technologies (yes, many many technologies) bring is increased capacity. Generally speaking it won't be rolled out in rural areas because it's expensive and those towers don't really get that congested in comparison to urban towers.


zkareface t1_irx5mca wrote

Rural areas is one of the places that will see highest benefit from 5G though since they most often are lacking capacity. Cities have so many basestations already that its not doing much.

You pretty much just swap the base station and instead of building more towers you increased capacity for a whole area greatly.

Where I am they already put 5G in areas with 100-500 inhabitants because 4G couldn't handle the traffic.


Pandanlard t1_irw7jdd wrote

5G is made to deploy a lot of connected objects in the future. You can't have a city with everybody having his autonomous car if 5g wasn't reached.


zkareface t1_irx6cky wrote

We will be on 7G before those cars are legal :D

6G should roll out before 2030 and 5G roll out is going super fast as its pretty much just a drop in replacement.


Handheldchimp t1_irwp2ds wrote

When 5G came into my area, the difference in speed from 4G-LTE was EXTREMELY noticeable. There's a lot of factors that go into it, so everyone's experience is going to vary a bit here and there.

Like you said, LTE serves you well, so you don't need it/won't notice an increase in speed. I am on the go constantly and have a Hotspot capable of 5G where speeds are detrimental. It has been amazing for me!


zkareface t1_irx4qyr wrote

Its just an upgrade to 4G though. They remove 4G networks and add 5G, if your phone only support 4G you stay on the 4G frequencies.

It allows for better reception, faster speeds, lower ping, more users.

The tech is straight up better in any scenario and in many places it has already replaced 4G. But any 4G device is compatible with 5G networks so users won't know if they are on 5G or not :)


ZombieBeach t1_irxp0qw wrote

I’m in the US and use 5g (5g and 5gUW) the speeds are insanely fast compared to LTE. I do live in a major city and have constant connection. I turn off 5g when traveling out of the metro area.


juggarjew t1_iry6v3s wrote

>Still don't get the point of 5G.

You've not tried 5G UC then. I got over 800 mbps down with line of site to a cell tower in a very rural area. My grandparents were getting 10 mbps from the local WISP , I got them on T-Mobile home internet and now they reliably get 400+ mbps, usually close to 800 mbps for $50 a month.

5G, when its actual 5G (like Ultra Capacity or mmWave) and not that fake rebranded LTE "5G" is actually hugely faster.


Cherry_Switch t1_iryd1gb wrote

5G is not a speed. There’s more benefits to 5G than just speed.


__jh96 t1_irynioz wrote

I live in Australia and 5G is fucking unreal.

Mind you most of us have 200-500gb plans.....


Jet_Siegel t1_is4qc74 wrote

It works flawlessly in KSA. I occasionally get data packs which have unlimited social media. Basically I can watch 4k videos on YouTube with twice speed without any buffering.


GeoggiOS t1_irw8eoq wrote

5G has no place in retail customers business. It has application only in B2B market where latency is unacceptable.


Buckshot211 t1_irw7sfc wrote

How about 4G support in Colorado? My damn phone doesn’t function with 4 bars in a neighborhood…


WurtzFitting t1_irwetlp wrote

What does Apple have to do with that?


ChoripanConPepsi t1_irwhfh3 wrote

Nothing, but Apple = bad according to the reddit hive mind.


krevko t1_irwkhs5 wrote

I was just thinking that. Reddit hive mind & echo chamber (patting on the back) is always at full derp-level:)))


BrokenHero408 t1_irzmlde wrote

Yet everytime apple releases an update for iOS that includes features that have been found in mid tier Android phones for some time, there's 10k up votes and hundreds of comments praising the genius that is Apple.



raymendx t1_irx1306 wrote

Do you mean like the “lIgHTNINg BAd uSb c gOoD” crowd?


Buckshot211 t1_irwjizb wrote

Fair, Verizon plays a bigger role


Handheldchimp t1_irwoj7u wrote

Verizon honestly plays the only role in that. I'd wager to bet the phone works perfectly fine when there is ample signal around.


MrFappy t1_irwq6im wrote

But it’s also the case for me with T-Mobile. Which is odd, because my service wasn’t this shit when I was still with sprint.


PancAshAsh t1_irwujhw wrote

Modem manufacturers most definitely do have a role to play in that. Not all modems are created equal, and if Apple sold their modem to other companies they would have to provide a datasheet listing sensitivities at different bands.

That's to say, it's unlikely that Apple is the sole reason that this guy only gets 4 bars, but if you compared an iPhone and a Galaxy or Pixel at the same place at the same time you would get 3 different signal strengths.


Pazoll t1_irzrr2r wrote

Soon we will have 69G spots around


tattoodlez t1_irzwq4h wrote

Way faster bobs and vagene


colglover t1_irx15qz wrote

Meanwhile Google fi users in the US still do not have 5G enabled


ZombieBeach t1_irxp9vl wrote

Google leases other carriers towers. 5g will never be prioritized for Google Fi.


Avalanche2 t1_irynmfh wrote

5g sucks, worse than 4G/LTE so far.


sinfernal t1_iryuuxr wrote

Is it just me or 5G has made no difference whatsoever. In fact, 4G is more reliable most times


Nicky-unicorn t1_irxrim0 wrote

Doesn’t that mean that the West will accuse Apple of shady behaviour as India is doing massive amounts of trade with Russia who is sanctioned by western countries.


SyedHRaza t1_iry16me wrote

Lucky we still don’t have 5G yet in PAK fingers crossed we get it soon


AccountantOk7335 t1_irwwcf1 wrote

5g has been literal dogshit for me lmao its not even worth it


thecatwhatcandrive t1_irwxwm2 wrote

"It doesn't work for me, thus it is a waste and completely useless!"


AccountantOk7335 t1_iryf6rq wrote

Yeah sounds about right. 4g lte was great. If it aint broke dont fix it


thecatwhatcandrive t1_is0r0xz wrote

I was making fun of you, guy.


AccountantOk7335 t1_is11ux6 wrote

Thats what you think, you just helped me make my point.


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rwh12345 t1_irw0n60 wrote

If you read the article, it states that iPhone 5g is not compatible with India’s 5g networks.


[deleted] t1_irw0r7q wrote



GSXRbroinflipflops t1_irw53aa wrote

So, it’s Apple’s fault and not India?


Not sure how you figure that.


LifeIsNotFairOof t1_irwdrtu wrote

I mean, all the Samsung flagships and Xiaomi phones already pushed updates to support 5g. It's only apple and Google which is yet to push the update.


[deleted] t1_irweocb wrote



AlphaDuck6 t1_irwjb2b wrote

5g first launched in 2019 in South Korea, how the hell you using 5g for 10 years?


LifeIsNotFairOof t1_irwiln1 wrote

What? I was referring that if other smartphone providers can provide software updates to allow their smartphones to connect with Indian 5g standards why is apple taking such a long time?


GSXRbroinflipflops t1_irwj4bp wrote

Yes, you keep ignoring the common factor here - this is only a problem in India.



LifeIsNotFairOof t1_irwmo53 wrote

And you keep ignoring my point, even if it's only an India problem why is it that even Samsung is able to update it on time but apple doesn't? Is it just too lazy or doesn't want to do it?


[deleted] t1_irw5a02 wrote



GSXRbroinflipflops t1_irw5jfv wrote

No. India has nonstandard 5G.

The rest of the world has had 5G on iPhone for YEARS.


FuckPersonalisedFeed t1_irwc1ne wrote

oh what type of 5G india has? Nonstandard by specs or deployment?


SmurfinSurfing t1_irwxcsm wrote

India has their own 5g, unlike most of the world which used Chinese or Korean tech.